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Dec. 2017 Reading Club Recap for All Schools
 Participants at  
Thanks so much to everyone who helped us read and give books to 1033 children in Dec. 2017!
These 437 volunteers made the reading clubs a big success!
Name School Role(s)
Abebe, AddisGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Acevedo , Ernesto Los Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Acosta, LessaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Adam, TenaAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Adolfo, ArleneGratts   5th Grade Reader
Aguilar, LourdesGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Ahn, Lois Los Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Ajayi, AshleyMacArthur Park   Operations Reader
Alcabes, SamuelMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Alexander, ElizabethMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Andersen, KeirstenLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Andersen, OrlethaAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Anglin, RyanEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Anton, PamelaAlta Loma   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Antonioli, LindaWhite   Site Coordinator
Arias, RamesesLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Armstrong, AngelGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Astorga, KarenAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Axe, JasonEsperanza   Site Operations Helper
Badiyan, MaeWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Baker Governatori, ChrissyEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Bakke, JakePoliti   Site Operations Helper
Bamane, RuchitaAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Banh, JacquelineMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Barnard, KenEsperanza   Site Operations Helper
Barron, HenkieEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Baumgartner, SteveGratts   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Belmont, AmeliaMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Benya, BenWhite   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Bhak, SarahLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Bhattasali, OnitaMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Biver, JadeGratts   5th Grade Reader
Blythe, CarolitaMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Boase, AlanMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Boase, RocioMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Bonanno, ShivanMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Boone, KatharineMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Borja, MarisaEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Bortolan, RobertoEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Bowmani, KwameEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Boyajian, Kristina White   Kindergarten Reader
Brandt, ChristinaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Brasero, MariaLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Brener, JoshMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Brener, MeghanMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Brenes, IlianaPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Briceno, AndreaMagnolia   Operations Reader
Broner, CarolynMacArthur Park   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Brown, AnthonyMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Brown, JoeyMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Brown, SharonEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Brown-Clark, JessicaLos Angeles   Training Coordinator and Operations Reader
Burnette, EmelieWhite   Site Operations Helper
Callahan, DavidWhite   Site Coordinator
Camargo, NestorGratts   4th Grade Reader
Campbell, SarahPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Candela, Polly (Anita)Magnolia   1st Grade Reader
Carberry, AvaMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Carter, EvelynLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Caruso, MardiMacArthur Park   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Casey, JacobMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Caswell, RachealPoliti   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Chairez, AnaniasWhite   1st Grade Reader
Char, CharlotteAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Chazen, JamieMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Chen, OscarGratts   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Chen, ZiluLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Chittenden, RussellGratts   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Choi, Yu RhaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Chong, JessicaMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Choo, SoyoonLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Chow, JosiEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Chu, DesaiLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Chung, PaulLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Ciontea, DianaLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Clark, CarlisMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Clifford, Emerald Magnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Conway, Kevin RMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Cook, CarrieAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Corell, RachelLos Angeles   Site Operations Helper
Cousins, AshleyAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Creeden, MollyAlta Loma   Training Coordinator and Kindergarten Reader
Cron, ElizabethWhite   5th Grade Reader
Cruse, MeredithLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Cruz Van Sinden, KariLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Cuello, LeaEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Culver, Shai Los Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Cunningham, MarikahAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Curley, KeithMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Czarnecki, MichaelMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Czarnecki, VanessaMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Daehler, StefanieMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Daily, GarrettEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Dandridge, YmaMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Dang, JeanneEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Dao, VietLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Daroff, AdamPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Davis, DanielleEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Davis, DevonneMagnolia   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Davis, HannahPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Davis, KamylaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Davis, SebastianWhite   Kindergarten Reader
De Los Santos, KristinaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
De Varennes, MarieMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Debonville, Jessica Alta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Dechart, BryanMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Dekay, JamesWhite   1st Grade Reader
