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Feb. 2017 Reading Club Recap for All Schools
 Participants at  
Thanks so much to everyone who helped us read and give books to 931 children in Feb. 2017!
These 413 volunteers made the reading clubs a big success!
Name School Role(s)
, Los Angeles    Reader
Abdelmalak, WindyMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Afify, SafiahMacArthur Park   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Ajayi, AshleyWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Al-Qatou, SarahLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Aldana, RebeccaGratts   Site Operations Helper
Alele, GabrielLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Alfs, BarneyPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Ali, NabilahMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Allen, AnneAlta Loma   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Alphonso, MarizeLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Alvarado, MaryGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Alvarez Diaz, JovidaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Antonioli, LindaPoliti   Site Operations Helper
Aranda, Rene MichelleMacArthur Park   Site Operations Helper
Arciniega, AlejandraEsperanza   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Armstrong, Vanessa Politi   Kindergarten Reader
Atako, ChikaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Awad, NadinePoliti   4th Grade Reader
Axe, JasonEsperanza   Site Operations Helper
Baida, NikkiMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Baldridge, LukePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Baranoff, AlexisEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Basser, AriPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Bassignana, PaolaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Bates, MichelleMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Bauer, LexWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Baumgartner, SteveGratts   Training Coordinator and 4th Grade Reader
Baur Schoer, AnnaGratts   4th Grade Reader
Beaman, DenisePoliti   1st Grade Reader
Becker, LidiyaWhite   5th Grade Reader
Becker, MeganMagnolia   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Beeman, RyanWhite   4th Grade Reader
Bell, CarlinGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Berger, SusanPoliti   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Berlinberg, ElyseLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Bernarding, MichelleMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Betts, ElainaWhite   1st Grade Reader
Bindel, JenniferPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Blacklow, JeremyLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Boyd, CatherineLos Angeles   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Brandt, ChristinaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Branom, ChristinaEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Brewster, AnnieLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Briceno, AndreaMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Broner, CarolynMacArthur Park   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Brown, JoeyMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Brown, SharonEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Burkhart, IevgeniiaMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Burns, Patricia Alta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Byers, DonaldLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Callahan, DavidWhite   Site Coordinator
Camacho, NancyEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Camargo, NestorGratts   4th Grade Reader
Campbell, ScottEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Candela, Polly (Anita)Los Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Carberry, AvaMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Carr, AnnieMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Carr, ScottAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Caruso, MardiMacArthur Park   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Casler, CharlesPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Casley, JoannAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Caswell, RachealPoliti   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Chahal, SimranEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Chairez, AnaniasWhite   1st Grade Reader
Chen, HenryMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Chen, OscarGratts   1st Grade Reader
Cheng, StephanieAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Cheung, ShirleyGratts   1st Grade Reader
Chioh, WesleyEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Chittenden, RussellGratts   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Chiu, Le WenLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Cho, KaylinLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Chong, JessicaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Choo, SoyoonLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Chow, KaitlynPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Chung, PaulLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Clift, AlexisAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Clift, JesseAlta Loma   4th Grade Reader
Cohen, ChadAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
Cook, CarrieAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Corell, RachelLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Coronado, JohannaEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Cotler, JakeMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Covarrubias, JazminGratts   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Cox, MelissaGratts   1st Grade Reader
Crawford, SuzyEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Creeden, MollyEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Crisostomo , AnneMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Cross, AveryGratts   1st Grade Reader
Cunningham, KrystalLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Cuyugan, JonaPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Daroff, AdamPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Daroy, ArniLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Davis, AndrewPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Davis, DanielleEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Davis, DevonneMagnolia   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Davis, ValerieGratts   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Dawson, DanicaPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
De La Kethulle, NicolasMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Dela Cruz, KairyMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Dela Pena, RolandLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Delmuro, VanessaAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Dey, IpsitaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Dinovis, JeanneEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Distefano, KellyLos Angeles   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Diy, RubyLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Dones, GavriellePoliti   1st Grade Reader
