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Annual Fund Drive

From September 1, 2002 through October 12, 2002, Reading to Kids will be holding its annual fund drive.

To all our volunteers, teachers, and parents, we want to thank you very much for working with us to give the students at Gratts and Magnolia the chance for a brighter future by encouraging them to become better readers. We are especially excited about the coming year because on October 12th we will be expanding (returning) to a third elementary school--Esperanza Elementary!

In order to continue and expand our program, we ask for your support. Please consider donating to Reading to Kids during our Annual Fund Drive. When you give to Reading to Kids, you also give great hope and enthusiasm--if children have good reading skills, their future is bright.

Financial support from foundations, corporations, organizations, and individuals allows Reading to Kids to maintain and expand the reading club program, purchase teacher-selected books for elementary school libraries in low-income communities, and fund book donations directly to children to aid them in developing their own home libraries.

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