Delmont, Eddy White   2nd Grade Reader
Denes, BonnieGratts   1st Grade Reader
Depiro, LisaMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Diep, ThuyLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Distefano, KellyLos Angeles   Training Coordinator and 5th Grade Reader
Ditzel, ChloeEsperanza   Site Operations Helper
Diy, RubyLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Do, ChristineGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Dorfman, SethLos Angeles   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Dorman, AlexandraWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Dowdy, AmandaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Dozier Fossati, PauletteWhite   1st Grade Reader
Dudang, RoelisaAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Dunlap, EricMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Dunn, BrandonEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Dunn, DanielleMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Duran, PrescilianoMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Dusenberry, KatelynLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Dutt, ReemaAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Dy, LaurenLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Edelson, EliAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Edwards, NicolaAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Erickson, ScottLos Angeles   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Erin-Barragar, SamanthaPoliti   4th Grade Reader
Escamilla, EderGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Fain, SharonLos Angeles   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Fakroddin, JenaWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Fan, LinetteLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Faruolo, MariaWhite   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Favaloro, MandyAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Fick, AshleyMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Fonarev, Paul AndreGratts   Operations Reader
Frankenbach, CarlaGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Freedland, DavidMagnolia   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Gajewski, KellyMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Gaji, GunzalEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Galloway, EricaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Gelfand, JonathanAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Gibbs, ElizabethMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Gibson, PhebeLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Gillespie, MargaretEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Ginsberg, NicholasPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Glass, LeoraLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Goggans, CarrieMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Goldberg, KaraMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Goldberg, MichaelMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Goldstein, DottieGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Gondwe, Tiwonge Edith Gratts   5th Grade Reader
Goodman, JeffreyEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Governatori, AlexEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Grabher, MiriamMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Green, AlyssaEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Greene, SteveLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Greengard, GloriaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Greengard, NathanielEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Greer, KatieMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Gregory, ShannonPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Guevarra, ChristinaEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Gupta, ShipraPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Gutirrez, AnglicaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Gutierrez, RudyLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Guzman, LuvyAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Ha, DayeLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Hackett , CaseyEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Hammond, KateMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Hange, Taylor Magnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Hansen, LauraMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Harris, HardhiPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Harrison , Mark MacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
Harrop, LindsayLos Angeles   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Hass, JenniferAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Hawkes, CarlaAlta Loma   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Hayes, KiaLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Herbert, VeraGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Hernandez, BerniceGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Hernandez, EdgarMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Ho, Ka WaiAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Hodges, ConnorMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Holakouee , FaridWhite   1st Grade Reader
Holland, SimsGratts   Site Operations Helper
Hong, ErinaAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
Horie, TomokoLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Horn, HeatherPoliti   Site Coordinator
Howe, EllenMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Hunt, MarshaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Hunt, SusanGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Huynh, LeanaMagnolia   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Ingram, MelissaMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Isaacs, Edvard (Eddie)Esperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Iskandar, SandraAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
Jackson, NickAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Jaffe, AnnieGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Jamison, LhaniMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Javdan, MonaWhite   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Jimenez, Mariana YaelPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Johnson, AlexandreLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Jones, DebiWhite   4th Grade Reader
Jones, KatieEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Jumoke, NailahGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Kacena, AmeliaLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Karimova, ElmiraMagnolia   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Katvan, DanielleEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Killeen, JosephLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Kim, CatherineMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Kim, JenniferLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Kim, MeerueGratts   1st Grade Reader
Kittle, KristenaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Koerner, ToddMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Kohler, DylanAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Koopman, IngridGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Kumar, MayaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Lam, Erika Gratts   1st Grade Reader
