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Current Sep. 12 RSVP List for Politi Elementary
Volunteers at  
49 RSVPs as of 8/28 at 9:34 a.m.
16 volunteers are still needed at Politi Elementary.
Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name Role(s)
Akman, BillieReader
Bennett, ChikiraReader (application submitted for review)
Berger, SusanFood Runner and Reader
Brady, DaletReader
Carmichael, ShelbyReader
Casler, CharlesReader
Charette, AshtonReader
Czepek, EwelinaReader
Dang, JacquelynReader
Declercq, Monica5th Grade GLC and Reader
Fakih, MariamReader
Geary, SuquoiaReader
Green, VanessaSite Coordinator
Greer, Michelle2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Hafford, JasonReader
Halfon, IrinaReader
Hansen, ChristopherReader
Hensel, StephenTraining Coordinator and Reader
Horn, Heather3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Hoss, BlakeReader
Hyon, AlisonReader
Jass, AdamReader
Jimenez , Marissa Reader
Kitziger Hansen, HannahReader
Lee, Anne-MarieReader (application submitted for review)
Lee, AnnieReader (application submitted for review)
Lemus, MariaReader
Lewis, MelissaReader
Mcarthur, JeffReader
Mcshane, StaceyReader
Meaney, RobynReader
Muth, CamilleReader (application submitted for review)
Nnebe, AshleyReader
Nouadir, SabrinaReader
Okojie, MimiReader
Pai, GraceSite Operations Helper
Panahon, BenignoReader
Pleus, BrandonReader
Quraishi, JoannaReader
Ramirez, EdgarReader
Reinbold, Mary LouReader
Rivera, JacquelineSite Coordinator
Roth, MaddyReader
Sanders, AileneReader (application submitted for review)
Shioya, Susan4th Grade GLC and Reader
Thilenius, MattReader
Thompson, StanReader
Yeron, Amber Reader
Zamora, DeannaReader
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 Site Operations Team
- Vanessa Green, Site Coordinator
- Jacqueline Rivera, Site Coordinator
- Stephen Hensel, Training Coordinator
- Michelle Greer, GLC Grade 2
- Heather Horn, GLC Grade 3
- Susan Shioya, GLC Grade 4
- Monica Declercq, GLC Grade 5
 Volunteer Groups
- Active Student Leaders
- ASU Alumni LA Chapter
- Battlestar Guttagtica
- Boeing
- Cal State LA Student Union
- Capital Group
- Cornell Club of Los Angeles
- Creative Artists Agency
- CSUDH Circle K International
- CSUDH Latino Student Business Association
- CSULB Petra
- Cypress College
- Hope for LA
- Howard University Alumni-GLA
- Junior League of Los Angeles
- Kappa Alpha Theta Eta Mu
- Meetup.com
- Mt. SAC Honors Ambassadors
- Occidental Greek Council
- Participant Media
- Passion For Children
- Posse Foundation
- Rotaract of CSULB
- Rotaract of West LA
- South LA YouthBuild
- Stamps.com
- UCLA Alpha Epsilon Delta
- UCLA Bruin Belles
- UCLA Chi Delta Theta
- UCLA CSC Day of Service
- UCLA Delta Tau Delta
- UCLA Golden Key
- UCLA iVolunteer
- UCLA Kappa Alpha Pi
- UCLA National Society of Collegiate Scholars
- University of South Alabama SoCal Alumni Chapter
- USC Alpha Phi Omega
- USC Sigma Phi Omega
- WorldMed USC
- Wunder Agency
- ZS Associates