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Reading to Kids 2019 Annual Fund Drive!
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Our goal is to raise $60,000 from 600 donors.

Totals to date:
$24,806 from 270 donors

After 20 years and more than 255,000 books, help us tell stories for the next 20 years by making a contribution to Reading to Kids' 2019 Annual Fund Drive!

Each year, from the October to the December reading clubs, we ask our supporters to help us inspire underserved children with a love of reading by making a donation to Reading to Kids.

Reading to Kids has been able to thrive for 20 years thanks to the thousands of hours of participation by teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers, and elementary school children
(click here for program statistics) and thanks to generous financial contributions by foundations, businesses, agencies, and individuals like you.

In May 1999, Reading to Kids held its first reading club with 20 students and 8 volunteers at Gratts Elementary School. Twenty years later, on average, 314 Reading to Kids volunteers read to 584 children each month at eight elementary schools! 

Kids emerge from our program with more enthusiasm for reading, books for their home library, stronger school libraries, personal relationships with volunteers, and changed attitudes for reading in English!

In order to sustain and expand our program, we need your help!  Your donation will help to purchase hardcover books for elementary school libraries in low-income communities, fund book donations directly to children and parents to help them develop their own home libraries, and expand our program into new schools and communities.

Please join us by making a donation to Reading to Kids.

If you have any questions regarding the Annual Fund Drive, please feel free to contact Charlie Orchard at the Reading to Kids office at (310) 479-7455 or by email at Charlie.Orchard @

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to Our 2019 Annual Fund Drive Participants!
Camille Alick
Victoria Allen
Brooke Amaral
Anonymous (2)
Mary Auth
Brenda Barnes
Kristi Barron
Sheri Bazar
David Bell
Anike Berde
Kathryn Bergh
April Blaker
Jennifer Blanco
Jeff Boehm
Kat Boyd
Olivia Boyd
Carolyn Broner
Sharon Brown
Anthony Brown
Julia Buck
Jesse Burke
Emelie Burnette
Alyssa Calderon
David Callahan
Naiya Campbell
Laura Carbajal
Racheal Caswell
Bryan Chau
Jamie Chazen
Charles Chen
Jennifer Cheung
Jessica Chong
Paul Chung
Robert Coombs
Rachel Corell
Joe Cupka
Lucia Daisog
Chris Danby
Yma Dandridge
Mike de Jung
Dina Delong
Natasha Desai
Monica Destefano
Corinne Digiaimo
Alfonso Diy
Seth Dorfman
Marqui Doria
Tom Drahozal
Roelisa Dudang
Ryanne Dunning
Percy Duran
Jill Durkin
Sarah Effinger
Ellie Emoto
Ryan Erikson-Kulas
Samantha Erin-Barragar
etaylor99's Store
Brendan Ethredge
Angenica Eusebio
Mark Evans
Tiffany Ezuma
Sydney Fanning
Robert Feinstein
Rosalia Flores
Judith Flores
Addi Gaash
Crystal Garcia
Andrew Gelfeld
Kankana Ghoshal
Leslie Gill Daniels
Ingrid Gillming
Kevin Giser
Stuart Goldblatt
Melissa Goodman
Jake Greener
Gloria Greengard
John Guerin
Luke Guerin
Christina Guevarra
Theresa Hancock
Nat Hawkins
Paul Heinzman
Kasey Hemphill
Crystal Hermond
Bernice Hernandez
Lucy Herzog
Suzanne & Lawrence Hess
Zion Holmes
Tomoko Horie
Heather Horn
Ani Hovanessian
Harlan Huynh
Barbara Jacobs
Sue Jagodzinski
Arpit Jain
Jaesung Jang
Mona Javdan
Sandy Johnson
Brhitsy Johnson
Barbara & Robert Johnston
Katie Jones
Matthew Jones
Andy & Nick Jones-Liang
James Jovanovich
Sebastien Jutras
Ho Ka Wai
Amelia Kacena
Bilal Kaiser
Doug Kamin
Klara Karapetian
Annie Kashon
Amy Keller
Regan & Scott Kemper
Jason Kennedy
Paul Keo
Gary King
Steve Kirk
Kleiner Cohen Foundation
Dylan Kohler
Erica Kolsrud
Armon Kolver
Ingrid Koopman
Alexis Krasilovsky
Irma Kroneman
Denise La Lande
Erick Lankey
Katie Leb
Stacy Lee
Maggie Leung
Ary Liang
Jeanyi Lin
Karlyn & Tom Lind
Josten Liu
Hortencia Lopez
Judy Low
Jiali Lu
Neva Lundy
Kathleen Lungren Jobe & Ousman Jobe
Jessica Lutz
Gus Lynch
Dan Mackowiak
Lisa Mandel
Christopher Martin
Raul Martinez
Melissa Mason
Tony Mastria
Brian Matakis
Komal Mehta
Sergio Mendoza
JJ Michaels
Max Minniti
Brian Mitchell
Amol Mody
Cynthia Montes
Lori Moose
Shelagh Moriarty
Greg Morishige
Julie Moskovitz
Christina Musrey
Karlyn Nelson
Harry Ness
Idahosa Ness
Cecilia Nguyen
Tina Nides
Andrew Nordin
Presilah Nunez
Julia O'Brien
Rose Ochoa
Grant O'Connell
Aurora Olaya
Jami Olson
Carrie & Charlie Orchard
Cathy Ostiller
James & Rosemarie Ostiller
Sandra Oyeneyin
Angela Padian
Michael Panos
Cheyenne Parker
Yatin Parkhani
Michaela Pelayo
Dana Pero
Kimberly Perplies
Michael Peterson
Jane Pick
Andy Provenzano
Antoinette & Roger Puccio-Johnson
David Purington
Michael Raley
Michael Ratner
Reed Family Foundation
Kelly Reilly
Sue Rensi Raab
Shayna Resnick
David Rickard
Susan Ritter
Raquel Rodriguez
Amanda Roth
Corey Ruth
Karoline Saffi
Roz Salzman
Melissa Sanders
Emily Sandersfeld
Heather Sangria
Jennifer Sarkissian
Eileen Scahill
Amanda Scarano & Jeff Carter
Kaitlin Schluter
Linda Serviss
Ina Setiadji
Ruchira Shah
Al Shaikh
Ben Shields
Kristin & Rich Shimano
Susan Shioya
Becky Silverman
Lyle Skosey
Daphne Slater-Yemofio
Dave Sloan
Tamara Sobel
Marco Solis
Laurie St. Clare
Julia Stalder
John Stavrakos
Jeffrey Steinka
Noelle Swanson
Karen Swichtenberg
Brianna Swift
Marilyn & Armin Szatmary
Tami Tarnow & David Freedland
Carla Tassara
Terri Taylor
Stephanie & Cam Thai
Stanley Thompson
Theodore Tiangco
Jonathan Tomlin
Kara Topacio
Sarah Jo Torgrimson
William Tortu
Lynn Tran
Jason Tran
Larrissa Trevino
Kate & David Trifiletti
Jaanhvi Vaidya
Alan Vantoai
Ketsia Vedrine
Marina Veloz
Ann Verkuilen
Joy Vest
Celeste Voce
Jean Vondras
Kevin Walsh
Janet Webb
Hilary Wheeless
Patrick White
Jackie Wilcox
Jen Willis
Chris Wilson
Ray Wisbrock
Sachi Wong
Shelby Wong
Leanna Wood
Julia Xu
Sarah Yoo
Elizabeth Yoon
Rory Zacher
Jason Zelin
Betsy Zimbalist
Bryan Zvibleman
If your name should be included in this list, please contact us at info @ to let us know.
Click for all* donors in 2019. 
(Please note that the 2019 list may not yet show recent Annual Fund Drive contributors.)

