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Current Feb. 13 RSVP List for Magnolia Elementary
Volunteers at  
79 RSVPs as of 2/12 at 10:00 a.m.
Name Role(s)
Alexiev, Renee1st Grade Reader
Baik, LloydKindergarten Reader
Barraza, Nicole1st Grade Reader
Becker, Megan3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Briceno, AndreaTraining Coordinator and 2nd Grade Reader
Broner, Carolyn2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Bullock, Christa3rd Grade Reader
Byers, ColetteKindergarten Reader
Cabal, Martin3rd Grade Reader
Cajigal, Stephanie5th Grade Reader
Chan, Albert5th Grade Reader
Chan, GregoryKindergarten Reader
Chang, KearnyKindergarten Reader
Chang, Rochelle4th Grade Reader
Chang, Sarah1st Grade Reader
Channa, Ingrid4th Grade Reader
Chen, Olivia1st Grade Reader
Chong, Jessica3rd Grade Reader
Conley, Ryan2nd Grade Reader
Davis, Devonne1st Grade GLC and Reader
Del Valle, AlyshaKindergarten Reader
Ding, Catherine3rd Grade Reader
Erickson, Nicole2nd Grade Reader
Fortune, Akeva1st Grade Reader
Frazer, RichardSite Coordinator
Freedland, David2nd Grade Reader
Fuszara, Samantha 2nd Grade Reader
Gibson, Leah3rd Grade Reader
Greer, Katie1st Grade Reader
Harrison , Mark 4th Grade Reader
Hernandez, EdgarSite Coordinator
Hernandez, JimmyKindergarten Reader
Ho, CindyKindergarten GLC and Reader
Hong, Erina2nd Grade Reader
Hsu, CatherineKindergarten Reader
Hsu , ChristineKindergarten Reader
Huynh, Jennifer2nd Grade Reader
Jabanoski, NicoleKindergarten Reader
Javdan, MonaTraining Coordinator and Kindergarten Reader
Johnson, Kim2nd Grade Reader
Kashon, Amie1st Grade Reader
Kenny, DorothyKindergarten Reader
Koerner, Todd5th Grade Reader
Le, Nhi2nd Grade Reader
Lin, JessicaKindergarten Reader
Lino, Maria5th Grade Reader
Lockmanese, Kristina1st Grade Reader
Luong, AuroraKindergarten Reader
Maneykowski, Michael2nd Grade Reader
Manohar, Marcus3rd Grade Reader
Marini, Nick5th Grade Reader
Mata, Gustavo3rd Grade Reader
Mody, Amol5th Grade GLC and Reader
Moore-Mitchell, Kameron4th Grade Reader
Moriarty, Shelagh1st Grade Reader
Narayan, Nishant4th Grade GLC and Reader
Nguyen, Martin5th Grade Reader
Ohanesian, Vahe5th Grade Reader
Pagan, Lisandra4th Grade Reader
Paras, Kelsey MaeKindergarten Reader
Partida, Patricia1st Grade Reader
Patterson, Chelsea5th Grade Reader
Queck, GeoffreyKindergarten Reader
Queck, JuliaKindergarten Reader
Reddy, ShaliniKindergarten Reader
Rosales, Danielle1st Grade Reader
Sato, EricKindergarten Reader
Schultz, KaceyKindergarten Reader
Singh, Gurpreet1st Grade Reader
Su, Jinn2nd Grade Reader
Ta, Eileen4th Grade Reader
Tran, Jason3rd Grade Reader
Vo, Suzanne5th Grade Reader
Wu, An Qi1st Grade Reader
Yang, Paul1st Grade Reader
Yi, Karen1st Grade Reader
Yoerg, Keith4th Grade Reader
Young, Courtney1st Grade Reader
Zhou, Iris1st Grade Reader
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-This Month's Books
-Reading Tips and Related Articles
-Lunch Information
-Maps and Parking Information
-Cancel Your RSVP
 Questions? Contact us at
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 Site Operations Team
- Richard Frazer, Site Coordinator
- Edgar Hernandez, Site Coordinator
- Andrea Briceno, Training Coordinator
- Mona Javdan, Training Coordinator
- Cindy Ho, GLC Grade K
- Devonne Davis, GLC Grade 1
- Carolyn Broner, GLC Grade 2
- Megan Becker, GLC Grade 3
- Nishant Narayan, GLC Grade 4
- Amol Mody, GLC Grade 5
 Volunteer Groups
- Accenture
- Asian Professional Exchange (APEX)
- Caltech Y
- CSULA Nursing
- CSUN Alpha Kappa Psi/Rho Delta Chi
- Disney VoluntEARS
- DreamWorks Animation
- Fluor
- FOX Gives
- Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd
- Hope for LA
- ICDC College
- Junior League of Los Angeles
- LMU Gryphon Circle
- LMU Sursum Corda
- Los Angeles ASCE YMF
- Meetup.com
- New Life House
- One Brick Volunteers
- Pepperdine MBA '11
- Phi Sigma Sigma LA County Alumnae
- Principato-Young Entertainment
- Rotaract at UCLA
- San Gabriel Valley New Generation Rotary Club
- Santa Monica Social
- SMC Adelante Club
- SMC Reading Club
- St. Monica YMA
- Sursum Corda
- The Boston Consulting Group
- The Positivity Project
- UCLA BruinCorps
- UCLA Circle K
- UCLA CSC Day of Service
- UCLA Lambda Theta Nu
- UCLA Pi Kappa Alpha
- Union Bank
- University of Michigan Club - Los Angeles
- USC Beta Alpha Psi
- USC Black Alumni Association
- USC Circle K International
- USC Helenes
- USC Lambda Theta Nu
- USC Mortar Board
- USC Phi Alpha
- USC Pi Beta Phi
- Westwood Village Rotary Club
- Women's Network at NBCU
- Yale University