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Reading Club Volunteer Readers


Books and craft supplies will be supplied, and volunteers will have ample time to discuss reading strategies.

First-time volunteers receive training on how to read to and interact with the kids at 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the reading clubs. All volunteers have an opportunity to review the books and discuss reading strategies with their fellow volunteers before the clubs begin at 10 a.m.

The reading clubs consist of three basic phases: an introduction period, a read-aloud session with the teacher-selected book, and a craft and activity period.

During introductions, many volunteers will converse with the children about favorite books, career paths, upcoming holidays, and vocabulary words that will appear during the reading. This is a good chance for the volunteers to learn the children's names and develop a rapport with them.

Before the actual read-aloud session, volunteers will often perform a picture walk to introduce the children to some of the illustrations in the book and to pique their interest wiith tantalizing visual clues as to how the story may unfold. The volunteers then proceed with a "Shared Reading" session, which does not mean "having the kids take turns reading aloud." Rather, adults share the enjoyment of reading with children by allowing them to follow along as the volunteers read aloud in an enthusiastic and expressive manner.

After the read-aloud session, which often involves reading the book twice, volunteers and children proceed to work on craft projects together. Book-specific and general craft ideas are provided, along with basic supplies such as construction paper, crayons, scissors, and glue, so that children can create an item to take home after the reading clubs as a memento. This craft period, when utilized effectively, is an exceptionally valuable opportunity for the children to converse with fluent adult English speakers. And often, volunteers come away with a greater appreciation for the intellectual curiosity and sophistication of the children as well.

After the reading clubs, volunteers participate in a short wrap-up session to share brief comments about how the reading clubs went and how the program might be improved. Many volunteers then head over to a local restaurant for a fun and casual lunch.

Signing up for the reading clubs is very straightforward. First-time volunteers submit an online application, and all volunteers RSVP online to read at a specific school. Please click here to sign up for the next reading clubs.