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You Make It Happen! Participate in the Reading to Kids Annual Fund Drive.
2005 Annual Fund Drive Kicks Off September 10! Scroll down to view participant list.
The Annual Fund Drive is here once again, and every donation is critical. From September 10 to November 12, you will have the opportunity to help us make great strides in inspiring underserved children with a love of reading by making your own donation to Reading to Kids.

Reading to Kids has been able to thrive thanks to the thousands of hours of participation by teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers, and elementary school children (click here for program statistics) and thanks to generous financial contributions by foundations, businesses, agencies, and individuals like you.

In May 1999, Reading to Kids held its first reading club with 8 volunteers and 20 students at Gratts Elementary School. Six years later, an average of 211 Reading to Kids volunteers read to 734 children each month at four elementary schools!

We need your help to continue our efforts to (1) maintain and expand the Reading Club program, (2) purchase teacher-selected books for elementary school libraries in low-income communities, and (3) fund book donations directly to children to help them develop their own home libraries.

The Reading to Kids annual budget is $120,000, and your support helps us meet these needs. Last year, we were extremely grateful for your contributions of more than $20,000 to the 2004 Annual Fund Drive! This year, our goal is to raise at least $25,000 over the next few months.

Prior to the official kick off of this year's Annual Fund Drive, $2,000 had already been pledged and $350 had already been received. We hope that we can include your contribution in our next report--please join us by making a donation to support Reading to Kids.

If you have any questions regarding the Annual Fund Drive, please feel free to contact  the Reading to Kids office at (310) 479-7455 or by e-mail at Thank you for your support!

