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Reading to Kids Taskforce Members

Last updated Monday, November 12, 2018

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Name Committees    (* denotes chair)
Ahmed, Sana   Strategic Planning, Training
Antonioli, Linda   Operations
Arias-Kim, Mia   Curriculum, Marketing, Operations, Special Events
Aslin, Theresa   ALL COMMITTEES
Bakke, Jake   Operations
Baumgartner, Steve   Training
Brady, Dalet   Curriculum, Strategic Planning
Briceno, Andrea   Operations, Training
Brito, Michele   Curriculum, Marketing, Operations, Special Events, Strategic Planning, Training, Information Technology
Brown-Clark, Jessica   ALL COMMITTEES
Burnette, Emelie   Operations
Callahan, David   Curriculum, Operations
Caswell, Racheal   Marketing, Special Events
Chew, Robyn   Curriculum
Choo, Soyoon   Operations
Chung, Paul   Operations
Davis, Valerie   Curriculum
Deguzman, Jasmine   
DeKay, James   Strategic Planning, Training*
Green, Vanessa   Operations
Greer, Katie   Curriculum, Marketing
Hernandez, Douglas   
Hernandez, Edgar   Operations
Horn, Heather   Operations
Ito, Jonathan   Information Technology
Javdan, Mona   Curriculum, Marketing, Special Events, Training
Johnson, Tiara   
Jones, Katie   Operations
Jones, Matthew   Strategic Planning
Jones-Liang, Nick   Marketing, Operations
Karimova, Elmira   Marketing, Strategic Planning
Kashon, Amie   Operations
Lee, Jessica   Marketing, Operations*
Lenox Ibarra, Skylar   Operations
Loney, Andrea   Curriculum
Love-Smith, Ashley   Operations
Luong, David   Operations
Martin, Christopher   Special Events, Training*
Martinez, Daniel   Marketing*
May, Mark   Marketing, Operations*, Special Events
McClure Campbell, Aubrey   Curriculum
Medeiros, Brandee   Marketing, Special Events
Mendoza, Sergio   
Mody, Amol   Strategic Planning*
Montes, Cynthia   Marketing*, Training
Morris, Sean   Operations, Strategic Planning
Moskovitz, Julie   Curriculum, Marketing, Special Events
Nakano, Sheryl   Training
Negus, Moses   Operations, Strategic Planning
Oktay, Ali   Operations
Orchard, Carrie   Curriculum*
Orchard, Charlie   Curriculum, Marketing, Operations, Special Events, Strategic Planning, Training, Information Technology
Perez, David   Training
Rees, Emma   Operations
Rickard, David   Curriculum, Information Technology
Ritter, Susan   Curriculum
Rivera, Jacqueline   Marketing*, Operations, Training
Rodriguez, Raquel   Curriculum*
Rossney, Glenn   Operations
Rubio, Mariel   Operations*
Salzman, Rosalind   Marketing
Sandersfeld, Emily   Curriculum, Operations, Strategic Planning
Sanderson, Tina   Operations
Scahill, Eileen   Marketing, Special Events*
Schluter, Kaitlin   Operations, Training
Selvage III, Prince   Special Events*, Strategic Planning, Training
Shah, Neil   Marketing, Strategic Planning, Training
Shimano, Rich   Curriculum, Strategic Planning, Information Technology*
Smith, Jen   Curriculum, Marketing, Operations, Special Events, Training
Smoot, Andrea   Operations
Sykora, David   Information Technology
Thompson, Stanley   Training
Tortu, William   Training
Vazquez, Selina   Special Events*
White, Patrick   Operations
Wilson, Kori   Special Events*, Training
Yoshimura, Susan   Marketing, Information Technology