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Weekly Update
September 29, 2005    

Hello Readers!

It is just one more week until the October 8th Reading Clubs! If you have not signed up to read yet, please take a minute to submit your RSVP for these "Halloween and Magic"-themed clubs! You can click here to submit your RSVP! The October reading clubs are filled with ghosts and goblins. So join us next weekend!

A Halloween Love Story

Second grade readers are bound to fall in love with this unusual Halloween love story, Boris and Bella.

Bella Lagrossi, with dirty dress and sticky hair, is the messiest monster in Booville. Her neighbor, Boris Kleanitoff, is, well, clean. Naturally, they're not very neighborly, but when each decides to have a Halloween party, they find a common enemy, Henry Beastie, who's throwing a shindig of his own. All their mutual monsters are going there; no one wants to go to a party at a house so dirty--or so clean. An infuriated Bella and Boris head off individually to give Harry a piece of their minds, but they wind up together, on the dance floor, and then holding hands in the moonlight.

Could Halloween Be Gone Forever?

The fourth graders can help Alex and his next-door neighbor Yasmin, the young neighborhood sleuths in this month's book solve some neighborhood mysteries.

Who Stole Halloween? That is the neighbor's cat, Halloween, is missing. The author, Martha Freeman, offers a solid mix of misunderstandings, mischief, and mystery as the kids track not only Halloween but also other cats that have been catnapped -- some say by a ghost. Is their disappearance linked to two murders that happened in the town more than 100 years ago? A cat was at the center of that mystery, too. There's a lot of super sleuthing here; even Alex's cat, Luau, gets in on the action. By setting the story at Halloween, the author is able to use the high jinks of the holiday as the detecting goes on.

Our Curriculum Committee has been hard at work coming up with great craft and discussion ideas for our readers in October.  For a complete listing of this month's titles, craft ideas and discussion topics, please click here.

Have a great weekend!  I look forward to seeing you at the reading clubs!


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