Landaverde, KarenPoliti   Site Operations Helper
Lankey, ErickPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Lapin, BobMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Latimore, BeverlyAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Lavis, SalvoEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Lawson, BradleyEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Le, MaryMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Leaders, AbbyAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Leal, JohnPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Lee, Ji RanGratts   5th Grade Reader
Lenox, MarshaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Lenox Ibarra, Skylar Magnolia   Site Coordinator
Leung, MaggieEsperanza   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Levy, ChaseMacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
Lewis, GregWhite   4th Grade Reader
Lewis, MelissaPoliti   4th Grade Reader
Liaw, DavidMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Lim, KarenMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Lin, JennyAlta Loma   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Low, JudyEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Lutjens , BreeEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Mak, AnnaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Manasan, LorraineLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Mar, ChristinaPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Marcus, CliffEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Mardyla, SamanthaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Marquardsen, WendyGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Martin, CaroleAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Martin, CharleneMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Martinez, DanielAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Mason, MelissaEsperanza   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Matyjakowski, ThomasEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
May, MarkEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Mayhorn, MarcieEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Mcbride, DylanGratts   2nd Grade Reader
McCarron, KerryAlta Loma   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Mccarron, ThereseAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Mcclellan, Paula MacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
McClure Campbell, AubreyEsperanza   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Mcculloch, AllisonPoliti   4th Grade Reader
McIntire, LorraineWhite   1st Grade Reader
Mcnicoll, ClareGratts   5th Grade Reader
Medeiros, BrandeeEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Mehra, RaviEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Mehta, Komal Los Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Mehta, PariniMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Melanson, PhilGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Melendez, NubiaPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Mengaziol, DeanPoliti   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Merrill, MelissaEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Mershon, JessicaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Micucci, MatthewGratts   Site Operations Helper
Miller, AmpAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Miller, KelseyMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Miller, NicoleLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Mishra, JyotiEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Miyazato, MichelleEsperanza   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Modi, PreemaAlta Loma   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Mody, AmolMacArthur Park   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Montes, CynthiaPoliti   Training Coordinator and 1st Grade Reader
Montes, FranciscoPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Moriarty, ShelaghMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Nacpil, MargauxWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Nadler, RachelMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Narayan, NishantMagnolia   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Navarro, MarioWhite   4th Grade Reader
Navera Reed, DevoraLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Negus, MosesMacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
Neslund, BrandonGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Neubauer, LaurenMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Ng, TerryGratts   1st Grade Reader
Nguyen, AmandaLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Nguyen, DalenaEsperanza   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Nguyen, DeeEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Nguyen, DonMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Nguyen, EstherGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Nguyen, KimberlyWhite   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Nguyen, LyMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Nguyen, Sharon MydungEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Nguyen, VyMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Nicolini, JoyPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Ogbogu, IjeomaMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Ohliger, VickiAlta Loma   Food Runner and 1st Grade Reader
Olson, GeraldWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Olson, JamiLos Angeles   Food Runner and Operations Reader
Olson, MatthewWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Orchard, CarrieAlta Loma   Site Operations Helper
Orchard, CharlieMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Ostiller, CathyEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Ostiller, JamesEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Osuna, Yaritza Los Angeles   4th Grade Reader
O\'Brien, RachelLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Padilla, CrystalMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Palineckhouse, PhyllisGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Park, KarenGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Partida, PatriciaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Patel, AakashLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Perez, CrystalMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Perez, DavidEsperanza   Training Coordinator and 4th Grade Reader
Perez De La Garza, GiselleAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Peterson, JeremyPoliti   Site Operations Helper
Peterson, MichaelMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Pope, Virginia Politi   1st Grade Reader
Porianda, PriscillaWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Porras-Perez, MarcelaWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Provenzano, AndyGratts   5th Grade Reader
