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"Reading to Kids has increased the opportunity for Gratts students to read for pleasure. Our kids are starting to read for fun, which translates into reading to learn."
- Raul Fernandez, Former Principal of Gratts Elementary School
"As a parent, I think this program is fabulous. My daughter has benefited from Reading to Kids and enjoys reading a lot more than when she first began with the program."
- Luz Amador, Parent
"Since my children began with the program, they have been motivated to read. Not only has it been a positive influence on my children, but also the parent classes have given me techniques to help my children at home on how to motivate reading. My children and I have learned the value of reading. I hope this program continues, because it has provided the families with support on reading in English."
- Graciela Arana, Parent
"Reading to Kids is a great example of what can be accomplished when school, family, and community work together to create a positive atmosphere for children. As a volunteer, I look forward to spending time reading with the students each month. I am always amazed to see so many enthusiastic children show up at school on Saturday morning to read when they could be at home watching cartoons. They wouldn't keep coming back each month if they weren't having fun, and that goes for the volunteers as well."
- Linda Prestwidge, Volunteer
"I think Reading To Kids is an amazing and inspirational program. It is wonderful to see the dedication in the students and parents who participate. I love working with children, and they seem to love learning as well. The best part about the program is that it presents the students with an opportunity to learn in a small group and to receive more attention from the volunteer than they are able to get in their large classes every day. Often, students will start out the session feeling shy and afraid to talk, but by the end, all the students in the group are actively engaged in the discussion. It is a great setting for interaction between reader and student and between student and student. I think that receiving that kind of special attention also boosts the children's confidence overall. I hope that, perhaps after the experience offered by the program, the kids approach school every day with more enthusiasm. I know that I feel better at the end of the day because I have been able to spend so much helping children pursue their goals. It's great fun for the volunteer, too. On a personal note, I have kept all the crafts that I have made with the children. They are proudly displayed on my wall. This program, like all after-school programs, is extremely valuable. By making education a larger part of their lives, Reading to Kids reminds us all that education is life."
- Erica Adelstein, Volunteer

Parent Survey

At the March 2002 reading clubs at Magnolia Elementary School, parents were asked, for the very first time, to complete a short survey. Twenty-two parents participated, with the results described below. Our hope is to improve the surveying and to get more parents to participate in the survey in the future.


  • 90% of the parents responded that they noticed their child reading his/her prize books at home (10% answered "no" to this.
  • 100% responded that they noticed their child having a greater enthusiasm for reading after the reading clubs.
  • 81% responded that the parent sessions helped them in reading to their children at home (19% answered "no" to this).

Top Comments

  • General approval of the reading program
  • Hope that the program will continue
  • Thanks to Reading to Kids
  • Would like the reading clubs to occur two or three times a month (we wish we could!)
  • Think the sign-in period at the beginning of the day takes too long for children

Selected Quotes

  • "I hope you will continue this program. It helps the kids a lot."
  • "Continuing this program is very important for us, the parents. Thank you."
  • "Kids love this. My daughter loves to be in these classes."