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April 30, 2020

Dear Friends of Reading to Kids,

Several of our most famous (to the kids at our schools, anyway) volunteers have recorded greetings to the kids!

image of Site Coordinators saying hello to the Kids at our Schools

We miss seeing the kids each month, and they miss us, too. If you would enjoy some happy and sometimes funny hellos from Reading to Kids volunteers or staff you may recognize, click on the image above for our Site Coordinator Hellos to the Kids at our Schools YouTube playlist!

And if you missed it last week, click here to see how two kids recreated our reading clubs at home!



Chris Martin and Patricia Briggs are back with another clever read-aloud video featuring their dogs!

Both run on our marathon team, so it's no surprise they chose to read Olympig! and end with a craft creating gold medals.

Olympig! video image

Click on the image above to see them read aloud and discuss Olympig!, or click on the image below to jump right to the craft portion that starts at 18:45!

Olympig! craft image

Another of our volunteers, Laura Reilly, has created three read-aloud videos of her own, and all end with clever crafts the kids can easily create at home!

When I Grow Up I Want to be Me video image

Click on the image above to see her read aloud When I Grow Up, I Want to be Me, or click on the image below to jump right to the craft portion that starts at 3:21!

You can see her other two videos from the upper right of this newsletter.

When I Grow Up I Want to be Me craft image

Then read on below for how you can become a Reading to Kids star by creating your own videos for the kids!



A Penguin Story video image

Want to bring the joy of reading to the kids at our partner schools while everyone is staying safe at home? Then create and share your own read-aloud videos that end with a craft!

We're especially looking for videos of 4th and 5th grade "chapter books". We'd like to keep reading alive with the older kids by intriguing them with longer books we have read to them. You may only read aloud the first 40 pages or so, just as we do at our reading clubs.

Similar to all the videos we feature in the upper right of this newsletter, we'd like to feature your videos that the kids at our partner schools can find on our website.

Click this link for all of our tips and which books to read aloud, including tips from Chris Martin when he created his Oh, the Places You'll Go! video! Click the image below to jump to their crafts portion.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! craft image


LA Students Most in Need logo

There are many LAUSD Families in need, so please help students continue learning while away from school. Your donation can make a difference. Click here to donate to them.


Hands raised to volunteer

The Red Cross is still looking for volunteers to give blood and/or help distribute meals to LAUSD children. Click here for their website.


Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of this newsletter!


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