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General Craft Ideas

Last updated Wednesday, August 7, 2002

To help spark your creativity, here are some general craft ideas that would be great with almost any book. Many of the reading club books also have book-specific craft ideas listed here in the website or provided on craft sheets at the reading clubs. Have fun!
 •  Draw pictures of family members as they relate to characters in book, e.g. traveling in a foreign country, participating in some sport or activity, groomed or dressed in some culture-specific way, etc.
 •  Make finger puppets of the book's characters and re-enact a part of the story.
 •  Make a mask of an animal, celebrity, or fantasy creature that relates to the story.
 •  Make a headband featuring pictures or words from the story.
 •  Make flashcards with characters from the story on them (include character names).
 •  Make a puzzle for the book; draw a picture on a piece of paper, then cut zig zag pieces, mix pieces up and assemble the puzzle.
 •  Write a letter of thanks to a parent, teacher, or friend for something that relates to a story element.
 •  Create a bookmark with drawings and an inspirational, motivational, or generally poignant excerpt from the book.
 •  Make a picture frame featuring elements from the story for a particular photo the student may have at home.
 •  Draw a poster featuring a scene from the book and an appropriate message.
 •  Build a mobile with origami or cutout figures representing characters or objects from the story.
 •  Make a paper chain that relates to the book.
 •  Weave baskets from strips of paper, and decorate relevant to a theme in the book.
 •  Use an assembly-line approach for constructing an item like a snowman or a totem pole or a paper quilt. Each student creates several copies of a specific component of the final item. For example, with a group of six kids building six snowmen, have one student create six heads, another create six torsos, another create twelve arms, another create six hats, etc. In the end, create an assembly line and have each student add his or her component until each item is complete.
 •  Create a recipe sheet describing a favorite dish and one's idea of how it is prepared.