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October 3, 2013

Dear Friends of Reading to Kids,

Our biggest reading clubs of the year are only 11 days away, and we need YOUR help to recruit another 187 readers!

Please email and post on your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/ etc. that we need more volunteers. I've provided a sample post below, but in whatever you post please be sure to include the following two things:

1) The reading clubs are the morning of October 12th near downtown LA
2) Volunteers must sign up online at www.readingtokids.org

Sample Post:

My favorite volunteer organization, Reading to Kids, is looking for more volunteers for their October 12th reading clubs. The theme is "Halloween, Mysteries, and Magic", and we'll have a live magician performing for the kids.   Join me at ### Elementary School for a fantastic morning of reading to elementary school kids near downtown LA. To join me, sign up online today at www.readingtokids.org

If you have people in mind who you think would really like to read with us, email them the above message or tag them in your post. Tagging them in the post will alert them to the reading clubs, and the post will also show up in their friends' news feeds.

And if you haven't yet signed up, please sign up now, then join our October 12th Facebook event so your Facebook friends can see you are volunteering.  We need so many readers, and the more experienced readers we have, the better!

Please also help by printing out this flyer and posting it at your work, school, church, synagogue, mosque, or favorite community bulletin board.

For added fun, you are encouraged to wear fun, school-appropriate Halloween costumes at the October 12th reading clubs!

If you have signed up and can't make it, please cancel to make room for another volunteer.



Would your co-workers love to join you at the reading clubs? Is your campus group looking for a fun volunteer opportunity? Does your alumni organization need an event to attend together? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is time to sign them up for Reading to Kids!

Reading to Kids volunteer groups recruit volunteers for the reading clubs. In addition to a fantastic volunteer experience, groups who regularly recruit and bring volunteers are thanked on our website as "Friends & Supporters." Here are three examples:

CSULB Chi Delta Theta Sorority (30 volunteers signed up for October)
UM Local Action (5 volunteers signed up for October)
UCLA Circle K (5 volunteers signed up for October)

If you have a connection with a business, alumni association, campus group, or other organization whose members might enjoy volunteering with Reading to Kids, start recruiting now!

To sign up your group with Reading to Kids, e-mail us at info@readingtokids.org or call (310) 479-7455, and we'll get your group started!



Our October 12th "Halloween, Mysteries and Magic" reading clubs feature a magician at each school, and you can see who will be at your school on our magicians page.

We are still looking for at least one more magician as a back-up, so if you or someone you know possesses the powers of magic and illusion, please contact us.



We sincerely thank the Alexander and Ruth Jacobson Foundation for their generous $2,500 grant.  We also thank long-time Esperanza volunteer James Ostiller for making this important donation possible!

Their support enables us to continue to inspire the love of reading in children and create meaningful volunteering opportunities in Los Angeles!


Thanks, and please help us find the volunteers we need signed up for the 12th!


Charlie Orchard, Hannah Edwards, and Sarah Parga
Reading to Kids
1600 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 479-7455
(310) 479-7435 (FAX)

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Reading Club RSVPs
School RSVPs Capacity
Alta Loma 71 75
Esperanza 55 87
Gratts 49 81
Los Angeles 72 90
Magnolia 81 114
Politi 53 96
White 35 60
TOTAL 416 603
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