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Name School Role(s)
Acosta, LessaGratts   Reader
Acosta Quiroz, MichelleLos Angeles   Reader
Adam, TenaAlta Loma   Reader
Afify, SafiahMacArthur Park   Reader
Alfaro, EvelynPoliti   Reader
Alvarez, CynthiaAlta Loma   Reader
Ameri, GoliEsperanza   Reader
Aoun, ChristinaLos Angeles   Reader
Arciniega, AlejandraEsperanza   Reader
Armstrong, Vanessa Politi   Reader
Badon, KarenAlta Loma   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Baker Governatori, ChrissyEsperanza   Reader
Bala, ShainuAlta Loma   Reader
Banayan, AshleyLos Angeles   Reader
Bangura, SaataAlta Loma   Reader
Barhaghi, Parsa Alta Loma   Reader
Barnard, KenEsperanza   Reader
Barragan, CeciliaGratts   Reader
Barrientos, DavidLos Angeles   Reader
Bathineni, LikhitaAlta Loma   Reader
Baumgartner, SteveGratts   Reader
Becerra-Globus, Azalea AnnGratts   Reader
Ben Abdallah, CecileAlta Loma   Reader
Bennett, AlexisAlta Loma   Reader
Berger, SusanPoliti   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Bieber, MichaelEsperanza   Reader
Blount, CarlynGratts   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Boyd, CatherineLos Angeles   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Brewington, Tyler White   Reader
Brewster, DonaldEsperanza   Reader
Briceno, AndreaMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Broner, CarolynMacArthur Park   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Burkhart, IevgeniiaMacArthur Park   Reader
Buzzanco, AnthonyMacArthur Park   Reader
Cabrera, JenniferLos Angeles   Reader
Cajigal, StephanieMagnolia   Reader
Caldera, MarcelaMagnolia   Reader
Calio, KatieWhite   Reader
Callahan, DavidWhite   Site Coordinator
Camacho, ChristinaGratts   Reader
Camba, Diana MaeLos Angeles   Reader
Carrillo, LizethMacArthur Park   Reader
Caruso, MardiMacArthur Park   Reader
Castaneda, JoelLos Angeles   Reader
Chacon, ChristalMacArthur Park   Reader
Chang, TiffannieMacArthur Park   Reader
Chatham, ChaniqueWhite   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Chavez, FrankLos Angeles   Reader
Chazen, JamieMagnolia   Reader
Chen, OscarGratts   Reader
Chittenden, RussellGratts   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Cho, KaylinLos Angeles   Reader
Choi, YoomiLos Angeles   Reader
Choo, SoyoonLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Chor, SokpheakMacArthur Park   Reader
Chow, JosiEsperanza   Reader
Chung, PaulLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Clifford, Emerald Alta Loma   Reader
Clift, JesseAlta Loma   Reader
Cob-Nahuat, YaneliLos Angeles   Reader
Coleman, IvanaPoliti   Reader
Colgan, BethEsperanza   Reader
Colvin, LauraPoliti   Reader
Contreras, SarahPoliti   Reader
Cook, CarrieAlta Loma   Reader
Coronel, MiaMacArthur Park   Reader
Coverson, LauraEsperanza   Reader
Cox, JohnEsperanza   Reader
Craig, Khilyn Los Angeles   Reader
Criddle, GoldaPoliti   Reader
Croskery, SharonLos Angeles   Reader
Cruse, MeredithLos Angeles   Reader
Culton, ChristianPoliti   Reader
Dandridge, YmaMagnolia   Reader
Davis, DevonneMagnolia   Reader
Declercq, MonicaPoliti   5th Grade GLC and Reader
DeJurnett, BrittniAlta Loma   Reader
Delasia, KristiPoliti   Reader
Dennis, AmandaAlta Loma   Reader
Diaz, AlejandraMagnolia   Reader
Distefano, KellyLos Angeles   Reader
Dorfman, SethLos Angeles   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Dorman, AlexandraWhite   Reader
Douglas, TravisGratts   Reader
Eason, AlexLos Angeles   Reader