Dones, StevenPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Dorfman, SethLos Angeles   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Dorman, AlexandraWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Dunlap, EricMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Dunn, DanielleMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Dusenberry, KatelynMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Dworkin, AliceEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Dy, LaurenLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Effinger, SarahAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Eleanor, MaureenLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Eliot, VictoriaWhite   1st Grade Reader
Erickson, ScottLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Erin-Barragar, SamanthaPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Espinoza, EbonyMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Faruolo, MariaWhite   1st Grade Reader
Ferguson, ZhenMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Ferrer, Nia Los Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Finney, RandiGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Firestone, DanielleMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Fitzpatrick, MeredithGratts   5th Grade Reader
Fonarev, Paul AndreGratts   Operations Reader
Fong, WinnieLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Forgie, JuliaEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Francis, RossWhite   4th Grade Reader
Frankenbach, CarlaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Frater, ChristinaLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Galloway, EricaMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Galy, TiphaineLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Gandhi, RonakAlta Loma   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Garcia , Kyla Esperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Garcia, NoellePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Garcia-Mayor, NatalieGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Gardner, Mary RachelLos Angeles   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Gartrell, DarleneEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Gelfeld, DouglasEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Gillespie, MargaretEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Glosman, ColetteEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Go, AlyssaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Goggans, CarrieMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Goldstein, DottieEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Goodman, JeffreyEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Goodwin, KimberlyEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Gorgoyan, MariaEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Gosine, BelaMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Grannis, JenniferGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Gray, AndreiaLos Angeles   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Gray, JaimiGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Greengard, GloriaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Greer, KatieMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Gregory, ShannonPoliti   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Griest, MichelleAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Guevarra, ChristinaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Gutierrez, RobertMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Guzman Llamas, RaquelMagnolia   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Hackett , CaseyEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Hamoy, JaredWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Han, DanEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Hang, FernandaEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Hansen, WhitPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Harewood, NathalieWhite   5th Grade Reader
Harr, ErickGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Harris, HardhiEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Harrop, LindsayLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Hendrickson, JenniferLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Hernandez, BerniceGratts   4th Grade Reader
Hernandez, EdgarMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Herrera, VictoriaMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Herskovics, ElihuEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Hightower, WarnessaMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Ho, Ka WaiMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Hoffer, JonathanEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Hoo, KenEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Horie, TomokoLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Horn, HeatherPoliti   4th Grade Reader
Horowitz, RandalAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Hou, JoanneEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Housh, NolanLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Hsu, WisemanLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Huerta, StephaniePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Huntington, EleanorMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Hussain, MohammadEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Ingham, MireyaGratts   1st Grade Reader
Isayan, Serbui (Angel)Politi   1st Grade Reader
Jaffe, AlyssaWhite   Kindergarten Reader
Jaffe, AnnieGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Jagodzinski, SueAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
James, JeremiahMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Jane, EliAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Johnson, KimMagnolia   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Johnson, MeganWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Johnson, TiaraPoliti   Site Coordinator
Jones, DebiWhite   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Jones, KatieEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Jones, MatthewEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Jones, NicholasAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Joseph, LucindaEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Kearns, MegWhite   5th Grade Reader
