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January 19, 2012

Dear Friends of Reading to Kids,

It was smooth sailing at our January reading clubs with 1,041 kids, 335 volunteers, 180 parents, and 35 teachers & staff on board!  At each of our seven schools one lucky student went home with a computer!

Sign up today for our "Family and Friendships" reading clubs on Saturday, February 11.



Print book or e-book? When it comes to children's books this question is currently getting a lot of buzz. Here at Reading to Kids there's nothing we like better than a beautiful picture book with a dynamic story and stunning illustrations.

There are many facets to this issue, as these recent articles attest -- "For many parents, books that can be held are still the first choice" and "For Reading and Learning, Kids Prefer E-Books to Print Books". Look for a reference to Reading to Kids in the latter. All food for thought.


Thanks, and happy reading!


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 - January Wrap-Up
 - The Great Debate
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School RSVPs Capacity
Alta Loma 17 48
Esperanza 32 76
Gratts 33 71
Los Angeles 48 79
Magnolia 48 79
Politi 10 57
White 21 44
TOTAL 174 438
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