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Final 30 Hours to Donate!
December 30, 2018

Dear Friends of Reading to Kids,

"It is at the bottom, where books are rare, that each additional book matters most, not among the literate elite: each additional book yields more 'bang for your book' among the book-poor than among the book-rich".  M.D.R. Evans, Books and schooling in 27 nations

Boy with a prize book

Today and tomorrow mark the final two days of our Annual Fund Drive, and we are now only $1,400 away from meeting our goal of $55,000!

Please help us by making your donation today at our Annual Fund Drive page.

1) Donate by check or online today. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated!

2) Become our 12th Fundraising Angel and ask friends and family to contribute! We've made it super simple - just create a quick fundraising page on Facebook, or print out our donor sheet and start asking, or spend a few minutes personalizing and sending our sample email.

3) Double your donation! Ask your employer to match your donation to Reading to Kids and double your impact.

We have so far received (or are expecting) matching donations from The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation, Disney, Oaktree Capital Management, McMaster-Carr, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation, Netflix, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc., and SAP Software Solutions, all through the efforts and requests of our volunteers who work for those companies.

Once your employer, friends, and family know about Reading to Kids, many will want to donate to us and are looking for a great cause to support - we just need you to ask!

Note: If donating by check, please make sure the check is dated on or before December 31, 2018. If donating by credit card, the donation must be made on or before December 31, 2018.

Reading to Kids Annual Fund Drive

All of us at Reading to Kids wish for you a very happy New Years, and hope you can join us for our January 12th reading clubs and/or our Curriculum & Crafts meeting this Sunday, January 6th!


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