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Current May 10 RSVP List for Los Angeles Elementary
Volunteers at  
44 RSVPs as of 4/23 at 8:49 a.m.
56 volunteers are still needed at Los Angeles Elementary.
Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name Role(s)
Battaglini, GiulianaReader
Boyd, Catherine2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Chaw, KarenReader
Cheung, JenniferReader
Chung, PaulSite Coordinator
Cruse, MeredithReader
Davenport, LoriReader
Distefano, KellyReader
Diy, NicoReader
Diy, Ruth MaryReader
Du, DonnaReader
Duan, RanReader (application submitted for review)
Filippone, TomReader
Gilliland, KatherineReader
Graf, Suhatcha PanyaReader
Guerrero, PedroReader
Han, JamesReader
Harter, RachelSite Coordinator
Hawkins, RonaldReader
Hendrickson, JenniferReader
Hesse, Kenny Reader
Holladay, JeffReader
Ingram , Ashley Reader
Kim, AmyReader
Ko, SongReader
Lorah, VictoriaReader
Lu, ThanhReader
Martin, ChristopherKindergarten GLC and Reader
Moskovitz, JulieReader
Nguyen, LisaReader
Olson, JamiFood Runner and Reader
Pham, CatherineReader
Ploussard, DanielleReader
Rabbin, Sandra1st Grade GLC and Reader
Rezvani, Saeed3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Ritchel, SeanReader
Rossney, Glenn4th Grade GLC and Reader
Sargeant, Jeff5th Grade GLC and Reader
Ta, EileenReader
Tam, TimothyReader
Tse, LouisReader
Will, CharlotteReader
Yang, SophiaReader
Zelin, AdamReader
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 Site Operations Team
- Paul Chung, Site Coordinator
- Rachel Harter, Site Coordinator
- Christopher Martin, Training Coordinator
- Christopher Martin, GLC Grade K
- Sandra Rabbin, GLC Grade 1
- Catherine Boyd, GLC Grade 2
- Saeed Rezvani, GLC Grade 3
- Glenn Rossney, GLC Grade 4
- Jeff Sargeant, GLC Grade 5
 Volunteer Groups
- Anderson School of Management
- Aon
- Ascend
- Boeing
- Capgemini
- CSULB Alpha Phi Omega Rho Gamma Chapter
- L.A. Works
- LMU Center for Service and Action
- Meetup.com
- Next Gen Femmes
- Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Kappa Delta
- Raytheon
- SMC Reading Club
- Sunday Assembly
- Syracuse Alumni
- UCLA Alpha Phi
- UCLA CSC Day of Service
- UCLA Delta Kappa Alpha
- UCLA Paralegal Training Program
- UCLA Sigma Tao Delta
- UCSD Alumni
- USC Alpha Phi
- USC Omega Phi Beta
- USC Price School of Public Policy
- Vanderbilt Alumni Association
- Variety Children's Charity - YV
- Whittier College