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Weekly News Update
February 10, 2004    

Hi Friends of R2K!

February Reading Clubs

It looks like this weekend's Reading Clubs are quite the Valentine's Day destination: we're already nearly full at Gratts and Magnolia, and Esperanza and Noble both only have a few spots left.  Be sure to click here sign up today if you're set on attending Saturday's clubs!

This month's teacher-selected books are wonderfully written and illustrated. Click here for a link to this month's books and craft ideas!  From Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores to Julius, it's a month of fun, "friendship"-themed stories.

Reading Tips!

Back by popular demand, here are some reading tips! For a complete list of tips, please click here.

For tips on encouraging skill development, click here!  Craft time is a great time to encourage the development of fine motor skills such as drawing, tracing, and cutting. When children are having difficulty with these important skills, they may not want to participate in craft time or, they may be embarrassed to bring their finished product home. 

For tips on how to do a "picture walk", please click here! The "picture walk" is a simple technique that is extremely effective for getting children, especially younger ones, ready for a fun reading experience!

For tips on the Shared Reading format, please click here!  In our monthly reading clubs, "Shared Reading" does not mean "having the kids take turns reading aloud." Learn how to share the enjoyment of reading with children by allowing them to follow along as you read aloud in an enthusiastic and expressive manner.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you as you prepare for the clubs this Saturday! Be sure to vote for your favorite t-shirt before the Saturday deadline by clicking here. Hope to see you on V-Day!



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