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Craft-Time Tips and Related Articles

Last updated January 13, 2021

The following articles have been compiled from materials given to new volunteers during their reading club training sessions.

  Although many of the individual book information pages in this website contain title-specific craft ideas, here is a list of general ideas that would be great with almost any book.
  Craft time is a great time to encourage the development of fine motor skills such as drawing, tracing, and cutting. When children are having difficulty with these important skills, they may not want to participate in craft time or, they may be embarrassed to bring their finished product home.
Simple Activities and Crafts Kids Can Do at Home
with Common Household Items

With the kids staying safe at home, any crafts we guide them through need to make use of only common household items they are likely to have. Since the reading guides we provide for all of the teacher-approved books were written for our face-to-face reading clubs, they may contain craft ideas that the kids can not easily do at home. Below are clever and simple activity and craft ideas you can use for most any book you read-aloud virtually. You should also practice your activity or create your craft ahead of time so you have a model and practice.
*Note: All our activity and craft ideas are just suggestions. You can use them, but you don't have to use them. You can expand upon them or add your own twist, so long as they are things the kids can do on their own with the materials they have at home.

Activity/Craft description
(click to see directions/sample)
Grade Level

Description or Materials Needed

K - 5th Ask the kids to show something in their house that a character in the book could use. Volunteers should model this idea with something in their own house.
K - 5th The website to the left has a detailed example, but it need not be as planned as that and can involve items, colors, etc. relevant to the book
2nd - 5th The Hangman link on the left shows a video of a PE teacher explaining how to play Hangman on Zoom. Click this link to learn about using the Zoom whiteboard.
K - 5th Ask kids to show off one of their favorite things in the Zoom meeting. Ask them which character from the book would also like that thing, or have kids show something a character in the book would like.
K - 5th Using a site such as, create a word search puzzle ahead of time that you then screen share with the kids during the Zoom session. The kids can use Zoom's screen annotation tools to draw circles around the words as they find them. For younger kids you will probably need to help them with words displayed vertically, diagonally, or backwards.
K - 2nd One player thinks of an animal and the other players asks questions to figure out what animal it is.
K - 5th One player picks an object in the background of their screen area. Then the other players try to guess what object they picked by asking questions to figure it out.
2nd - 5th Each player will be given a letter and they need to use it to give a Name, Animal, Place, or Thing starting with that letter in one minute. They can type their answers into the Zoom chat. Go around the group on Zoom with each person getting the next letter in the alphabet until you finish the whole alphabet.
2nd - 5th One player chooses a book title, famous person, character, movie, or song. Then the player acts out the item they picked without using words. The other players watch on Zoom and place their guesses in the Zoom chat. The first person to guess correctly wins.
K - 5th This website features movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. If you decide to use it, be sure to explore it ahead of time so you know what activity to share that would be relevant to the book and fun for the kids.
K - 3rd This website provides activities you can screen share with the kids. If you decide to use it, be sure to explore it ahead of time so you know what activity to share that would be relevant to the book and fun for the kids.
3rd - 5th Paper, scissors, tape or glue
3rd - 5th Paper, scissors, tape or glue
K - 5th Paper
3rd - 5th Paper, scissors, tape or glue
3rd - 5th Construction paper; scissors
K - 5th Paper, crayons or pencils
K - 5th Paper, crayons or pencils
K - 5th Paper plate, crayons or pencils, tape or glue, paper
3rd - 5th Popsicle sticks, scissors, crayon/markers, googly eyes or make them out of paper
3rd - 5th Paper, scissors, pencil, tape or glue
3rd - 5th Paper, scissors, a straw, tape or glue
K - 5th Plastic cup, string, tape or glue, beads or similar
K - 5th Plastic cup, paper, markers, tape or glue
K - 5th Garbage bag, duct tape, strings/ribbon, wooden sticks
3rd - 5th Paper, glue or tape, plastic fork, paint
3rd - 5th Q-tips, pipe cleaners (or similar things)
K - 5th TP Rolls, ribbons, paper, markers/crayons, glue, tape, or rubber bands

If you have any more activities or simple, generic crafts we should add above, please send them to us at!