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Current Feb. 8 RSVP List for Esperanza Elementary
Volunteers at  
46 RSVPs as of 1/24 at 12:08 p.m.
Note: All volunteer spots at this school are currently filled. Please try another school, or check back for openings which often occur up until the RSVP deadline of 3 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name Role(s)
Avila, ClaudiaReader
Baker Governatori, ChrissyReader
Chestnut, BradleyReader
Daily, GarrettReader
Eckels, MihuiReader
Governatori, AlexReader
Gray, Catherine5th Grade GLC and Reader
Greengard, GloriaReader
Guillem, AshleyReader
Hang, FernandaReader
Hollister, MackenzieReader
Iyer, SerrenaReader
Jacobs, LauraReader
Jones, MatthewReader
Kaneshiro, ChristinaReader
Leb, KatieReader
Leung, MaggieReader
Marin, NatalieReader
May, MarkSite Coordinator
Mayhorn, MarcieReader
Mba, ArlandoReader
Mehra, RaviReader
Metry, MiraReader
Minasyan, MarineReader
Mirabian, Nineli1st Grade GLC and Reader
Mitchell, BrianReader
Moya, AndreaReader
Murphy, OmarReader
Nguyen, KimReader
Perez, DavidReader
Perez, KarinaReader
Perplies, Kimberly3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Rickard, DavidReader
Scahill, Eileen2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Schluter, KaitlinSite Coordinator
Sheen, NadiaReader
Solis, MarcoReader
Taylor, StephenKindergarten GLC and Reader
Tiangco, TheodoreReader
Triay, CassandraReader
Velez, YesicaReader
Vogel, VictoriaReader
Warmoth, TonantzinReader
Webb, JanetFood Runner and Reader
Wyzgoski , AlexandraReader
Young, GraceReader
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-This Month's Books
-Reading Tips and Related Articles
-Lunch Information
-Maps and Parking Information
-Cancel Your RSVP
 Questions? Contact us at
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 Site Operations Team
- Mark May, Site Coordinator
- Kaitlin Schluter, Site Coordinator
- Stephen Taylor, GLC Grade K
- Nineli Mirabian, GLC Grade 1
- Eileen Scahill, GLC Grade 2
- Kimberly Perplies, GLC Grade 3
- Catherine Gray, GLC Grade 5
 Volunteer Groups
- Junior League of Los Angeles
- Los Angeles Auburn Club
- Meetup.com
- Occidental Greek Council
- OU Alumni
- Pomona College Draper Center
- Rotaract at UCLA
- Stanford Alumni CSC
- UCLA Alumni Westside Network
- Westside Cal Alumni Club