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Current May 13 RSVP List for MacArthur Park Elementary
Volunteers at  
31 RSVPs as of 4/21 at 6:50 p.m.
29 volunteers are still needed at MacArthur Park Elementary.
Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name Role(s)
Aranda, Rene MichelleKindergarten GLC and Reader
Boone, KatharineReader (application submitted for review)
Broner, Carolyn2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Burke, MichaelReader
Burkhart, IevgeniiaReader
Caruso, Mardi4th Grade GLC and Reader
Collie, CharlotteReader
Cross, AveryReader
Dunlap, EricReader
Dunn, DanielleReader
Firestone, DanielleReader
Galuten, NoahReader
Gong, WillReader
Hamoy, JaredReader
Herman, Amy1st Grade GLC and Reader
Keta, NachiReader
Mcdonald, LauraReader
Mendoza, JuanReader
Mody, Amol3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Nadler, RachelReader
Nguyen, DonReader
Ours, SybilReader
Peterson, MichaelReader
Rossney, GlennSite Coordinator
Scahill, Eileen5th Grade GLC and Reader
Sehrawat, AkritiReader
Shlesinger, IlizaReader
Stalder, JuliaReader
Stone , Hannah Reader
Templar, DanielleReader
Zeisler, Katy Reader
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-Video of What to Expect at
Your First Reading Club
-This Month's Books
-Reading Tips and Related Articles
-Lunch Information
-Maps and Parking Information
-Cancel Your RSVP
 Questions? Contact us at
(310) 479-7455 or e-mail us
at inforeadingtokids.org.
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 Site Operations Team
- Glenn Rossney, Site Coordinator
- Amy Herman, Training Coordinator
- Rene Michelle Aranda, GLC Grade K
- Amy Herman, GLC Grade 1
- Carolyn Broner, GLC Grade 2
- Amol Mody, GLC Grade 3
- Mardi Caruso, GLC Grade 4
- Eileen Scahill, GLC Grade 5
 Volunteer Groups
- Bluebeam
- Cerritos Apple Store
- Farmers Insurance
- My Own 2 Hands
- Notre Dame Club of Los Angeles
- PUSH Mentors
- Represent
- Strategic Employment Partners
- UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai Chapter
- UCLA Theta Delta Chi