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Current Nov. 12 RSVP List for Gratts Elementary
Volunteers at  
22 RSVPs as of 10/20 at 5:27 p.m.
38 volunteers are still needed at Gratts Elementary.
Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name Role(s)
Barbosa, AprilReader
Baumgartner, SteveTraining Coordinator and Reader
Brandt, ChristinaReader
Chen, OscarReader
Chittenden, Russell4th Grade GLC and Reader
Davis, Valerie1st Grade GLC and Reader
Gillikin, StephenReader
Howell, NicoleReader
Landaverde, KarenReader
Lee, BrittneyReader
Mccauley, KathrynReader
Miller, CallieReader
Ortiz, AnaiReader
Palineckhouse, PhyllisReader
Penketh, MichaelReader
Rademaekers, BillReader
St. Germain , Daniel Reader
Stone, FrancheskaReader
Walker, AleaReader
Wilson, KoriTraining Coordinator and Reader
Wilson, Toni3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Zhang, Jing2nd Grade GLC and Reader
 Volunteer Resources
-Video of What to Expect at
Your First Reading Club
-This Month's Books
-Reading Tips and Related Articles
-Lunch Information
-Maps and Parking Information
-Cancel Your RSVP
 Questions? Contact us at
(310) 479-7455 or e-mail us
at inforeadingtokids.org.
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 Site Operations Team
- Steve Baumgartner, Training Coordinator
- Kori Wilson, Training Coordinator
- Valerie Davis, GLC Grade 1
- Jing Zhang, GLC Grade 2
- Toni Wilson, GLC Grade 3
- Russell Chittenden, GLC Grade 4
 Volunteer Groups
- Battlestar Guttagtica
- Centro
- Clark Construction
- Cornell Club of Los Angeles
- CSULA Marketing Club
- Gay for Good
- Georgetown University Club of LA
- Johns Hopkins in Action-Los Angeles
- Junior League of Los Angeles
- L.A. Works
- Meetup.com
- National Silhouettes of Kappa Alpha Psi - LBISB Chapter
- Phi Sigma Sigma LA County Alumnae
- Second Saturday
- The Miss Icon Organization
- Unitas Global
- USC Black Alumni Association