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Sep. 2023 Reading Club Recap for All Schools
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Thanks so much to everyone who helped us read and give books to 391 children in Sep. 2023!
These 193 volunteers made the reading clubs a big success!
Name School Role(s)
Acosta, LessaGratts   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Alanis Ponce, JassarethMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Allen, KyjahMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Altman, DanielPoliti   Training Coordinator and 1st Grade Reader
Alves, KateLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Amado McFadyen, CandiceLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Amy, RenePoliti   Site Coordinator
Anka, JensenPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Anton, PamelaAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Arrizon, Tony-ElyWhite   Site Coordinator
Arshad, MaryamMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Avalos, KarlaEsperanza   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Aved, MeganLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Axe, JasonMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Aylor, DrewLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Banafsheha, ShayaAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Barron, KristiGratts   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Benya, BenWhite   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Bernarding, MichelleMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Berryman, BrittanyEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Bischof, SaraLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Blitzer, Kimberly FordMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Bowman, RebeccaGratts   1st Grade Reader
Brown, HenryGratts   1st Grade Reader
Bruno, SandraWhite   4th Grade Reader
Buckman, IsabellaMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Burlew, AllegreWhite   4th Grade Reader
Burns, ZoeEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Cable, DestinyPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Caceres, HeidyPoliti   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Callahan, DavidWhite   Site Coordinator
Camargo, NestorGratts   4th Grade Reader
Cerna, LuisEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Chacon, ChristalPoliti   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Cheung, GinnyWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Chiu, ShaniceMacArthur Park   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Chong, JessicaMagnolia   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Chua, JasonPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Clark, JenniferMagnolia   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Connelly, RoseLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Converse-Frazer, RichMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Coombs, RobertMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Cottier, MeganWhite   Site Operations Helper
Cruse, MeredithLos Angeles   Training Coordinator and 5th Grade Reader
De Leon, CristinaMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Deleon, JuliaAlta Loma   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Delfanti, JessicaWhite   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Deveney, ChloeAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Diamond, JamieWhite   5th Grade Reader
Diggins, ChipMagnolia   Operations GLC and Reader
Dorfman, SethLos Angeles   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Dunning, JessicaWhite   Site Coordinator
Everly, EvangelineMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Ezuma, TiffanyMacArthur Park   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Fanter, CrawfordPoliti   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Fatkin, AnneEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Fatkin, DuncanEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Fatkin, SarahEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Feinstein, RobertMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Fitzgerald, Kimberly Los Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Flood, KathleenMacArthur Park   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Francis, EbonyAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Gallardo, VeldaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Gallegos, ChristinaLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Garcia, ValerieMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Gonzalez, Pablo Esperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Goodman, JamesWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Gorman, NancyPoliti   4th Grade Reader
Grannis, JenniferGratts   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Gray, JaimiMagnolia   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Green, KarenLos Angeles   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Greengard, GloriaEsperanza   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Griffin, HannahEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Guerrero, LisaAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
Hamon, NatashaPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Heinzman, PaulMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Hendrickson, JenniferLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Henkin, BruceMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Hickey, DavidEsperanza   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Higgs, OmarMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Holloway, JamieMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Hoover, AubreyPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Horn, HeatherPoliti   Site Coordinator
Hosseinkhah , ShirinEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Huang, Hui (Nieve)Alta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Hunt, ThomasMacArthur Park   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Ibarra-Ortiz, MarlenMacArthur Park   1st Grade GLC and Reader
