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Discussion Topics

Last updated Tuesday, March 19, 2002

The following guideline should help you develop questions to ask during the read-aloud session in order to foster increased student participation and improve story comprehension. For advanced grade levels, you may wish to review a list of Bloom's taxonomy question stems for more ideas.

1. Predicting Outcomes
     Based on the title, what do you think book is about?
     What do you think will happen next?
2. Making Inferences and Grasping Implied Ideas
     What kind of person is the King? Why?
     What lets us know that the boy is scared?
3. Appraising Soundness of Ideas
     What plan did the mice have? Was this a wise, or unwise idea?
     Can you think of a better way to solve Ted's problem?
     What would you do if it were you?
4. Comparing Similarities and Differences
     How is Sally different from Susan?
     What are two things that the children have in common?
5. Distinguishing Real from Make-Believe
     Could these things really happen?
     What kinds of things on this page are make-believe?
6. Seeing Cause and Effect Relationships
     What caused Bobby to ask that?
     Because Ellen did that, what happened?