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Bloom's Taxonomy Stems

Last updated Tuesday, March 19, 2002

The following should help you develop ideas for questions to ask during the read-aloud session to students in advanced grade levels.

   •  Who?
   •  What?
   •  When?
   •  Where?
   •  How?
   •  List the facts in order.
   •  What is meant by... ?
   •  Can you describe... ?
   •  What is the difference... ?
   •  What is the main idea... ?
   •  Why did... ?
   •  Explain why... ?
   •  Who would you choose...?
   •  What would happen if...?
   •  How would you...?
   •  Do you know someone like...?
   •  Would you do the same thing in the same situation...?
   •  If you had to...what would you do?
   •  What part of the reading was funniest?
   •  What part was the most exciting?
   •  What part was the saddest?
   •  Tell some things that could not have happened in real life.
   •  Which things were fact, and which were opinions?
   •  What could you do that was just like what the person in the story did?
   •  Find five words in the story which begin with the same sound.
   •  List five compound words from the story.
   •  What was the purpose of...?
   •  Retell one event from an animal's point of view.
   •  How could we/you...?
   •  Make up another ending to the story that still fits the details.
   •  Rewrite a sentence from the reading but change one thing in it.
   •  Write a new title for this story.
   •  Write a two-line poem about the reading.
   •  Was the main character in this reading good or bad? Why?
   •  Which is better...?
   •  Would you agree that...?
   •  What is your opinion of...?
   •  Were they right to do...? Why? Or why not?
   •  Compare two characters in the reading. Tell which one you think is better and why.