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Bloom's Taxonomy Stems

Last updated Tuesday, March 19, 2002

The following should help you develop ideas for questions to ask during the read-aloud session to students in advanced grade levels.

     List the facts in order.
     What is meant by... ?
     Can you describe... ?
     What is the difference... ?
     What is the main idea... ?
     Why did... ?
     Explain why... ?
     Who would you choose...?
     What would happen if...?
     How would you...?
     Do you know someone like...?
     Would you do the same thing in the same situation...?
     If you had to...what would you do?
     What part of the reading was funniest?
     What part was the most exciting?
     What part was the saddest?
     Tell some things that could not have happened in real life.
     Which things were fact, and which were opinions?
     What could you do that was just like what the person in the story did?
     Find five words in the story which begin with the same sound.
     List five compound words from the story.
     What was the purpose of...?
     Retell one event from an animal's point of view.
     How could we/you...?
     Make up another ending to the story that still fits the details.
     Rewrite a sentence from the reading but change one thing in it.
     Write a new title for this story.
     Write a two-line poem about the reading.
     Was the main character in this reading good or bad? Why?
     Which is better...?
     Would you agree that...?
     What is your opinion of...?
     Were they right to do...? Why? Or why not?
     Compare two characters in the reading. Tell which one you think is better and why.