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Grocery Store Club Card Promotions; AmazonSmile

Last updated June 9, 2020

eScrip and Ralphs Community Contribution are NO COST ways for you to donate to Reading to Kids when you shop at these grocery and other stores.  PLEASE NOTE: You must register annually!

AmazonSmile is another FREE way you can support us with your Amazon purchases!

How to Sign Up or Register each year
 •  Visit the online registration page of the eScrip site:
or text to 52236 one of these keywords: bristol, dining, foodmaxx, lazy, major, or savemart
 •  On the registration page enter Reading to Kids as the name of the group you wish to support (ID# 3821833).
 •  Follow the rest of the instructions to register your grocery club card and/or credit cards with eScrip. Here's a list of their participating retailers.

How to Sign Up or Register each year
(Note: You must re-register on or after Sept. 1st each year regardless of when you signed up or registered previously.)
 •  By phone: Call Ralphs Community Contribution Program at (800) 443-4438. Explain you want to register your Ralphs card number and your telephone number. Reading to Kids' new NPO# is BR278 (as of 8/17/18).
 •  Online: Visit Ralphs Community Contribution Program online registration page at
 • At that screen, click on "Enroll" under Participant.  
 • Follow the rest of the instructions to register your grocery club card with Ralphs Community Contribution.


How to Sign Up
 •  Visit Reading to Kids' AmazonSmile address at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/95-4758698
 •  You should see a pop-up window that asks if you want to change your charity to READING TO KIDS. Click the Yes button.
 •  From then on, access Amazon by entering smile.amazon.com in your web browser and logging in to your Amazon account. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to Reading to Kids!
How to Sign Up: Amazon Shopping App on iOS or Android devices
 •  If you have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App, open the App on your iOS or Android device
 •  View Settings and select AmazonSmile
 •  Follow the in-App instructions to complete the process.
You can learn more at https://smile.amazon.com/b?node=15576745011