Provo, DevonEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Quinones, TayraLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Ramcke, AndreaAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Ramis, AnneEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Ramsey , JadePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Ramsey, NikitaPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Rastegar, NedaWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Reilly, LauraMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Rezvani, SaeedLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Ribot, CynthiaPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Richard, JanieceEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Rickard, DavidEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Ritter, SusanEsperanza   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Rivera, JacquelinePoliti   Site Coordinator
Robinson, TanyaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Romero, MireyaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Rosales, DanielleMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Roubidoux, GraceAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Rubio, MarielAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Salcedo, MiguelAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
Salinas, JasmineLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Salzman, RosalindMacArthur Park   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Sanda, ChristopherMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Sanders, MelissaPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Sandersfeld, EmilyPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Sarkissian, JenniferGratts   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Sauz, JasonMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Scahill, EileenMacArthur Park   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Schroeder, AaronMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Schuman, CaseyWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Schuman, DonnaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Schwartz, PhilipMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Scokin, BlythePoliti   5th Grade Reader
Seal, RobertLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Selvage III, PrinceWhite   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Setiadji, InaLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Shah, NeilMagnolia   Training Coordinator and 2nd Grade Reader
Shapiro, SusanGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Shebesta, JohnEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Sheldon, NatashaMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Sherman, TravisAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Shim, SusanPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Shimizu, MelissaMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Shin, MichelleGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Shioya, SusanPoliti   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Sidwell, AmandaAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Simmons (Nash), Judi-AnneWhite   Site Operations Helper
Slater, DaphneAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Smith, JenGratts   Site Coordinator
Smith, TawnniGratts   Site Coordinator
Sobel, TamaraEsperanza   Training Coordinator and Kindergarten Reader
Sobri, MelanieLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Solis, MarcoEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Starr, SamanthaWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Stephens, JulieMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Stevenson, SoniaGratts   1st Grade Reader
Studard, KristenEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Su, JinnAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Subramanian, SangitaLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Suntwanuparp, StephanieEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Suruchlian, MaryMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Swanson, LarryAlta Loma   Site Operations Helper
Szatmary, ArminLos Angeles   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Taber, KevinPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Taylor, StephanieGratts   4th Grade Reader
Templeton, ReganLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Tercero, RexLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Thatcher, JessicaGratts   5th Grade Reader
Thomas, TraciMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Thompson, AmandaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Thompson, StanPoliti   Training Coordinator and 4th Grade Reader
Tiangco, TheodoreEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Tommelein, KyleEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Tortu, WilliamMacArthur Park   Training Coordinator and 3rd Grade Reader
Tse, LouisLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Uscanga, Martha Politi   Kindergarten Reader
Varughese, RinaWhite   4th Grade Reader
Vasquez , Byron Gratts   5th Grade Reader
Vay, LucyEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Vo, TerryLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Voce, CelestePoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Vogel, VictoriaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Vondras, StephanieEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Wali , Kiran Politi   5th Grade Reader
Walker, HannahWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Webb, JanetEsperanza   Food Runner and 2nd Grade Reader
Weber, RichardEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Wei, JamesGratts   4th Grade Reader
Werlin, CarolineGratts   4th Grade Reader
Werlin, LeslieGratts   4th Grade Reader
White, PatrickEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
White, SimoniaLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Willemsen, KerryPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Williams, JessicaPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Williamson, BenMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Wilson, KoriGratts   Training Coordinator and Operations Reader
Wilson, ToniGratts   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Wong, CandacePoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Wu, AngelaAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Xie, AgnesGratts   4th Grade Reader
Yamaki, JennieLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Yamamoto, AyaeWhite   1st Grade Reader
Yazdani, NedaWhite   1st Grade Reader
Yazdani, NeginWhite   5th Grade Reader
Yeliokumson, VictoriaMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Yoon, ElizabethEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Young, CourtneyMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Zelin, AdamLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Zelin, JasonLos Angeles   Site Operations Helper
Zelin, MaxLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Zeron, JoelWhite   1st Grade Reader
Zhang, HuiyanLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Dec. 2017 Participation Summary
School Children Volunteers
Alta Loma 82 47
Esperanza 152 72
Gratts 127 59
Los Angeles 119 68
MacArthur Park 132 54
Magnolia 230 56
Politi 135 43
White 56 38
Grand Total 1033 437
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 Volunteer Notes
This Month's Volunteer Milestones
Jamie Chazen:  100th reading club!
Steve Baumgartner:  90th reading club!