James, Bridget Gratts   Kindergarten Reader
Jones, AEAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Kandola, HartajAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Katzman, KendraWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Keenan, TeigMacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
Kelly, CiaraMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Kemper, ScottMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Kolsrud, EricaWhite   Site Coordinator
Kuhn, LaurenEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Kurz, SashaEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Lawson, JessicaPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Lemieux, LaurenAlta Loma   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Leung, MaggieEsperanza   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Levendorf, ErinLos Angeles   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Levy, ChaseWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Lewis, GregWhite   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Li, MelindaAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Liaw, SusanneEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Luttrell, ChrisWhite   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Mair, LindsayLos Angeles   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Mak, Kevin (Siu Fung)Gratts   3rd Grade Reader
Marcelin, JadeMacArthur Park   Training Coordinator and 2nd Grade Reader
Martinez, VanessaAlta Loma   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Mas, JaimeMacArthur Park   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Mason, MaryMagnolia   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Mason, ReneeMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Maxey, AntoninaLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
May, MarkEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Mayeda, KaceyMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Mccrary, ChristinaPoliti   1st Grade Reader
McFadyen, MargieLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Mcginnis, SavannahAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Mikikian, SezaGratts   5th Grade Reader
Montes, CynthiaPoliti   Site Coordinator
Moore, JulianWhite   4th Grade Reader
Moran, AliciaEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Morrow, BrittneyPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Mudie, Mallory Gratts   3rd Grade Reader
Myers, StephaniePoliti   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Nadales, Jacqueline Alta Loma   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Nol, LilyLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Norton, MelissaLos Angeles   Site Operations Helper
Ochikubo, ErinAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Ogundu, JoshuaGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Oladapo, AdelasoyeWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Olson, JamiLos Angeles   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Olya, GabrielleLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Orchard, CarrieGratts   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Orchard, CharlieMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Park, JaeyoungLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Perez, DavidEsperanza   Training Coordinator and 5th Grade Reader
Perry, LauraEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Pierson, AshiyrAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Pinzon , Nicolas Alta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Porter, SarahAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Provatakis, JulianaWhite   1st Grade Reader
Ramesh, BrindaEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Ramirez-Adams, MariaWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Rendon, AngelPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Resnick, ShaynaAlta Loma   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Richman, LizWhite   1st Grade Reader
Rickard, DavidEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Robinson, TaneaAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Rodriguez Coe, YancyMacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
Romanne, RomeGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Rossney, GlennLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Ryu, SashaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Safari, NegarPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Sanchez, CarolaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Sanders, JackMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Sandersfeld, EmilyLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Sanderson, TinaMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Santos, JordanMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Serrano, AudreyAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Shibata, EmiMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Shimomura, KyleeAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Shulse, JuliePoliti   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Smith, JenGratts   Site Coordinator
Solis, MarcoEsperanza   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Speidel, MaryPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Stalder, JuliaWhite   Training Coordinator and 5th Grade Reader
Stevenson, SoniaMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Strober, NicoleWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Stroman, BrandonMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Swanson, NoelleLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Taylor, JordanLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Taylor, StephanieGratts   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Tejeda, CitlaliMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Terrazas, KimberlyAlta Loma   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Teyuca, LizbethMagnolia   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Thompson, StanPoliti   Training Coordinator and 4th Grade Reader
