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Volunteers are the lifeblood of Reading to Kids. Whether they are engaged in organizational duties as Reading to Kids Taskforce committee members, in operational duties as members of a school's Site Operations Staff on the day of the reading clubs, or as readers and mentors to the hundreds of participating elementary school children, volunteers work together month after month to help provide children with a brighter future by encouraging them to become better readers.

Volunteer support from companies, school groups, and other organizations is particularly essential to the success of the program. The Friends & Supporters page of the website contains further information on currently participating groups, and it also contains information on how new groups can get involved.

One of the goals of Reading to Kids is to provide an enriching and rewarding volunteering opportunity to upstanding community members who may have just a small amount of time to give, but who sincerely wish to give to the community and touch the lives of others. The monthly reading clubs do not require a major commitment--volunteers can choose to volunteer at a reading club whenever their schedules permit.

Volunteers may participate in the reading clubs by filling out a mandatory online application and signing up for a reading club via an online RSVP form. Click here to sign up now!

Volunteers who have read at two or more reading clubs and who want to get more involved in the planning, administration, and/or execution of some aspect of the organization should join the Reading to Kids Taskforce. Click here for more information about the Taskforce.