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Current Feb. 11 RSVP List for Esperanza Elementary
Volunteers at  
35 RSVPs as of 2/7 at 10:25 a.m.
6 volunteers are still needed at Esperanza Elementary.
Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name Role(s)
Broder, AustinReader
Castillo, YakelineReader
Catalan, JasmineReader
Chung, JulieReader
Dibona, FrancescaReader
Duman, Kimberly3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Enlow, ShelbyReader
Estrella, Jonathan Reader
Garcia, SamanthaReader
Greene, NathanielReader
Greengard, GloriaReader
Hook, KaitlinSite Coordinator
Huang, KellyReader
James, KyleReader
Kuhn, LaurenReader
Leung, Maggie1st Grade GLC and Reader
May, MarkSite Coordinator
Mcconnell, Shatoya5th Grade GLC and Reader
Mendoza, DeliaSite Operations Helper
Mitchell, BrianReader
Muzsnai, NicoleReader
Oconnell, GrantReader
Pacheco , CesarReader
Park, SabrinaReader
Patel, ShanaReader
Perez, DavidReader
Picozzi, MarissaReader
Raglin-Washington, Chauncey B.Reader
Ramesh, BrindaReader
Rickard, DavidReader
Rivas, NatalieReader
Solis, Marco2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Taylor, SteveKindergarten GLC and Reader
Vincent, KylieReader
Wilson, LauraReader
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-Video of What to Expect at
Your First Reading Club
-This Month's Books
-Reading Tips and Related Articles
-Lunch Information
-Maps and Parking Information
-Cancel Your RSVP
 Questions? Contact us at
(310) 479-7455 or e-mail us
at inforeadingtokids.org.
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 Site Operations Team
- Kaitlin Hook, Site Coordinator
- Mark May, Site Coordinator
- Steve Taylor, GLC Grade K
- Maggie Leung, GLC Grade 1
- Marco Solis, GLC Grade 2
- Kimberly Duman, GLC Grade 3
- Shatoya Mcconnell, GLC Grade 5
 Volunteer Groups
- Junior League of Los Angeles
- Los Angeles Auburn Club
- Meetup.com
- Occidental Greek Council
- OU Alumni
- Pomona College Draper Center
- Rotaract at UCLA
- Stanford Alumni CSC
- UCLA Alumni Westside Network
- UCLA Latino Alumni Association (ULAA)
- University Catholic Center at UCLA
- Westside Cal Alumni Club