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Reading to Kids 2018 Annual Fund Drive!
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Our goal is to raise $55,000 from 550 donors.

Totals to date: $20,515 from 293 donors

Grow their love of reading by making a contribution to Reading to Kids' 2018 Annual Fund Drive!

Each year, from the October to the December reading clubs, we ask our supporters to help us inspire underserved children with a love of reading by making a donation to Reading to Kids.

Reading to Kids has been able to thrive thanks to the thousands of hours of participation by teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers, and elementary school children
(click here for program statistics) and thanks to generous financial contributions by foundations, businesses, agencies, and individuals like you.

In May 1999, Reading to Kids held its first reading club with 20 students and 8 volunteers at Gratts Elementary School. Nineteen years later, on average, 356 Reading to Kids volunteers read to 712 children each month at eight elementary schools! 

Kids emerge from our program with more enthusiasm for reading, books for their home library, stronger school libraries, personal relationships with volunteers, and changed attitudes for reading in English!

In order to sustain and expand our program, we need your help!  Your donation will help to purchase hardcover books for elementary school libraries in low-income communities, fund book donations directly to children and parents to help them develop their own home libraries, and expand our program into new schools and communities.

Please join us by making a donation to Reading to Kids.

If you have any questions regarding the Annual Fund Drive, please feel free to contact Charlie Orchard at the Reading to Kids office at (310) 479-7455 or by email at Charlie.Orchard @

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to Our 2018 Annual Fund Drive Participants!
Rachel Acker
Lessa Acosta
Michael Amador
Brooke Amaral
Anonymous (8)
Linda Antonioli
Jason Axe
Michael Bachmann
Karen Badon
Hope Baker
Martha Balkan
Mark Ballou
Jennifer Baptiste
Yessica Barrios
Sarai Benitez
Diana Benitez
Anika Berde
Susan Berger
Kat Boyd
Iliana Brenes
Andrea Briceno
Patricia Briggs
Patrick Brown
Sharon Brown
Jessica Brown-Clark
Jennifer Buchholz
Julia Buck
Joe Bucz
Stephanie Bueno
Emelie Burnette
Kelly Buxton
David Callahan
Casandra Campeas
Veronica Campos
Frank Cannata
Anna Carlos
Jocelyn Castro
Connie Castro
Racheal Caswell
Katherine Cerniglia
Bonnie Chan
Cameron Chase
Jamie Chazen
Adam Chazen
Oscar Chen
Robyn Chew
Jessica Chong
Soyoon Choo
Josi Chow
Paul Chung
David Chung
Dave Clennon
Wanda Colar
Jamie Costello
Lynda Crawford
Amy Cruz
Jackie D’Almeida
Viet Dao
Steve Day
Robert De La Guerra
Lauren De Sa
Jamey DeKay
Ruth Mary & Alfonso Diy
Ana Dominguez
Eric Dunlap
Peter Dunn
Sarah Effinger
Kristina Eipl
Brad Epstein
Samantha Erin-Barragar
Gabriel Esmailian
Maria Espinoza
Sharon Fain
Linette Fan
Diana Favarisova
Vanessa Fiore
Mike Foodman
David Freedland
Eric Fuerstein
Ryan Gardner
Rebecca Gimple
Jill Goerdt
Dyana Goldman
Jeff Goodman
Alex Governatori
Jaimi Gray
Karen Green
Maria Green
Gloria Greengard
Casey Hackett
Gabriela Hanna
Stephanie Hanses
Hardhi Harris
Lindsay Harrop
Paul Heinzman
Edgar Hernandez
Bernice Hernandez
Brandon Hook
Tomoko Horie
Heather Horn
Tina Hou-Imerman
Nolan Housh
Sophia Hsieh
Jean Huang
Shabnum & Ali Husain
Heather Imerman
Tara Ison
Stefanie Izquierdo
Doreen Jackson
Jennifer Jackson
Foluke Jeboda
Lynn Johnson
Christine Johnson
Damilola Jolayemi
Matthew Jones
Katie Jones
Andy & Nick Jones-Liang
Anna-Marie Josue
McKenzie Kaiser
Isabella Kanjanapangka
Becca Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy
Esther Kim
Edward J. Klein
Kleiner Cohen Foundation
Mollie Knute
Lisa Kodmur
Stephanie Koenig
Nicole Kong
Ingrid Koopman
Melanie Kwiatkowski
Yeil Kyung
Karen Landaverde
Lance Lanfear
Linda Lang
Elena Lanza
Alex Lark
Brady Lark
Samuel Laskey
James Laskey
John Leal
Sean Lee
Edith Leung
Maggie Leung
Tiana Lewis
Grace Lin
Connie Lin
Qianwei Liu
Anna Locke
Andrea Loney
Paul Maletich
Chris Martin
Emily Martin
Sony Martin
Raul Martinez
Daniel Martinez
Moises Martinez
Paul Martinez
Melissa Mason
Tony Mastria
Linda Matias
Diana Matsushima
Mark May
Dianna McCann
Patrick McDivitt
Lorraine McIntire
John Mcketta
Brenda McLaughlin
Meredith McOlvin
Nubia Melendez
David Mesloh
Mira Metry
Angie Meyer
Danny Miller
Callie Miller
Brian Mitchell
Alesia Molina
Cynthia Montes
Stephanie Morales
Sean Morris
Julie Moskovitz
Omar Murphy
Christina Musrey
Chris Nabers
Daphne Ngo
Dalena Nguyen
Kimberly & Anthony Nguyen
Tina Nides
Xuyue Niu
Andrew Nordin
Vicki & Thomas Ohliger
Ana & Ali Oktay
Jami Olson
Carrie & Charlie Orchard
Cathy Ostiller
Jim & Rosemarie Ostiller
Karen Ostiller
Patricia Ostiller
Nick Ostiller
Megan Ostiller
Ryan Ostiller
Kimberly Ostiller
Rick Ostiller
Kayla Ostiller
Lisandra Pagan-Malik
James Papilla
Trina Peng
Megan Penn
Natasha Peralta
Tanya Perez
Kimberly Perplies
Andy Provenzano
Devon Provo
Rachel Rachel Corell & Adam Zelin
Reed Family Foundation
Racquel Reid
Janiece Richard
David Rickard
Erin Riegel
Chris Riggi
Susan Ritter
Victoria Rocha
Albert Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez
Julissa Romero
Hana Rosenbaum
Amanda Rosette
Patrice Ross
Alexis Roth
Roz Salzman
Jenny Sampson
Nick Sanders
Emily Sandersfeld
SAP Software Solutions
Jennifer Sarkissian
Eileen Scahill
Meg Schave
Liesl Schleusener
Kaitlin Schluter
Casey Schuman
Brian Schwartz
Prince Selvage
Ina Setiadji
Kirk Shaffer
Ben Shepard
Rich & Kristin Shimano
Susan Shioya
Thamila Silva
David Sitarski
Daphne Slater-Yemofio
Tamara Sobel
Marco Solis
Julia Stalder
Will Stephens
Elizabeth Stewart
Zoe & William Stubbeman
Whitney Sturdy
Marilyn & Armin Szatmary
Ashley Tabaddor
Crystina Tamayo
Stan Thompson
Tomoko Thorpe
William Tran
Anjelica Triola
Sienna VanGelder
Jonathan Velasco
Celeste Voce
Michelle Vu
Fuyun Wei
Arthur Weinwurm
Maddy Weinwurm Imerman
Sophie Weiss
Caroline Werlin
Caitlin Whelan
Sarah White
Patrick White
Jackie Wilcox
Jennifer Willis
Kori Wilson
Martha Winterhalter
Jim Witoszynski
Shelby Wong
Jessica Yoon
Eunice Yum
Richard Zervakos
If your name should be included in this list, please contact us at info @ to let us know.
Click for all* donors in 2018. 
(Please note that the 2018 list may not yet show recent Annual Fund Drive contributors.)