Kelley, JonathanEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Keta, NachiEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Killeen, JosephLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Kim, Soo JinAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Kloeber, SteviePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Knauer, LeahMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Koerner, ToddMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Koopman, IngridGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Koreie, SheenaPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Kreditor, CourtneyWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Kumar, MeenaMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Lacara, AnnabelLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Lanser, Isabelle Magnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Leb, KatieEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Lee, BrittneyGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Leo , Asha Los Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Leung, MaggieEsperanza   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Levy, ChaseLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Liang, AndyAlta Loma   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Libro, AlexandraEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Liebowitz, JayAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Lin, GraceLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Lin, JennyAlta Loma   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Lisa, JuliaMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Lukowski, StefaniePoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Ma, JohnsonMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Maccracken, MelissaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Maccracken-Sanders, IvoryMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Macdonald, HopeMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Mahavni, AnikaLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Mandel, LisaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Maneykowski, MichaelMagnolia   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Mapp, ShawnteairraEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Marquardsen, WendyGratts   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Martin, ChristopherLos Angeles   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Martinez, DanielAlta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Martinez, JennyMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Matichuk, JenniferGratts   1st Grade Reader
Matsushima, DianaEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Mattson, TracyAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
May, MarkEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Mayhorn, MarcieEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Mayoss, Claudia Los Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Mazariego, ElizabethPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Mcclure , Rachel Politi   Kindergarten Reader
McClure Campbell, AubreyEsperanza   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Mcdonald, LauraMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Mcfarren, KellyLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Mehta, Komal Los Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Meier, VanessaMagnolia   5th Grade Reader
Mejia, AngelesPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Mendez, JoseWhite   Site Coordinator
Mendoza, ChristopherEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Mengaziol, DeanPoliti   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Merino-Hernandez, HumbertoMacArthur Park   5th Grade Reader
Miller, CallieGratts   5th Grade Reader
Mine, CocoPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Mitchell, BrianEsperanza   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Mizraji, JacobEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Modi, PreemaAlta Loma   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Mody, AmolMacArthur Park   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Mody, SunitMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Montes, CynthiaPoliti   Training Coordinator and 1st Grade Reader
Moralez, AnaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Moran, MollyLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Moreno, Claudia Politi   Kindergarten Reader
Morgan, JessicaLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Moriarty, ShelaghMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Muchow, AshleyEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Mukhopadhyay, MoupiLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Muller, AnnaLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Murphy, KelseyGratts   4th Grade Reader
Murphy, SeanLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Nadler, RachelMacArthur Park   3rd Grade Reader
Najera, ZairaPoliti   2nd Grade Reader
Nakano, SherylAlta Loma   Training Coordinator and 2nd Grade Reader
Nally, CatherinePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Narayan, NishantMagnolia   4th Grade Reader
Nesia, VickyPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Nguyen, DalenaEsperanza   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Nguyen, DonMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Nguyen, KimberlyWhite   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Nicolo, GiovanniLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Nordin, AndrewLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Nunez, AndiPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Obrien, JessicaLos Angeles   Site Operations Helper
Ochoa, HaredLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Oladapo, AdelasoyeEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Oldham , FionaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Oliveira, InaraLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Olson, JamiLos Angeles   Food Runner and 3rd Grade Reader
Olya, GabrielleLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Orchard, CarrieWhite   Training Coordinator and 1st Grade Reader
Orchard, CharlieMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Osborne, ThomasMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Ours, SybilMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Pagan, LisandraMagnolia   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Pai, GracePoliti   Site Coordinator
Palineckhouse, PhyllisGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Parayno, AleezaGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Pastrnak, Amanda Gratts   2nd Grade Reader
Penaranda, GabrielleMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
Pestana, LianaAlta Loma   2nd Grade Reader
Pfeifer, AllisonAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Pillion, CandiceWhite   1st Grade Reader
Pineda, CarlosPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Polubinski, HeatherLos Angeles   5th Grade Reader
