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Remembering Helga Hung
Notes from Friends and Fellow Volunteers
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Dear Judy and Fannie,

I would like to offer my condolences for the recent loss of your sister. My name is Yvette Rogers and I was one of the two reading volunteers to read with Helga on the day of her death.

It was my first time volunteering with the organization and Helga's enthusiasm was infectious. She told me she had been doing it since 2000 and she had given up a lot of Saturdays to be here but it was worth it. The three of us went to a classroom to read to a group of 4th graders. I wasn't sure exactly how to act, what type of comprehension questions to ask, but Helga set the pace beautifully. She was kind and respectful of the children, asking them questions and engaging them in the story. She explained one of the goals of Reading to Kids is to have the children not only hear but also speak English.

I found out after the reading portion that she was also a 4th grade teacher. I had even more respect for her, knowing that after working with 4th graders all week, she would come in on a Sat. and work with the same age group. She explained that she didn't consider Reading to Kids like her job. After the reading portion was done, we all did a craft. She made a Valentine's Day card.

Afterwards, at El Cholo, Helga was very kind to me. She encouraged me to join her at her table and introduced me to those sitting around us. It was because of her that I made the decision to become more involved with Reading to Kids.

I can only imagine how this sudden loss must have affected you. I just wanted you both to know that the last few hours of Helga's life were filled with joy. It was obvious she enjoyed what she was doing and I feel privileged that I got to spend time with her.


Yvette Rogers