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Last updated Monday, February 4, 2019

Reading to Kids thanks The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation for financially supporting our program.

"The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation strives to support and facilitate the work of the region's best nonprofit organizations, recognizing that many of those in need today will go on to shape the future of Southern California, to define it, redefine it, and help it set and achieve new goals."

"This process will involve the hard work of thousands of organizations, working in widely disparate fields to provide services that, in many respects, people are unable to provide for themselves and that public agencies cannot provide for them."

"Los Angeles County is one of the most exciting, dynamic, quickly evolving and challenging environments in the United States. In our diversity -- racial, ethnic, cultural and economic -- Greater Los Angeles presents extraordinary challenges and opportunities for the nonprofit community."

"We exist to help these organizations do their very best work. To us, success is measured in the human achievements of the people our grantees help. We celebrate the astounding accomplishments of these nonprofits through our grantmaking. This support, in turn, enriches the fabric of Los Angeles by investing in the very best human services, health care, education and cultural organizations."

  The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
888 West Sixth Street, Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213) 362-7600