Price, MiyoshiLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Prince, CourtneyWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Pritchett, AntoinetteEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Pryor, PeterEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Qi, MichaelLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Rademaekers, BillGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Raffel, JudyLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Raley, MichaelLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Ramachandran, SandhyaGratts   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Ramirez, LorenaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Ramirez, ZacharyEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Ramirez-Adams, MariaMacArthur Park   4th Grade Reader
Ramos, EddieAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Raznikov, PhaedrusEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Reddy, ShaliniMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Rees, EmmaPoliti   Operations Reader
Ren, MeganLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Renaud, MiaMacArthur Park   1st Grade Reader
Reyes, AnaMacArthur Park   2nd Grade Reader
Reyes, Maria Lourdes BernadetteEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Reznikoff, JacquelynEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Ribot, CynthiaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Richard, JanieceEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Richardson, ErinMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Rickard, DavidEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Ricoy, StevenPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Rider, JordanLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Rivera, AlejandroEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Rodriguez, JanetEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Rubio, MarielAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Ryberg, AngelaPoliti   4th Grade Reader
Salazar, EdwardPoliti   5th Grade Reader
Sanchez, CarlosMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Sancho-Bonet, SaraLos Angeles   4th Grade Reader
Sanda, ChristopherMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Sanderson, TinaMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Sanne, LaurenWhite   1st Grade Reader
Sargeant, JeffLos Angeles   Kindergarten Reader
Scahill, EileenMacArthur Park   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Scales, JasmineWhite   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Schluter, KaitlinEsperanza   Training Coordinator and 3rd Grade Reader
Schott, JillWhite   3rd Grade Reader
Scrivens, JacquelineMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Serot, MikePoliti   1st Grade Reader
Serrano, CassandraMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Setiadji, InaLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Shea, BenjaminEsperanza   3rd Grade Reader
Shioya, SusanPoliti   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Shubin, JessicaLos Angeles   1st Grade Reader
Simmons, ChloeEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Slater, DaphneAlta Loma   3rd Grade Reader
Slater, KoryEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Smith, JenGratts   Site Coordinator
Smith, KrystalLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Smith, TawnniGratts   Site Coordinator
Smoot, AndreaMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Somilleda, NickMacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Song, Jackie (Hyun) Alta Loma   1st Grade Reader
Speer, BeateEsperanza   5th Grade Reader
Stalder, JuliaMacArthur Park   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Starr, SamanthaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Stephens, JulieMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Stone , Hannah MacArthur Park   Kindergarten Reader
Summers, SamanthaMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Surya, MirayaAlta Loma   5th Grade Reader
Sussman, JeffPoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Swanson, LarryEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Szeibert, BrigittaEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Taber, KevinPoliti   3rd Grade Reader
Tacotaco, JeniseGratts   3rd Grade Reader
Taylor, AlexaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Terry, PilaarAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Thompson, StanPoliti   Training Coordinator and 5th Grade Reader
To, JulieEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Tortu, WilliamMacArthur Park   Training Coordinator and Kindergarten Reader
Tran, JasonMagnolia   Kindergarten Reader
Tsai, KatherineEsperanza   1st Grade Reader
Tse, LouisLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Vail, ErinWhite   4th Grade Reader
Velasquez , SusannaGratts   2nd Grade Reader
Velocci, CarliWhite   4th Grade Reader
Voce, CelestePoliti   Kindergarten Reader
Vogel, VictoriaEsperanza   Kindergarten Reader
Waldrop Gilbert, AngelaLos Angeles   3rd Grade Reader
Walker, AleaEsperanza   2nd Grade Reader
Walker, CaitlynEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Webb, JanetEsperanza   Food Runner and 5th Grade Reader
Westman, JonathanMagnolia   2nd Grade Reader
White, PatrickEsperanza   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Willemsen, KerryPoliti   1st Grade Reader
Williams, JessicaGratts   Kindergarten Reader
Willis, JenWhite   2nd Grade Reader
Willis, StephanieAlta Loma   Kindergarten Reader
Wilson, KoriGratts   Training Coordinator and 5th Grade Reader
Wilson, ToniGratts   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Wong, MichelleEsperanza   4th Grade Reader
Ye, QueenieMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Yellowhair, AlexandriaMagnolia   1st Grade Reader
Young, CourtneyMagnolia   3rd Grade Reader
Zelin, AdamLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Zelin, JasonLos Angeles   2nd Grade Reader
Feb. 2017 Particpation Summary
School Children Volunteers
Alta Loma 64 34
Esperanza 235 82
Gratts 150 46
Los Angeles 121 76
MacArthur Park 72 38
Magnolia 139 55
Politi 102 53
White 48 29
Grand Total 931 413
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 Volunteer Notes
This Month's Volunteer Milestones
Mark May:  170th reading club!
Tomoko Horie:  50th reading club!
Ina Setiadji:  40th reading club!
Soyoon Choo:  30th reading club!
Nancy Camacho:  20th reading club!
Andreia Gray:  20th reading club!
Hardhi Harris:  20th reading club!
Lisandra Pagan:  20th reading club!
Louis Tse:  20th reading club!
Ana Moralez:  10th reading club!
Kimberly Nguyen:  10th reading club!
Hannah  Stone :  10th reading club!
Vanessa  Armstrong:  5th reading club!
Michelle Bates:  5th reading club!
Joey Brown:  5th reading club!
Polly (Anita) Candela:  5th reading club!
Racheal Caswell:  5th reading club!
Danielle Dunn:  5th reading club!
Randi Finney:  5th reading club!
Winnie Fong:  5th reading club!
Carrie Goggans:  5th reading club!
Ken Hoo:  5th reading club!
Joanne Hou:  5th reading club!
Eleanor Huntington:  5th reading club!
Ivory Maccracken-Sanders:  5th reading club!
Tracy Mattson:  5th reading club!
Claudia  Moreno:  5th reading club!
Dalena Nguyen:  5th reading club!
Maria Lourdes Bernadette Reyes:  5th reading club!
Jacquelyn Reznikoff:  5th reading club!
Stephanie Willis:  5th reading club!
Selected Volunteer Quotes
To be posted soon . . .