Janiece Richard:  80th reading club!
Tamara Sobel:  50th reading club!
Maggie Leung:  40th reading club!
Susan Ritter:  40th reading club!
Stan Thompson:  40th reading club!
Jeffrey Goodman:  30th reading club!
Courtney Young:  30th reading club!
Elizabeth Alexander:  20th reading club!
Danielle Davis:  20th reading club!
Carla Hawkes:  20th reading club!
Amelia Kacena:  20th reading club!
Caroline Werlin:  20th reading club!
Christina Brandt:  10th reading club!
Polly (Anita) Candela:  10th reading club!
Racheal Caswell:  10th reading club!
Kevin R Conway:  10th reading club!
Maria Faruolo:  10th reading club!
Erica Galloway:  10th reading club!
Chase Levy:  10th reading club!
Parini Mehta:  10th reading club!
Dee Nguyen:  10th reading club!
Anne Ramis:  10th reading club!
Marisa Borja:  5th reading club!
Katelyn Dusenberry:  5th reading club!
Lauren Dy:  5th reading club!
Leana Huynh:  5th reading club!
Annie Jaffe:  5th reading club!
Karen Lim:  5th reading club!
Bree Lutjens :  5th reading club!
Jessica Mershon:  5th reading club!
Matthew Olson:  5th reading club!
Phyllis Palineckhouse:  5th reading club!
Casey Schuman:  5th reading club!
Daphne Slater:  5th reading club!
Kristen Studard:  5th reading club!
Celeste Voce:  5th reading club!
Angela Wu:  5th reading club!
Selected Volunteer Quotes
To be posted soon . . .
 Participating Groups
20-Something Ladies SocialPoliti
5500 FoundationAlta Loma
AABRG- Coca Cola RefreshmentsAlta Loma
Active Student LeadersPoliti
Agents of ChangeMagnolia
Alpha Gamma Sigma Santa Monica CollegePoliti
Alpha Omicron Pi Greater LA AlumnaeMacArthur Park
AltaMed HealthGratts
Alumni Scholars UCLAWhite
Americorps NCCCMagnolia
Anderson Latino Management Association (ALMA)Alta Loma
Angel City RotaractEsperanza
AonLos Angeles
Artists LALos Angeles
AscendLos Angeles
Asian Professionals Exchange (APEX)Gratts
Assistance League of Los Angeles- YPGPoliti
ASU Alumni LA ChapterPoliti
Black Women Lawyers of Los AngelesEsperanza
BluebeamMacArthur Park
BoeingLos Angeles, Politi, White
Boston Consulting GroupMagnolia
Cal Poly Pomona Delta DeltaEsperanza
Cal State LA Circle K InternationalPoliti
Capital GroupPoliti
CBS InteractiveMagnolia
Cerritos Apple StoreMacArthur Park
CGI Technologies and SolutionsMagnolia
Chi Delta Theta Sorority Inc. CSULBAlta Loma
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsEsperanza
Clark ConstructionGratts
COC Psi Beta/Psych ClubMagnolia
Coca-Cola North America West ZoneMagnolia
Colour AssistantsMagnolia
CorePower YogaAlta Loma, Magnolia
Cornell Club of Los AngelesMagnolia
Creative Artists AgencyPoliti
Criteria CorpMagnolia
CSUDH Circle K InternationalPoliti
CSUDH English Grad AssociationAlta Loma
CSUDH Latino Student Business AssociationPoliti
CSUDH Phi Iota AlphaEsperanza
CSUDH Phi Sigma SigmaEsperanza
CSULA Alpha Phi OmegaEsperanza
CSULA Associate Student LeadersPoliti
CSULA Beta Alpha PsiEsperanza
CSULA Kappa SigmaMagnolia
CSULA Marketing Club Gratts
CSULA Sigma NuPoliti
CSULB Alpha Phi Omega Rho Gamma ChapterLos Angeles
CSULB Chi Delta Theta Sorority Inc. Alta Loma