 How to Participate

Donate by check:
  Please click here to submit a pledge form to Reading to Kids and then mail your donation to:
  Reading to Kids
1600 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Donate Online via PayPal:
(no PayPal account required)
More Donation Options...
  Click here to review more donation options, including (1) setting up a recurring credit card donation,
(2) listing items for sale on eBay with some of the proceeds going to Reading to Kids,
(3) registering your grocery store club cards through eScrip and Ralphs, and
(4) registering for FREE with Amazon Smile to donate 0.5% of your purchases to Reading to Kids!

Help us Fundraise!
  Supporters who would like to encourage family and friends to donate to Reading to Kids can use our Reading to Kids donor sheet OR Fundraise for us on Facebook.

Click here for additional fundraising materials, including a sample email to send to family and friends!

 What Can Your Dollars Buy?

Here are some examples* of how your contribution can make a difference in the lives of the young readers we work with each month:
$5 4 take-home prize books for participating kids
$18 15 take-home prize books for participating kids
$50 4 hardcover read-aloud books
$125 100 take-home prize books for participating kids
$250 20 hardcover read aloud books
$400 1 month worth of read-aloud books at one school
$625 500 take-home prize books for participating kids
$850 All of the reading club expenses (books, supplies, and food) for month of reading clubs at one school
$1,250 1,000 take-home prize books for participating kids
$10,000 All of the reading club expenses (books, supplies, and food) for one year of reading clubs at one school
*Note: All prices and purchases are approximations that illustrate the cost of these items for Reading to Kids
Special thanks to our top fundraiser Angels in 2018!

Become a Reading to Kids Angel by gathering at least 10 donations!

Heather Imerman
(25 Donors, $1,328 so far)

Check back soon for more Angels to be listed here!