 Participating Groups
•20-Something Ladies SocialPoliti
•5500 FoundationAlta Loma
•AABRG- Coca Cola RefreshmentsAlta Loma
•Active Student LeadersPoliti
•Alpha Gamma Sigma Santa Monica CollegePoliti
•Alumni Scholars UCLAWhite
•Americorps NCCCMagnolia
•Anderson School of ManagementLos Angeles
•AonLos Angeles
•Artists LALos Angeles
•AscendLos Angeles
•ASU Alumni LA ChapterPoliti
•Battlestar GuttagticaGratts, Politi
•Black Women Lawyers of Los AngelesEsperanza
•BluebeamMacArthur Park
•BoeingLos Angeles, Politi, White
•Boston Consulting GroupMagnolia
•Cal State LA Circle K InternationalPoliti
•Capital GroupPoliti
•Cerritos Apple StoreMacArthur Park
•Chi Delta Theta Sorority Inc. CSULBAlta Loma
•Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsEsperanza
•Clark ConstructionGratts
•COC Psi Beta/Psych ClubMagnolia
•Cornell Club of Los AngelesGratts
•Creative Artists AgencyPoliti
•Criteria CorpMagnolia
•CSUDH Circle K InternationalPoliti
•CSUDH English Grad AssociationAlta Loma
•CSUDH Latino Student Business AssociationPoliti
•CSUDH Phi Iota AlphaEsperanza
•CSUDH Phi Sigma SigmaEsperanza
•CSULA Alpha Phi OmegaEsperanza
•CSULA Associate Student LeadersPoliti
•CSULA Beta Alpha PsiEsperanza
•CSULA Kappa SigmaMagnolia
•CSULA Marketing Club Gratts
•CSULB Alpha Phi Omega Rho Gamma ChapterLos Angeles
•CSULB Chi Delta Theta Sorority Inc. Alta Loma
•CSULB Kappa Omicron NuEsperanza
•CSUN Alpha Kappa Psi/Rho Delta ChiMagnolia
•CSUN Delta Sigma PiLos Angeles
•CSUN Phi MuAlta Loma
•Deloitte ConsultingLos Angeles
•Delta Omicron Tau--Occidental CollegeEsperanza
•Disney VoluntEARSMagnolia
•DreamWorks AnimationMagnolia
•El Camino College Circle K InternationalMagnolia
•Emerson CollegeWhite
•Farmers InsuranceMacArthur Park
•FIDM: PTKEsperanza
•FOX GivesMagnolia
•Gay for GoodGratts
•Generation of the FutureLos Angeles
•Georgetown University Club of LAGratts
•Greater Empire PageantsAlta Loma
•Haas Alumni Network LA Chapter.Esperanza
•Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood BlvdMagnolia
•Hope for LAPoliti
•Howard University Alumni Club of Los Angeles County (HUAC-LA).Politi
•Hyland'sLos Angeles
•ILFC Magnolia
•INC GivingLos Angeles
•iO West TheaterEsperanza
•Japanese American Optimist ClubLos Angeles
•JHRTSLos Angeles
•JMU AlumniLos Angeles
•Johns Hopkins in Action-Los AngelesGratts
•Junior League of Los AngelesPoliti
•Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Pasadena Alumni ChapterAlta Loma
•Kappa Alpha Theta Eta MuPoliti
•Kappa Delta Chi MSMUMagnolia
•KOREH L.A.Esperanza, Los Angeles
•L.A. WorksGratts, Los Angeles
•LA Church of ChristMagnolia
•LA County Alternate Public DefendersWhite
•LA County Public WorksPoliti
•LBCC The Order of THOREsperanza
•LMU Alpha Delta GammaMagnolia
•LMU Center for Service and ActionLos Angeles
•LMU Chi Delta ThetaAlta Loma
•LMU Delta GammaAlta Loma
•LMU PEAPEsperanza, Gratts
•Los Angeles ASCE YMFMagnolia
•Los Angeles Auburn Club Esperanza
•Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals Los Angeles
•Los Angeles-Santa Monica Alumnae Club of Pi Beta PhiMagnolia
•Major League Acting AcademyLos Angeles
•Meetup.comAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
•Mount Sinai Baptist Church Women's MinistryPoliti
•Mt. SAC CKIGratts
•Mt. SAC Honors AmbassadorsPoliti
•MusEffectLos Angeles
•My Own 2 HandsMacArthur Park
•National Silhouettes of Kappa Alpha Psi - LBISB ChapterGratts
•New Life HouseMagnolia
•Notre Dame Club of Los AngelesMacArthur Park
•NU Club of LALos Angeles
•Occidental College Mortar BoardGratts
•Occidental Greek CouncilEsperanza
•Olé LA: UCSB Young Alumni Group of Los Angeles Los Angeles