CSULB Kappa Omicron NuEsperanza
CSULB Zeta Epsilon TauPoliti
CSUN Alpha Kappa Psi/Rho Delta ChiMagnolia
CSUN Delta Sigma PiLos Angeles
CSUN MISAMacArthur Park
CSUN Sigma Alpha ZetaMacArthur Park
Deloitte ConsultingLos Angeles
Delta Omicron Tau--Occidental CollegeEsperanza
Disney VoluntEARSMagnolia
El Camino College Circle K InternationalMagnolia
Farmers InsuranceMacArthur Park
FIDM: PTKEsperanza
FOX GivesMagnolia
Gay for GoodGratts
Generation of the FutureLos Angeles
Georgetown University Club of LAGratts
GoogleServeMacArthur Park
Greater Empire PageantsAlta Loma
Haas Alumni Network LA Chapter.Esperanza
Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood BlvdMagnolia
Hermanas Unidas de Long BeachPoliti
Hope for LAPoliti
Howard University Alumni Club of Los Angeles County (HUAC-LA).Politi
Hulu BlackAlta Loma
Hyland'sLos Angeles
ILFC Magnolia
INC GivingLos Angeles
InterNations ChangemakersPoliti
iO West TheaterEsperanza
Japanese American Optimist ClubLos Angeles
JHRTSLos Angeles
JMU AlumniLos Angeles
Johns Hopkins in Action-Los AngelesGratts
Junior League of Los AngelesAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, MacArthur Park, Magnolia, Politi, White
Kaiser PermanenteLos Angeles
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Pasadena Alumni ChapterAlta Loma
Kappa Alpha Theta Eta MuPoliti
Kappa Delta Chi MSMUMagnolia
KOREH L.A.Esperanza, Los Angeles
L.A. WorksGratts, Los Angeles
LA Church of ChristMagnolia
LA County Alternate Public DefendersWhite
LA County Public WorksMacArthur Park
Lambda Theta Phi, California State University Dominguez HillsMacArthur Park
LAUSD, Office of the General CounselLos Angeles
LBCC The Order of THOREsperanza
LMU Alpha Delta GammaMagnolia
LMU Center for Service and ActionLos Angeles
LMU Chi Delta ThetaAlta Loma
LMU Delta GammaAlta Loma
LMU PEAPEsperanza, Gratts
Los Angeles ASCE YMFMagnolia
Los Angeles Auburn Club Esperanza
Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals Los Angeles
Los Angeles-Santa Monica Alumnae Club of Pi Beta PhiMagnolia
Major League Acting AcademyLos Angeles
Meetup.comAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
MIT Club of Southern CaliforniaPoliti
Molina HealthcarePoliti
Mount Sinai Baptist Church Women's MinistryPoliti
Mt. SAC CKIGratts
Mt. SAC Honors AmbassadorsPoliti
MusEffectLos Angeles
My Own 2 HandsMacArthur Park
National Silhouettes of Kappa Alpha Psi - LBISB ChapterGratts
New Life HouseMagnolia
Notre Dame Club of Los AngelesMacArthur Park
NU Club of LALos Angeles
Occidental College Mortar BoardGratts
Occidental Greek CouncilEsperanza
Ol LA: UCSB Young Alumni Group of Los Angeles Los Angeles
One Brick VolunteersMagnolia
Optimity AdvisorsLos Angeles
OU AlumniEsperanza
Pacific Crossroads ChurchPoliti
Passion For ChildrenPoliti
PCC Circle K InternationalPoliti
Penn Serves LALos Angeles
Phi Sigma Sigma LA County AlumnaeGratts
Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Kappa DeltaLos Angeles
Phillips Academy Andover LA AlumniMagnolia
Pomona College Draper CenterEsperanza
Posse FoundationEsperanza
Premiere Digital ServicesEsperanza
