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Weekly News Update
January 19, 2005    

Starting 2005 with a bang!

We had a great time at the January Reading Clubs, which boasted 210 volunteers and 711 kids -- all on a rainy Saturday! Thanks to the enthusiastic volunteers who came out to usher in the new year of R2K. Please click here to see a list of our January 8th volunteers.

Join us at the February 12th "friendship"-themed Reading Clubs - we're expecting a big turnout of kids and we have a great selection of books for this month. Please sign up for the February 12th Clubs by clicking here to RSVP!

Spread the Word!

If you enjoy your Saturdays with Reading to Kids and you'd like to help us to get more people involved, please invite your co-workers, friends, and relatives to join you at the Reading Clubs. Our biggest asset is our amazing volunteer corps, and your word-of-mouth helps bring new volunteers to R2K!

If you'd like to do something easy and convenient to help R2K reach out to other people in the community, please print, cut, and post one of our volunteer fliers. You can access the flier by clicking here. I usually keep a couple fliers in my car so that whenever I stop by a Coffee Bean, bookstore, or supermarket I can post one on the community board. (Make sure to ask a manager first, though!)

Reading Tips!

Every month, our volunteers have comments after the Reading Clubs about things they wish they had known ahead of time to make reading time run a little more smoothly. Well, we've compiled scores of reading tips over the years, so please take a couple minutes to read over some good advice from your fellow volunteers. Click here to access this valuable information!

Enjoy your week!


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Reading to Kids
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- Spread the Word!
- You Want Tips? We've Got 'Em!
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January 2005
Reading Club Statistics
School Kids Volunteers
Esperanza 158 51
Gratts 235 56
Magnolia 147 49
Noble 171 54
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