•One Brick VolunteersMagnolia
•Optimity AdvisorsLos Angeles
•OU AlumniEsperanza
•Pacific Crossroads ChurchPoliti
•Participant MediaWhite
•Passion For ChildrenPoliti
•Penn Serves LALos Angeles
•Phi Sigma Sigma LA County AlumnaeGratts
•Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Kappa DeltaLos Angeles
•Phillips Academy Andover LA AlumniMagnolia
•Pomona College Draper CenterEsperanza
•Posse FoundationEsperanza
•Premiere Digital ServicesEsperanza
•PUSH MentorsMacArthur Park
•RaytheonLos Angeles
•RepresentMacArthur Park
•Rotaract at UCLAEsperanza
•Rotaract of CSULBEsperanza
•Rotaract of West LAPoliti
•San Gabriel Valley New Generation Rotary ClubMagnolia
•Santa Monica SocialMagnolia
•SCU LA AlumniAlta Loma
•Second SaturdayGratts
•Semler Brossy Social Impact TeamLos Angeles
•Sierra Club 20s and 30sWhite
•SMC Reading ClubLos Angeles, Magnolia
•South Bay Cal Alumni ClubAlta Loma
•SPAYAMLos Angeles
•Special Counsel: Los AngelesMagnolia
•Stanford Alumni CSCEsperanza
•Strategic Employment PartnersMacArthur Park
•Sunday AssemblyLos Angeles
•Sursum CordaMagnolia
•SVdP (UCLA)Gratts
•Syracuse AlumniLos Angeles
•Team TekLos Angeles
•Texas Exes Los Angeles ChapterMagnolia
•The Miss Icon OrganizationGratts
•The Positivity ProjectMagnolia
•TOLA VolunteersPoliti
•UCLA Alpha Delta PiLos Angeles
•UCLA Alpha Epsilon DeltaPoliti
•UCLA Alpha Lambda Delta & Phi Eta Sigma Honor SocietiesEsperanza, White
•UCLA Alpha PhiLos Angeles
•UCLA Alpha Phi OmegaLos Angeles
•UCLA Alumni Scholars ClubMagnolia
•UCLA Alumni Westside NetworkEsperanza
•UCLA ASDAMagnolia
•UCLA Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
•UCLA BMESMagnolia
•UCLA Bruin BellesPoliti
•UCLA Chi Delta Theta White
•UCLA Circle KMagnolia
•UCLA CSC Day of ServiceLos Angeles, Magnolia, Politi
•UCLA Delta Kappa AlphaLos Angeles
•UCLA Engineering Graduate Student AssociationLos Angeles
•UCLA Epsilon Alpha SigmaMagnolia
•UCLA FISHLos Angeles
•UCLA Gamma Phi BetaLos Angeles
•UCLA Golden KeyEsperanza
•UCLA Kappa Alpha PiAlta Loma
•UCLA Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
•UCLA Luskin Social Justice CaucusWhite
•UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai ChapterMacArthur Park
•UCLA Phi Delta ThetaMagnolia
•UCLA Psi ChiLos Angeles
•UCLA Regents Scholar SocietyMagnolia
•UCLA Sigma Alpha MuLos Angeles
•UCLA Theta Delta ChiMacArthur Park
•UCLA Volunteer CenterLos Angeles
•UCSD AlumniLos Angeles
•UNICEF Santa MonicaLos Angeles
•Unitas GlobalGratts
•United Geek FederationPoliti
•University of Michigan Club - Los AngelesMagnolia
•University of South Alabama SoCal Alumni ChapterPoliti
•USC Alpha PhiMagnolia
•USC Alpha Phi OmegaPoliti
•USC Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
•USC Black Alumni AssociationGratts
•USC Friends & Neighbors Day Magnolia
•USC Graduate and Policy Administration CommunityLos Angeles
•USC Lambda Pi Eta Esperanza
•USC Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
•USC LDSSAMagnolia
•USC Mortar BoardMagnolia
•USC Peter Stark Producing ProgramEsperanza
•USC Phi AlphaMagnolia
•USC Red CrossMagnolia
•USC Sigma Gamma RhoMagnolia
•USC Sigma Phi OmegaPoliti
•Vanderbilt Alumni AssociationLos Angeles
•West Coast University Doctor of Physical Therapy ProgramWhite
•West LA CollegePoliti
•Westside Cal Alumni ClubEsperanza
•Westwood Village Rotary ClubMagnolia
•Whittier CollegeLos Angeles
•Wilshire Rotary Club of Los AngelesLos Angeles
•Women's Network at NBCUMagnolia
•WorldMed USCPoliti
•Wunder AgencyAlta Loma
•YACS at UCLAEsperanza
•Yale UniversityEsperanza
•YPI AmeriCorpsLos Angeles
•Zeta Tau Zeta Occidental CollegeEsperanza
•ZS AssociatesPoliti