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Remembering Helga Hung
Notes from Friends and Fellow Volunteers
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I started reading with R2K about a year ago, so I have not known Helga for very long, but her friendly, smiling face was one of those fixtures I always knew I could expect to see at R2K on any given Saturday morning. Although I did not know her as well as some of the other R2K folks, I already know that Saturday mornings at Esperanza just won't be the same without Helga there to say "Good morning" on the way in and to give hugs on the way out! How big of a heart Helga had, to not just teach elementary school Monday to Friday, but after a full week of teaching, to also come and read and spend time with the students of Esperanza on Saturdays. Helga Hung, wherever you are now, we miss your smiley face on Saturday mornings!   - Julie To
Helga was a great person, the epitome of what a beautiful person should be. She was smart, cheerful, supportive, neat, and extremely thoughtful. As a fellow volunteer at Angel's Flight, a teenage half-way house, I had the pleasure to witness her sharp wit and charm. And the kids were also thrilled to be in her presence. I remember how great she was playing taboo and pictionary with the kids. We all wanted to have her on the team. By the time I was a project leader, she was always helpful with kind supportive words and a dynamite smile for encouragement, especially when the kids became unruly.

I'll always have very fond memories of her and thought she was one of the few beautiful people in L.A. who's inner beauty shone as brightly as her gorgeous smile, sunny disposition, and sparkling good looks. And though she can no longer be with us, she will live through memories of her noble works, good charity, and angelic nature. Farewell, and God bless. You are with angels now in heaven.   
- Ray Ng
Helga & I first met in college in an Asian sorority and we've become closer and closer for the past 10+ years. Helga first introduced Reading to Kids a couple of years ago and she had always been so passionate and dedicated to this organization. I remember she had always been so forthright and persistent about emailing to all her friends about volunteering time to Reading to Kids and one day she finally convinced me! I remember asking her to be my partner during the two times I had been there and every time I had witnessed how warm, thoughtful, patient, and attentive she was to all the kids. We all miss Helga so so much. She was such a dear friend. She was also one of my bridesmaids this past July and she will be missed so much and will always be in our hearts. Many of Helga's close friends will try and pick up where she left off by volunteering their time to read to her kids at Esperanza Elementary every month. She has inspired us to strive to be as great of a person she was to all her friends, family, and everyone who was lucky enough to have met and known her.
We love you dearly, Helga. Until we meet again...
Your horror-movie narrator,
Liena Hsieh McCord