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Frequently Asked Questions about the Reading Clubs

Last updated March 4, 2015

  Please click here to view general FAQs about Reading to Kids.
Q:  What time do I have to arrive at the school?
A:  First-time volunteers must arrive before 9:00 a.m. in order to attend a mandatory training session. Volunteers who have helped us before must arrive before 9:15 a.m. to participate in a reading club preparation session.
Q:  Where is my school, and where may I park my vehicle?
A:  For detailed instructions, please click here for a list of schools and directions to each school.
Q:  Do I need to bring anything to the school?
A:  Not a thing except, perhaps, a big smile! Reading to Kids provides the books and breakfast for the volunteers, and the schools provide the supplies for the arts and crafts projects. Some volunteers have, in the past, brought items such as travel magazine clippings for pictures of faraway places, glitter, metallic ink pens, etc. for craft ideas related to the month's book selection. If these items inspire creativity, are age-appropriate, and are easy to clean up, the kids generally appreciate the extra effort--just let us know what special items you've brought at check-in time!
Click here for a volunteers' checklist for preparing for the reading clubs.
Q:  Can I bring my child with me?
A:  Reading to Kids volunteers should not bring children to the reading clubs with them.
Q:  Where can I get ideas to help make the reading clubs a better experience for the kids?
A:  If you are volunteering with us for the first time, the 9 a.m. training session will orient you to the reading club format and should provide you with some ideas on how best to present the monthly books to the children.
  Another valuable resource will be your fellow volunteers. Ask some of the veterans at your table what they've done in the past and what they plan to do that day.
  Finally, you may also find some helpful ideas by speaking to your local librarian, browsing our Reading Tips webpage, and perusing various literacy websites across the internet.
Q:  How can I recommend some great book titles for use in the reading clubs?
A:  Teachers at our participating schools select the reading club books each month, but they would certainly welcome your suggestions. Please e-mail us at info@readingtokids.org, and we will forward the title suggestions to the teachers.
Q:  What happens to the books that are purchased for the reading clubs?
A:  Books that are selected by the teachers and purchased by Reading to Kids in a given month are donated directly to the school libraries. Reading to Kids has increased the library holdings of the participating schools by more than 1,000 books overall!
Q:  If I sign up, am I committed to volunteering each month?
A:  Although we would love to have you volunteer each month, we recognize that people have busy schedules, so our philosophy is that if you can make it one month, we're glad to have you, but if you can't make it, then you are welcome to volunteer the following month.
Q:  When may I RSVP?
A:  You may RSVP online anytime before the next reading club, although the earlier, the better to help us plan ahead. If it's your first time volunteering with us, before you are able to RSVP, you will be directed to our online volunteer application.  Click here to begin the process.  Please note that if there are no spots available for the next reading clubs, this link will direct you to return to the website when spaces open up, at which point you will then be able to fill out the online application and RSVP.
Q:  In general, does volunteering for Reading to Kids require a big time commitment? How often are the reading clubs held?
A:  There is no big time commitment. Volunteers can choose to volunteer at a reading club whenever their schedules permit. The reading clubs are held once per month, always on the second Saturday of each month. Checking in starts as early as 8:30 a.m., and the reading clubs conclude before noon. If you like, at the bottom of this page you can watch a video on what volunteers can expect at their first reading club.
Q:  How else can I help?
A:  Reading to Kids has been able to expand because volunteers continue to spread the word about our programs. Please encourage your friends and co-workers to participate by passing along the information about our website and by sharing your volunteer experiences with others. You may also join one of our Taskforce Committees to help us with the management of the programs. For more information, please contact a committee chair directly, or get in touch with us through the "Contact Us" section of this website. Finally, we are always happy to accept donations to our organization. For more information about the costs of our programs and about making a donation, please visit the "Donations" section of our website.
Q:  How can I get more information?
A:  Send an e-mail with questions to info@readingtokids.org, or browse the rest of the website.
  You may also click the play button below for a video that explains what to expect at your first reading club.