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A Message from Helga Hung's Family

In Memory of Helga Hung

A May 22, 2006 Message from Helga's Sisters


On this special day, in celebration of Helga's 32nd birthday, we would like to share her tribute website with all her friends and loved ones. This website was created as a memorial to Helga's life and a common meeting space for her friends and family to visit. Helga's memory lives on in all of us, so please visit and share your stories and photos of Helga. We have been working on this website for the past few months, and with the invaluable time and talent of Dan Lin, we are able to launch Please forward this website to anyone we may have missed.

Please note that this website is best viewed in Internet Explorer, particularly the slide show in Windows Media Player.

We hope this website carries on the life and legacy of Helga for many years to come.


Fannie & Judy

Expression of Sympathy

In lieu of flowers you may send a donation or volunteer your service/time to two of Helga’s great passions - volunteer work at Reading to Kids and LA Works – two organizations she truly believed help in the betterment of Los Angeles. For more information, please visit:

Reading to Kids:
LA Works: