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Apr. 2024 Reading Club Recap for All Schools
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Thanks so much to everyone who helped us read and give books to 423 children in Apr. 2024!
These 208 volunteers made the reading clubs a big success!
Name School Role(s)
Acosta, LessaGratts   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Albano, JessicaMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Allen, VictoriaAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Altman, DanielWhite   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Alves, KateLos Angeles   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Amy, ReneLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Annoxmimbar, MalliumGratts   5th Grade Reader
Anton, PamelaAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Archie-Winston, ZorahMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Arnold, DevynWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Arrizon, Tony-ElyWhite   Site Coordinator
Axe, JasonGratts   Site Operations Helper
Azali, JoshuaLos Angeles   Site Operations Helper
Baum, CaseyLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Baumgartner, SteveGratts   Training Coordinator and 4th Grade Reader
Benitez, SaraiMagnolia   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Benya, BenWhite   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Bergey, PatriciaMacArthur Park   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Bischof, SaraMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Bittner, MathildeGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Blount, JameciaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Brajevich , LaurenLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Brazil, InetriWhite   4th Grade Reader
Brown, HenryPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Byrum, AnitraLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Cabai, GabrielleLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Caceres, HeidyPoliti   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Callahan, DavidWhite   Site Coordinator
Camacho, AndrewLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Camargo, NestorGratts   5th Grade Reader
Cardenas, YvetteMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Castro, MichaelMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Chacon, ChristalAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Chamorro, AndreasAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Cheng, VickiLos Angeles   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Cheung, GinnyMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Chironna, JonathanGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Chittenden, RussellGratts   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Chung, JulieLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Chung, KayleeAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Cobbett, JadaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Coombs, RobertAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Corrales, AnthonyAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Cottier, MeganWhite   Site Coordinator
Cramer, MiaLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Currence, RachelMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Damberg, LouiseAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Dandridge, YmaMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Debany, EmmaMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Delariva, MichaelMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Deleon, JuliaWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Desai, NatashaPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Detroy, IzzyEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Diamond, DarcyEsperanza   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Diaz, TinaAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Dorfman, SethLos Angeles   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Dunning, JessicaWhite   Site Coordinator
Epstein, TinaMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Eshaghi, HosseinEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Estrada, JimenaWhite   4th Grade Reader
Ezuma, TiffanyMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Fanter, FordPoliti   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Feinstein, RobertMacArthur Park   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Fine, AndrewAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Fraher, LauraEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Francis, EbonyAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Friedrich, LieselWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Furrow, JessieLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Gao, FionaWhite   Site Operations Helper
Golub, JuliaWhite   5th Grade Reader
Gonzalez, SophiaEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Grannis, JenniferGratts   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Gray, JaimiMagnolia   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Green, KarenLos Angeles   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Guardiola, AlexisMagnolia   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Hall, LindsayLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Halperin, ZachWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Hartman, ErikaPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Heinzman, PaulMacArthur Park   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Hendrickson, JenniferLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Hernandez-Arevalo, IsaacGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Hickey, DavidEsperanza   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Hoggs, KhareeMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Horn, HeatherPoliti   Site Coordinator
Houck, Ji-InMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Ibarra-Ortiz, MarlenWhite   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Ikeji, DidiAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Jackson, TeneciaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Jakubauskaite, EvelinaPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Jasim, SelaLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Jiang, JunEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Kadet, IraLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Keenan, TeigMacArthur Park   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Kelly, CiaraMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Khalid, ZainMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Kuhn, LaurenEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Laguna, KaylaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Landau, NaamaPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Landaverde, KarenMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Langlois, SabrinaAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Larue, BrandonMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Leonard, HannahEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Leung, MaggieEsperanza   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Li, AllisonPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Lim, SeanAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Loo, MarilynMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Luttrell, ChrisWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Luu, JosaphineMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Mansfield, AnnaliseLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Marcelin, JadeMacArthur Park   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Martin, ChristopherLos Angeles   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Mas, JaimeWhite   5th Grade Reader
May, MarkEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Mckean-Cowdin, RobertaMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Mendonsa, EmilyPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Mendoza, AndionneEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Mendoza, DeliaMagnolia   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Michael, TovyaLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Morrow, AshleyMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Morrow, BrittneyPoliti   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Mudie, Mallory Gratts   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Mukai, HidekoEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Myers, StephaniePoliti   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Ng, JonathanLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Nguyen, PhucEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Niu, SoleaWhite   5th Grade Reader
Nolan, JackieAlta Loma   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Noyola, AGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Oladapo, AdelasoyeWhite   4th Grade Reader
Olya, GabrielleLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Orchard, CharlieMacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
Ortega, DamarisMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Pacheco, LourdesMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Pacheco, NataliaMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Paez, LuisMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Palmer, EdMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Pandya, DrishtiAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Parks, AnnaliseMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Parske, KyraMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Paz, ShirleyGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Peponides, DaphneMagnolia   Training Coordinator and 2nd Grade Reader
Perez, DavidEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Perkins, BrandonMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Perros, MariaAlta Loma   Site Operations Helper
Perry, LauraEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Pieroni Lopes Ambrosio, LuizaLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Pierre Reid, TchalaPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Popelka, AllanMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Power, KaleaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Provatakis, JulianaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Quintanilla, JorgeMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Raisin, TessaLos Angeles   Site Operations Helper
Ramires, DinaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Rawlins, JordanAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Richman, LizLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Rickard, DavidEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Rivas Galicia, MarlindaPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Roberts, AvreyLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Rodriguez Coe, YancyLos Angeles   Site Operations Helper
Romanne, RomeGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Rubio, MarielAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Rubio, MaryAlta Loma   Operations Reader
Rugo, CarolinePoliti   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Rush, LatoyaMacArthur Park   Training Coordinator and 2nd Grade Reader
Răducu, IoanaMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Saboo, UtkarshGratts   1st Grade Reader
Sanders, JackMagnolia   Operations Reader
Sandersfeld, EmilyPoliti   Site Coordinator
Sanderson, TinaMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Santillan, PriscillaMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Sarkissian, JenniferGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Schuman, CaseyLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Selvage III, PrinceWhite   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Shankar, MegWhite   4th Grade Reader
Shibata, EmiMagnolia   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Shulse, JuliePoliti   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Smith, JenGratts   Site Coordinator
Solis, MarcoEsperanza   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Speidel, MaryPoliti   Food Runner and 4th Grade Reader
Stevenson, SoniaMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Stoessl, HaleyWhite   4th Grade Reader
Tan, Keng Yik AaronAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
Taylor, AudreyEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Taylor, StephanieGratts   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Taylor, TeresaMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Ti, Jessica Zhuo XiAlta Loma   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Torrese, FionaMacArthur Park   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Tran, JasonWhite   1st Grade Reader
Trebil, BrettGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Vasquez, PaulaWhite   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Villachica, Alexis MacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Waggoner, ColbeyPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Wahl, LoreliWhite   5th Grade Reader
Wang, MaryEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Webb, JanetEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Werlin, LeslieGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Westervelt, SamanthaLos Angeles   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Whitacre, StephGratts   1st Grade Reader
Wild, FranAlta Loma   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Williams, DestinyWhite   1st Grade Reader
Willis, StephanieAlta Loma   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Wilson, KoriGratts   Site Operations Helper
Wodka, AdamMagnolia   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Woods, EllaLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Wu, HelenEsperanza   Training Coordinator and 2nd Grade Reader
Yamachika, NicolePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Yang, LijieEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Zelin, JasonLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Apr. 2024 Participation Summary
School Children Volunteers
Alta Loma 58 24
Esperanza 72 25
Gratts 57 24
Los Angeles 62 34
MacArthur Park 49 28
Magnolia 50 27
Politi 35 20
White 40 26
Grand Total 423 208
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 Participating Groups
-Agents of ChangeMagnolia
-Alliance for Latinx Management at Anderson (ALMA)Los Angeles
-Alumni Scholars UCLAPoliti
-Americorps NCCCMagnolia
-AonLos Angeles
-COC Psi Beta/Psych ClubMagnolia
-CognizantMacArthur Park
-Cornell Club of Los AngelesMagnolia
-Creative Artists AgencyPoliti
-CSULB Alpha Phi Omega Rho Gamma ChapterMagnolia
-CSUN CADAEsperanza
-CSUN Sigma Alpha ZetaMacArthur Park
-Delta Sigma PiWhite
-Disney VoluntEARSMagnolia
-ECHO at UCLAMagnolia
-FOX GivesMagnolia
-IGAFMagnolia, Politi
-InterNations ChangemakersPoliti
-Junior League of Los AngelesAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, MacArthur Park, Magnolia, Politi, White
-Kaiser PermanenteLos Angeles
-Kappa Delta Chi MSMUMagnolia
-L.A. WorksGratts, Los Angeles
-LA County Alternate Public DefendersWhite
-LACBA BYA Pro Bono CommitteeMacArthur Park
-LAUSD, Office of the General CounselLos Angeles
-LMU Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Tau Kappa ChapterMagnolia
-Los Angeles Auburn ClubEsperanza
-Meetup.comAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
-MERCYWORLDWIDEEsperanza, Los Angeles, Politi
-MIT Club of Southern CaliforniaPoliti
-Notre Dame Club of Los AngelesMacArthur Park
-NYU LAMacArthur Park
-Order of the Eastern Star, PHRA, State of CALos Angeles
-OU AlumniEsperanza
-PCC Circle K InternationalPoliti
-Penn Serves LALos Angeles
-Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Kappa DeltaLos Angeles
-Project RISHI at UCLAMacArthur Park
-Rotaract at UCLAEsperanza
-South Bay Cal Alumni ClubAlta Loma
-Stanbridge UniversityMagnolia
-Stanford Alumni CSCEsperanza
-SULA SemesterMagnolia
-Texas Exes Los Angeles ChapterMagnolia
-UCLA A Moment of MagicMagnolia
-UCLA Alpha PhiLos Angeles
-UCLA Alpha Phi OmegaLos Angeles
-UCLA Alumni Westside NetworkEsperanza
-UCLA AMWALos Angeles
-UCLA Anderson School of ManagementLos Angeles
-UCLA ASDAMagnolia
-UCLA Bruin Belles Service AssociationPoliti
-UCLA Chi OmegaMagnolia
-UCLA Circle KMagnolia
-UCLA FISHLos Angeles
-UCLA Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
-UCLA Latino Alumni Association (ULAA)Esperanza
-UCLA Morning Sign OutLos Angeles
-UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai ChapterMacArthur Park
-UCLA Phi Sigma RhoMagnolia
-UCLA Regents Scholar SocietyAlta Loma
-UCLA School on WheelsLos Angeles
-UCLA Sigma Alpha MuLos Angeles
-UCLA Theta TauMacArthur Park
-UCLA Volunteer CenterLos Angeles
-UNICEF at UCLALos Angeles
-University Catholic Center at UCLAEsperanza, Los Angeles
-University of Miami Alumni Association Los Angeles CanesPoliti
-University of Michigan Club - Los AngelesMagnolia
-USC Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
-USC Circle K InternationalMagnolia
-USC Friends and Neighbors DayMagnolia
-USC Sigma Gamma RhoMagnolia
-Westside Cal Alumni ClubEsperanza
-Yale UniversityGratts, Politi