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Last updated March 25, 2009

Caltech Y

Reading to Kids thanks the members of Caltech Y who volunteer at our reading clubs.

"The Caltech Y is about creating environments that provide students with the chance to own ideas, try them on, internalize them, and take them into the world. The Y is about helping students see that they can make a difference in the world. Because of the excellent education Caltech provides, students become leaders in the scientific community. Research shows that much of what is important about how to live life is learned outside the classroom. Relationships with peers, being exposed to new and different ideas, different kinds of people, and the opportunities to become involved in one's own community are all significant aspects of a college education. Through a variety of programs and services, the Y seeks to create an environment in which students are encouraged in their out-of-classroom interests. They are given opportunities to practice their leadership skills, create activities for their peers, and build relationships with each other and Caltech's faculty and staff."

  • Caltech Y
    1350 San Pasqual
    Pasadena, CA 91125
    Phone: (626) 395-6163
    Fax: (626) 395-8890

    Reading to Kids Liaison
    Jason Lunn