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June 14, 2012

Dear Friends of Reading to Kids,

Our June reading clubs were simply super! The day was packed with heroes, including 706 kids, 299 volunteers, 79 parents, and 22 teachers & staff! Congratulations to all of our graduating 5th graders!

Please be sure to sign up for the next reading clubs! Click here to submit your RSVP for our "Independence and Growing Up" Reading Clubs on Saturday, July 14th. 



Thank you to all of our volunteers who generously donated arts and craft supplies. Our bins are stocked, and we're ready to put the sticks, pipe cleaners, yarn, paper, glue, and googly eyes to good use. 

Reading to Kids is committed to reading great books to kids.  The crafts the children make are based on the reading club monthly theme, and those crafts (suggested each month by our amazing Curriculum Committee) are connected directly to the books they have just heard.  The crafts also serve as a tangible reminder for the children of their reading club experience, further helping them to associate reading with pleasure. Craft time is also a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to share insights about the books and to get to know these fabulous kids.




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