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October 17, 2019

Dear Friends of Reading to Kids,

What a spooky, magical time we had this past Saturday with 783 kids, 364 volunteers, 167 parents, and 32 teachers & staff!

Alta Loma First Grader Rosalinda arrived Saturday with three decorated envelopes, each filled with a picture she drew for us! See below for one of those drawings, and you can click the photo to see it full-sized!

Thank you drawing from Alta Loma First Grader Rosalinda

Check out our Instagram and Facebook page to see some of the magicians and a few of the clever costumes your fellow volunteers wore at the reading clubs!

We would especially like to thank the eight wonderfully entertaining magicians (most from the Westside Wizards) who made the reading clubs so special this month!
Westside Wizards


Please be sure to sign up for the next reading clubs!   Click here to submit your RSVP for our "Seasons & the Natural World" reading clubs on November 9th.

We expect a lot of new volunteers in November, so please sign up early! Then help spread the word by also joining our November 9th Facebook Event.

College Items Wanted!

November is our college spirit month, so dig out your college sweatshirts and ball caps to wear that morning! We also give out college swag to all of the kids - pens, pencils, stickers, etc. - anything with a college logo.

If you work at or have a connection with a college, please help us by asking for a donation of items with that college's insignia. If you like, you can click this link for a request letter/email you can send. Great sources of items with your college's logo are the athletic department and the bookstore!

To "sponsor" one grade at one school, we need about 40 of one item. To sponsor all of one grade at all 8 schools, then we need about 300 of one item. And anything in between would be very helpful!


Reading clubs crafts

Are you crafty? Help us create the activity and craft guides for the November books - join us this Sunday, Oct. 20th at 10:00am for our next Curriculum Committee Meeting at the Reading to Kids office. Our address is in our signature below.

Click here for our Facebook event or click here for the Evite!



Do you know any runners? Are you a runner? Please forward this email to them and ask them to join Team Reading to Kids in the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, March 8th!

 Team Reading to Kids logo

We're looking for six more full marathon runners and six Charity Challenge runners (the last 13 miles of the course) to join us in one of the best marathons in the country.

If either of those distances is too daunting, you can join us in the Big 5K (that's just 3.1 miles) near Dodger Stadium the day before the marathon on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

You can share this Facebook group with any of your runner friends to encourage them to join our team!

If you or a runner you know is interested in becoming one of our fundraising runners or creating a fundraising team, please email Chris Martin at marathon@readingtokids.org!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To register to run on behalf of Reading to Kids, you MUST receive from us a special web address to use when registering on the Los Angeles Marathon website.

Team Reading to Kids LA Marathon runners


Reading to Kids Annual Fund Drive

We extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped us kick off our 2019 Annual Fund Drive, including 123 volunteers this past Saturday who together donated $6,387!

The names of the new donors have already been added to our 2019 Annual Fund Drive page, and here are the school competition stats so far:


Highest percentage of volunteers who donated at the Oct. 12th reading clubs:
1st: White with an incredible 55%!
2nd: Los Angeles (only 2% behind White!)
3rd: MacArthur Park (41%!)

Highest dollar amount raised at the Oct. 12th reading clubs:
1st: Los Angeles ($2,225!)
2nd: Gratts ($1,751)
3rd: Esperanza ($806)

Our ambitious goal by the end of the year is to raise $60,000 from 600 donors.

Here's how you can help, with your donations being counted towards the school competition:

1) Make a pledge to donate by check or donate online today by visiting our 2019 Annual Fund Drive. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated!

2) Show your support by asking friends and family to contribute! Visit our 2019 Annual Fund Drive page and look under the "Help us Fundraise!" header for resources, including information on creating your own personalized fundraising page on Facebook, our handy donor sheet for raising money with your friends and co-workers, tips for fundraising, and so much more.

Once they know about Reading to Kids, many of your friends and family will want to donate - we just need you to ask!

Also, if your workplace matches donations to nonprofits, please share with them your donation, and ask them to consider matching it. In this way you double your donation and share with others your enthusiasm for Reading to Kids!

Reading to Kids Annual Fund Drive

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at the reading clubs on November 9th!


Charlie Orchard, Talethe Jackson, & Anthony Reyes
Reading to Kids
1600 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 479-7455
(310) 479-7435 (FAX)

Make a donation:

Reading Club RSVPs
School RSVPs Capacity
Alta Loma 14 29
Esperanza 11 57
Gratts 12 57
Los Angeles 21 60
MacArthur Park 15 46
Magnolia 11 54
Politi 12 51
White 7 46
TOTAL 103 400
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First Grade
Second Grade book
Second Grade
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Fifth Grade book
Fifth Grade

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