Thanks to Our 2005 Fund Drive Participants!
232 participants as of November 18, 2005
- Abdo, Maryanna
- Alami, Sanaz
- Aldrich, Warren C.
- Alick, Camille
- Allavie, Kellyn
- Anderson, Marie P.
- Anonymous (17)
- Arneson, Jeannette
- ATK Foundation
- Atkinson, Jay
- Axe, Jason
- Bajaj, Gaurav
- Bajaj, Gaurika
- Bajaj, Kuldeep
- Bajaj, Sunita
- Barsic, David
- Baskin, Emily
- Basso, Robert
- Benedick, Tim
- Bergh, Kathryn Michelle
- Bengtson, Donna L. Hayward
   and Paul E.
- Bergthorson, Melanie
- Bernstein, Philippa
- Betsy Alexander Advertising Art
- Bhoopat, Greta
- Boyd, Sarah
- Blakeslee, Ian and Noelle
- Blanch, Joey
- Borcherding, Ryan
- Brady, Dalet
- Broderick, Harry R. and
   Mary Ann
- Bronstein, Marice
- Brooks, William and
   Erika Johnson-Brooks
- Buchanan, Jerry
- Buenz, August R. and Jane T.
- The Capital Group Companies
   Charitable Foundation
- Carney, Eilene and Robert
- Carter, Jeff
- Caudill, Nancy and
   Tod Gary Neumann
- Chang, Stephanie
- Chew, Robyn
- Choat, Robert
- Choy, Paul
- Chu, Janet
- Chun, Susan
- Clinton, Stacy
- Cramlet, Kathy
- Culhane, Anna
- da Bambino, Signore Chino
- Davis, Guy
- Dela Cruz, Anne
- Delgado, Laura
- DeRoeck, Tatum
- Dineen, Jillian
- Dunn, Joshua
- Duplessis, Nikki
- Eldridge, Sharon
- Elgammal, Ramez
- Elliott, Diane
- Endler, Claudia
- Espinosa, Ferdie and Jocelyn
- Estelle, Tiffany
- Estolas, Maureen
- Evans, Gary
- Fair, Mel and Caroline
- Feinstein, Lindsay
- Feldman, Samuel R. and
   Patricia C.
- Fishman, Beth
- Folsom, Linda
- Garcia, Arturo R.
- Gillman, Clifford
   and Constance Marie Willett
- Gillman, Gail
- Gillman, Joan F.
- Gloss, Scott Robert and Sara P.
- Gomez, Angelica
- Goodstadt, Jonathan
- Granada, Erik
- Green, Michael
- Gupta, Bhavik
- Haldammen, Monica Iren
- Hale, Amanda
- Halgren, Stephanie
- Hashimoto, Jason
- Heggins, Joi
- Henry, Sivilay
- Higa, Neil
- The Highlands (Todd Griswold)
- Hochberg, Lisa
- Hubbell, Jennifer
- Hung, Helga
- Husain, Feroz and Fatema
- Hussain, Khorshid and Shaheda
- Hussain, Shabnum and Ali
- Hutichison, Ashley
- Alexander A. and Ruth E.
   Jacobson Charitable Foundation
- Jackson, Jennifer
- Jadhav-Ridout, Pallavi
- Janes, JaSheika
- Jerri, Taylor
- Johnson, Gina R.
- Jones, Matthew
- Jones, William A.
- Kaiser, McKenzie
- Katz, Evan
- Kelly, Alydra
- Keng, Tiffany
- Khan, Ishma
- Klein, Edward
- Klug, Mara
- Koerner, Todd
- Koundinya, Priya
- Laboni, Hoq
- Lantz, Daniel
- Lee, Cynthia
- Lee, Miwa
- Lee, Ruby
- Livingston, Monica
- Loeb, M.J. and J.R.
- Lomas, Brent
- Lompa, Karrah and Lew Gildred
- Long, Stacia
- Ly, Linda
- Lyons, Lianca
- Marcus, Cliff
- Marshall, Stephanie
- Mather, Olivia
- Matthey, Harriet
- May, H. Michael and Martha
   (Marty) R.
- May, Mark
- McAdam, Juliane
- McDonald, Sara E.
- McGowan, Sarah
- Megrabian, Nairi
- Meislik, Shawn
- Mitchell, Tamara
- Morris, Sean and Kristy
- Newcomer, Jaymi
- Neysmith, Jordan
- Novosel, Joni
- Oddie, Fredderick
- Oktay, Ali
- Orchard, Carrie
- Orchard, Charlie
- O'Shea, Carmen Mary
- Ostiller, Cathy
- Pacific Blue Investments
- Paik, Leslie
- Palermo, Michele L.
- Pang, Kevin
- Parker, Danny
- Peterson, April Z.
- Petrosky, Julie
- Phillips, Amanda
- Phillips, Edmond Kenn and
   Lynne M.
- Pillar, Matthew G.
- Ramseur, Jennifer
- Ream, Robert K.
- Redfield, Jeffrey J.
- Reed, Kerri
- Rey, Ana
- Rickard, David
- Ricohermoso, Catherine
- Rim, Heather
- Rodriguez, Claudio
- Rose, Jessica
- Ruvel, Blanche H.
- Saeger, Katherine
- Salop, Barbara D.
- Scarano, Amanda
- Scarano, Elsie K.
- Schuerman, Jeanie
- Sebel, May L.
- Seo, Matthew
- Shah, Bijal
- Shannon, Derek M.
- Sharp, Briana
- Shaw, Derek
- Shimano, Rich
- Shu, Theodore
- Sietsma, Erica
- Simon, White
- Small, Paula
- Smith, Jen
- Spectrolab, Inc.
- Sperling, Osnat
- Swarthout, Marion
- Tabbador, Afsaneh Ashley
- Taylor, Bethany
- Terakawa, Cindy
- Thibodeaux, Susan
- Thornberg, Christopher
- Tia, Sothy
- Tio, Cece
- To, Julie
- Tomlin, Jon and Elaine
- Totalca, Marina
- Tung, Jerry
- Turner, Cynthia
- Turner, Gillian and
   Joe LaBarbera
- Valderrama, E Vida P.
- Valenzuela, Cynthia
- Value, Nils
- Vejnoska, Alex
- Vidovic, Elizabeth
- Vines, Emily
- Watson, Carrie
- Wilkison, Tracy
- Wilson, Jessica
- Wong, Clara
- York, Steve
- Young, Colin
- Yu, Peilin
- Zanelli, April
- Zimbalist, Stuart H. and
   Elizabeth R.
If your name should be included in this list, please contact us at to let us know.
 This Year's Participants
Click for current list of 2005 Annual Fund Drive participants.
Click for all* donors in 2005.
  (Please note that the 2005 list may not yet show recent Annual Fund Drive contributors.)
 How to Donate
By check:
  Please make checks payable to Reading to Kids and mail to our office:
  Reading to Kids
1600 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90025
  The following form should accompany your payment: click here for form.
By credit card:
  Click here to donate with a credit card using a secure server via Network for Good.
(Please note that Network for Good deducts 3% for its costs.)
At the reading clubs:
  A collection box will be available at the September, October, and November reading clubs. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated!
 What Can Your Dollars Buy?
Here are some examples* of how your contribution can make a difference in the lives of the young readers we work with each month:
$5 3 take-home prize books for kids.
$25 15 take-home prize books for kids.
$50 4 library bound read-aloud chapter books.
All read-aloud books are donated to the schools' libraries.
$75 1 set of 5 library bound read-aloud books.
All read-aloud books are donated to the schools' libraries.
$100 1 month worth of prize books for parents attending a Parent Training session while their children are attending the reading clubs.
$150 6 months worth of prize books for each school's teachers volunteering at the reading clubs.
$250 Up to 15 library bound read-aloud picture books.
All read-aloud books are donated to the schools' libraries.
$500 Up to 6 classroom ready sets of read-aloud books.
An average of 30-35 books.
$700 All of the books for the largest grade at all four schools for one month.
$1000 All books, supplies, and food for one school's monthly reading club.
*Note: All prices and purchases are approximations that illustrate how Annual Fund Drive funds may be applied.