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Current Apr. 8 RSVP List for Politi Elementary
Volunteers at  
36 RSVPs as of 3/28 at 9:26 a.m.
16 volunteers are still needed at Politi Elementary.
Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name Role(s)
Arias, AndreaReader
Avila, SuheyReader
Beaman, DeniseReader
Berger, Susan5th Grade GLC and Reader
Brenes, IlianaReader
Bukhman, MichelleReader
Caswell, RachealReader
Choudhury, RheaReader
Dave, PriyankaReader
Erin-Barragar, SamanthaReader
Green, VanessaSite Coordinator
Horn, HeatherSite Operations Helper
Janolo, Janelle Reader
King, ElizabethReader
Kingsley, LizzieReader
Leal, JohnReader
Lee, JessicaSite Coordinator
Lewis, MelissaReader
Loney, Andrea2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Luong, DavidKindergarten GLC and Reader
Mazo, ShelbyReader
Mengaziol, Dean1st Grade GLC and Reader
Nesia, VickyReader
Paik, RachelReader
Pan, AngelineReader
Phillips, EricReader
Salazar, EdwardReader
Scott, Annette L.Reader (application submitted for review)
Sharifan, Atefeh (Aj)Reader
Shioya, Susan4th Grade GLC and Reader
Slaughter, NateReader
Thompson, StanTraining Coordinator and Reader
Torres, CeliReader
Voce, CelesteReader
Woodford, NginaReader
Youssef, AndrewReader
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Your First Reading Club
-This Month's Books
-Reading Tips and Related Articles
-Lunch Information
-Maps and Parking Information
-Cancel Your RSVP
 Questions? Contact us at
(310) 479-7455 or e-mail us
at inforeadingtokids.org.
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 Site Operations Team
- Vanessa Green, Site Coordinator
- Jessica Lee, Site Coordinator
- Stan Thompson, Training Coordinator
- David Luong, GLC Grade K
- Dean Mengaziol, GLC Grade 1
- Andrea Loney, GLC Grade 2
- Susan Shioya, GLC Grade 4
- Susan Berger, GLC Grade 5
 Volunteer Groups
- 20-Something Ladies Social
- Active Student Leaders
- Agape
- Alpha Gamma Sigma Santa Monica College
- ASU Alumni LA Chapter
- Battlestar Guttagtica
- Boeing
- Cal State LA Circle K International
- Capital Group
- Creative Artists Agency
- CSUDH Circle K International
- CSUDH Latino Student Business Association
- CSULA Associate Student Leaders
- Hope for LA
- Howard University Alumni Club of Los Angeles County (HUAC-LA).
- Junior League of Los Angeles
- Kappa Alpha Theta Eta Mu
- Meetup.com
- Mount Sinai Baptist Church Women's Ministry
- Mt. SAC Honors Ambassadors
- Pacific Crossroads Church
- Passion For Children
- Rotaract of West LA
- TOLA Volunteers
- UCLA Alpha Epsilon Delta
- UCLA Bruin Belles
- UCLA CSC Day of Service
- United Geek Federation
- University of South Alabama SoCal Alumni Chapter
- USC Alpha Phi Omega
- USC Sigma Phi Omega
- West LA College
- WorldMed USC
- ZS Associates