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Discussion Topics

Last updated Tuesday, March 19, 2002

The following guideline should help you develop questions to ask during the read-aloud session in order to foster increased student participation and improve story comprehension. For advanced grade levels, you may wish to review a list of Bloom's taxonomy question stems for more ideas.

1. Predicting Outcomes
   •  Based on the title, what do you think book is about?
   •  What do you think will happen next?
2. Making Inferences and Grasping Implied Ideas
   •  What kind of person is the King? Why?
   •  What lets us know that the boy is scared?
3. Appraising Soundness of Ideas
   •  What plan did the mice have? Was this a wise, or unwise idea?
   •  Can you think of a better way to solve Ted's problem?
   •  What would you do if it were you?
4. Comparing Similarities and Differences
   •  How is Sally different from Susan?
   •  What are two things that the children have in common?
5. Distinguishing Real from Make-Believe
   •  Could these things really happen?
   •  What kinds of things on this page are make-believe?
6. Seeing Cause and Effect Relationships
   •  What caused Bobby to ask that?
   •  Because Ellen did that, what happened?