PUSH MentorsMacArthur Park
RaytheonLos Angeles
RepresentMacArthur Park
Rotaract at UCLAEsperanza
Rotaract of CSULBEsperanza
Rotaract of West LAPoliti
San Gabriel Valley New Generation Rotary ClubMagnolia
Santa Monica SocialMagnolia
SCU LA AlumniAlta Loma
Second SaturdayGratts
Semler Brossy Social Impact TeamLos Angeles
Sierra Club 20s and 30sWhite
SMC Reading ClubLos Angeles, Magnolia
South Bay Cal Alumni ClubAlta Loma
Special Counsel: Los AngelesMagnolia
Stanford Alumni CSCEsperanza
Strategic Employment PartnersMacArthur Park
SULA SemesterMagnolia
Sunday AssemblyLos Angeles
Sursum CordaMagnolia
SVdP (UCLA)Gratts
Syracuse AlumniLos Angeles
Team OPIPoliti
Team TekLos Angeles
Texas Exes Los Angeles ChapterMagnolia
The Positivity ProjectMagnolia
Toay ProductionsMagnolia
TOLA VolunteersPoliti
UCLA Alpha Delta PiLos Angeles
UCLA Alpha Epsilon DeltaPoliti
UCLA Alpha PhiLos Angeles
UCLA Alpha Phi OmegaLos Angeles
UCLA Alumni Scholars ClubMagnolia
UCLA Alumni Westside NetworkEsperanza
UCLA Anderson School of ManagementLos Angeles
UCLA Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
UCLA Bruin BellesPoliti
UCLA Chi Delta Theta White
UCLA Chi OmegaMagnolia
UCLA Circle KMagnolia
UCLA CSC Day of ServiceLos Angeles, Magnolia, Politi
UCLA Delta Kappa AlphaLos Angeles
UCLA Engineering Graduate Student AssociationLos Angeles
UCLA Epsilon Alpha SigmaMagnolia
UCLA FISHLos Angeles
UCLA Gamma Phi BetaLos Angeles
UCLA Golden KeyEsperanza
UCLA Kappa Alpha PiAlta Loma
UCLA Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
UCLA Luskin Social Justice CaucusWhite
UCLA Medical FriendsMacArthur Park
UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai ChapterMacArthur Park
UCLA Phi Delta ThetaMagnolia
UCLA Psi ChiLos Angeles
UCLA Regents Scholar SocietyAlta Loma
UCLA Sigma Alpha MuLos Angeles
UCLA Theta Delta ChiMacArthur Park
UCLA Volunteer CenterLos Angeles
UCSD AlumniLos Angeles
Umu Igbo Unite - Los AngelesMagnolia
UNICEF Santa MonicaLos Angeles
Unitas GlobalGratts
United Geek FederationPoliti
University of Michigan Club - Los AngelesMagnolia
University of South Alabama SoCal Alumni ChapterPoliti
USC Alpha PhiMagnolia
USC Alpha Phi OmegaPoliti
USC Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
USC Black Alumni AssociationGratts
USC Circle K InternationalMagnolia
USC Friends and Neighbors Day Magnolia
USC Graduate and Policy Administration CommunityLos Angeles
USC HelenesMagnolia
USC Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
USC Mortar BoardMagnolia
USC Peter Stark Producing ProgramEsperanza
USC Phi AlphaMagnolia
USC Red CrossMagnolia
USC Sigma Gamma RhoMagnolia
USC Sigma Phi OmegaPoliti
Vanderbilt Alumni AssociationLos Angeles
Warby ParkerAlta Loma
West Coast University Doctor of Physical Therapy ProgramWhite
West LA CollegePoliti
Westside Cal Alumni ClubEsperanza
Westwood Village Rotary ClubMagnolia
Whittier CollegeLos Angeles
Wilshire Rotary Club of Los AngelesLos Angeles
Women's Network at NBCUMagnolia
WorldMed USCPoliti
YACS at UCLAEsperanza
Yale UniversityEsperanza
YPI AmeriCorpsLos Angeles
Zeta Tau Zeta Occidental CollegeEsperanza