Torrese, FionaMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Tran, GledaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Tran, JasonWhite   1st Grade Reader
Varela, MalisaEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Varela, TeresaLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Vasquez, PaulaWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Vergara Najar, JuanMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Villareal, KaitlinEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Webb, JanetPoliti   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Wells, AmyMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Wild, AlethaMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Wilson, KoriGratts   Site Operations Helper
Wodka, AdamMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Zamakhovski, DanielleMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Zelin, JasonLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Sep. 2023 Participation Summary
School Children Volunteers
Alta Loma 25 23
Esperanza 46 25
Gratts 57 16
Los Angeles 95 28
MacArthur Park 62 23
Magnolia 40 30
Politi 31 23
White 35 25
Grand Total 391 193
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 Participating Groups
-20-Something Ladies SocialPoliti
-Agents of ChangeMagnolia
-Alumni Scholars UCLAPoliti
-Americorps NCCCMagnolia
-Anderson Latino Management Association (ALMA)Alta Loma
-AonLos Angeles
-Asian Professionals Exchange (APEX)Gratts
-Assistance League of Los Angeles- YPGPoliti
-ASU Alumni LA ChapterPoliti
-Basketball Beauties LeagueLos Angeles
-Brunch ClubMagnolia
-Cal State LA Circle K InternationalPoliti
-COC Psi Beta/Psych ClubMagnolia
-Coca-Cola North America - West ZoneMagnolia
-CognizantMacArthur Park
-Colour AssistantsMagnolia
-CorePower YogaAlta Loma, Magnolia
-Cornell Club of Los AngelesMagnolia
-Creative Artists AgencyPoliti
-CSUDH Chemistry & Biochemistry ClubMacArthur Park
-CSULA Beta Alpha PsiGratts
-CSULA Sigma NuPoliti
-CSULB Alpha Phi Omega Rho Gamma ChapterMagnolia
-CSUN Sigma Alpha ZetaMacArthur Park
-Delta Sigma PiWhite
-Disney VoluntEARSMagnolia
-ECHO at UCLAMagnolia
-FOX GivesMagnolia
-Gay for GoodGratts
-genKP DowneyMacArthur Park
-genKP PasadenaGratts
-GoogleServeMacArthur Park
-Hermanas Unidas de Long BeachPoliti
-Hope for LAPoliti
-IGAFMagnolia, Politi
-InterNations ChangemakersPoliti
-JHRTSLos Angeles
-Junior League of Los AngelesAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, MacArthur Park, Magnolia, Politi, White
-Kaiser PermanenteLos Angeles
-Kappa Delta Chi MSMUMagnolia
-L.A. WorksGratts, Los Angeles
-LA County Alternate Public DefendersWhite
-LA County Public WorksMacArthur Park
-LACBA BYA Pro Bono CommitteeMacArthur Park
-Lambda Theta Phi, California State University Dominguez HillsMacArthur Park
-LAUSD, Office of the General CounselLos Angeles
-LMU Alpha Delta GammaMagnolia
-LMU Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Tau Kappa ChapterMagnolia
-LMU MBA AlumniPoliti
-Los Angeles Auburn ClubEsperanza
-Meetup.comAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
-Middle Way LAMagnolia
-MIT Club of Southern CaliforniaPoliti
-My Own 2 HandsMacArthur Park
-New Life HouseMagnolia
-Notre Dame Club of Los AngelesMacArthur Park
-NU Club of LAMagnolia
-NYU LAMacArthur Park
-Occidental Greek CouncilEsperanza
-Ole LA: UCSB Young Alumni Group of Los Angeles Los Angeles
-Order of the Eastern Star, PHRA, State of CALos Angeles
-OU AlumniEsperanza
-Pacific Crossroads ChurchPoliti
-Pandora Women LALos Angeles
-PCC Circle K InternationalPoliti
-Penn Serves LALos Angeles
-Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Kappa DeltaLos Angeles
-Phillips Academy Andover LA AlumniMagnolia
-Pomona College Draper CenterEsperanza
-Project RISHI at UCLAMacArthur Park
-RaytheonLos Angeles
-Rotaract at UCLAEsperanza
-San Gabriel Valley New Generation Rotary ClubMagnolia
-SCU LA AlumniAlta Loma
-Second SaturdayGratts
-Set & FlowGratts
-She Reads DTLAMacArthur Park
-Sierra Club 20s and 30sWhite
-South Bay Cal Alumni ClubAlta Loma
-Stanbridge UniversityMagnolia
-Stanford Alumni CSCEsperanza
-Strategic Employment PartnersMacArthur Park
-SULA SemesterMagnolia
-Sunday AssemblyLos Angeles
-Syracuse AlumniLos Angeles
-Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP)Gratts
-Team TekLos Angeles
-Texas Exes Los Angeles ChapterMagnolia
-The Positivity ProjectMagnolia
-Toay ProductionsMagnolia
-TOLA VolunteersPoliti
-Tuesdays at Nine (Naked Angels)MacArthur Park
-UCLA Alpha Delta PiLos Angeles
-UCLA Alpha PhiLos Angeles
-UCLA Alpha Phi OmegaLos Angeles
-UCLA Alumni Scholars ClubMagnolia
-UCLA Alumni Westside NetworkEsperanza
-UCLA Anderson School of ManagementLos Angeles
-UCLA ASDAMagnolia
-UCLA Bruin BellesPoliti
-UCLA Chi OmegaMagnolia
-UCLA Circle KMagnolia
-UCLA FISHLos Angeles
-UCLA Kappa Alpha PiAlta Loma
-UCLA Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
-UCLA Latino Alumni Association (ULAA)Esperanza
-UCLA Medical FriendsMacArthur Park
-UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai ChapterMacArthur Park
-UCLA Phi Delta ThetaMagnolia
-UCLA Phi Kappa PsiMacArthur Park
-UCLA Phi Lambda Rho SororityMagnolia
-UCLA Phi Sigma RhoMagnolia
-UCLA Psi ChiLos Angeles
-UCLA Regents Scholar SocietyAlta Loma
-UCLA School on WheelsLos Angeles
-UCLA Sigma Alpha MuLos Angeles
-UCLA Theta TauMacArthur Park
-UCLA Volunteer CenterLos Angeles
-UCSD AlumniLos Angeles
-Umu Igbo Unite - Los AngelesMagnolia
-UNICEF at UCLALos Angeles
-UNICEF Santa MonicaPoliti
-University Catholic Center at UCLAEsperanza, Los Angeles
-University of Miami Alumni Association Los Angeles CanesPoliti
-University of Michigan Club - Los AngelesMagnolia
-University of Rochester Alumni Los Angeles NetworkPoliti
-University of South Alabama SoCal Alumni ChapterPoliti
-USC Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
-USC Circle K InternationalMagnolia
-USC Friends and Neighbors DayMagnolia
-USC HelenesMagnolia
-USC LDSSAMagnolia
-USC Red CrossGratts
-USC Sigma Gamma RhoMagnolia
-Westside Cal Alumni ClubEsperanza
-Whittier CollegeLos Angeles
-Wilshire Rotary Club of Los AngelesLos Angeles
-World Market EXPRESS TeamMagnolia
-Yale UniversityGratts, Politi