 How to Participate

Donate by check:
  Please click here to submit a pledge form to Reading to Kids and then mail your donation to:
  Reading to Kids
1600 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Donate Online via PayPal:
(no PayPal account required)
More Donation Options...
  Click here to review more donation options, including (1) setting up a recurring credit card donation,
(2) listing items for sale on eBay with some of the proceeds going to Reading to Kids,
(3) registering your grocery store club cards through eScrip and Ralphs, and
(4) registering for FREE with Amazon Smile to donate 0.5% of your purchases to Reading to Kids!

Help us Fundraise!
  Supporters who would like to encourage family and friends to donate to Reading to Kids can use our Reading to Kids donor sheet OR Fundraise for us on Facebook.

Click here for additional fundraising materials, including a sample email to send to family and friends!

 What Can Your Dollars Buy?

Here are some examples* of how your contribution can make a difference in the lives of the young readers we work with each month:
$5 4 take-home prize books for participating kids
$18 15 take-home prize books for participating kids
$50 4 hardcover read-aloud books
$125 100 take-home prize books for participating kids
$250 20 hardcover read aloud books
$400 1 month worth of read-aloud books at one school
$625 500 take-home prize books for participating kids
$850 All of the reading club expenses (books, supplies, and food) for month of reading clubs at one school
$1,250 1,000 take-home prize books for participating kids
$10,000 All of the reading club expenses (books, supplies, and food) for one year of reading clubs at one school
*Note: All prices and purchases are approximations that illustrate the cost of these items for Reading to Kids
Special thanks to our top
fundraiser Angels in 2019!

Become a Reading to Kids Angel by gathering at least 10 donations!

Matthew Jones
(50 Donors, $2,655 so far)

Check back soon for more Angels to be listed here!