Edwards, JohnWhite   Reader
Effinger, SarahAlta Loma   Reader
Emenalom, Esther Los Angeles   Reader
Enciso, CarolinaPoliti   Reader
Espinoza, AnjaLos Angeles   Reader
Esquivel, MarcoLos Angeles   Reader
Eulberg, KristaLos Angeles   Reader
Fausto, CharlesLos Angeles   Reader
Fortune, AkevaMagnolia   Reader
Fox, AnnaEsperanza   Reader
Freedland, DavidMagnolia   Reader
Freese, JoshuaWhite   Reader
Furney-Howe , Laura Alta Loma   Reader
Fuszara, Samantha Magnolia   Reader
Gaifman, MoritEsperanza   Reader
Gandhi, RonakAlta Loma   Reader
Garcia, JessicaMacArthur Park   Reader
Gardner, Mary RachelAlta Loma   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Gazzaz, KamelLos Angeles   Reader
Gelfeld, DouglasEsperanza   Reader
Georgieva, ElenaLos Angeles   Reader
Gibson, LeahMagnolia   Reader
Gillespie, MargaretEsperanza   Reader
Glass, LeoraLos Angeles   Reader
Goebel, AnnaWhite   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Goff, MarisaLos Angeles   Reader
Gomes, ElizabethLos Angeles   Reader
Gordon, KevinEsperanza   Reader
Goren, InbarLos Angeles   Reader
Governatori, AlexEsperanza   Reader
Grannis, JenniferMacArthur Park   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Gray, AndreiaLos Angeles   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Green, KerriLos Angeles   Reader
Green, MaryellenGratts   Reader
Green, SusanLos Angeles   Reader
Greenberg, GailEsperanza   Reader
Greengard, GloriaEsperanza   Reader
Greer, KatieMagnolia   Reader
Gregory, ShannonPoliti   Reader
Grogan, SarahLos Angeles   Reader
Gross, AbbyAlta Loma   Reader
Guevara-Gonzalez, VladimirLos Angeles   Reader
Guo, TamiMagnolia   Reader
Gutierrez, LauraMagnolia   Reader
Guzman Llamas, RaquelMagnolia   Reader
Hale, KatieGratts   Reader
Hammelman, Jeannie Los Angeles   Reader
Hammelman, MarkLos Angeles   Reader
Han, DanEsperanza   Reader
Hanley, YavonneGratts   Reader
Hansen, WhitWhite   Reader
Harewood, NathalieWhite   Reader
Harris, HardhiPoliti   Reader
Hart, KiraLos Angeles   Reader
Hendrickson, JenniferMacArthur Park   Reader
Hendrix, CathyMagnolia   Reader
Hernandez, BerniceGratts   Reader
Hernandez, EdgarMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Hernandez, JimmyMacArthur Park   Reader
Horn, HeatherPoliti   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Hou, JoanneEsperanza   Reader
Housh, NolanLos Angeles   Reader
Hsueh, JenniferMacArthur Park   Reader
Hung, ConnieGratts   Reader
Inamdar, GauravLos Angeles   Reader
Jabanoski, NicoleMacArthur Park   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Jacobson, TaimiLos Angeles   Reader
Jaffer, BobbyEsperanza   Reader
James, JeremiahMacArthur Park   Reader
Jimenez, MagaliGratts   Reader
Jones, DebiWhite   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Jones, KatieEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Jones, MatthewEsperanza   Reader
Jones, NickAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Jones, RobinEsperanza   Reader
Joseph, LucindaEsperanza   Reader
Kacena, AmeliaLos Angeles   Reader
Kaminski, TriciaAlta Loma   Reader
Kantrowitz, FrankEsperanza   Reader
Kao, JamieMagnolia   Reader
Karimova, ElmiraWhite   Site Operations Helper
Kashon, AmieMagnolia   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Kern, AngeloEsperanza   Reader
Kim, AndrewLos Angeles   Reader
Kim, Eddie) JaeGratts   Reader
Kim, RichardMacArthur Park   Reader
Kim, Soo JinMagnolia   Reader
Koerner, ToddMagnolia   Reader
Kohatsu, LaurenLos Angeles   Reader
Kong, NicoleMacArthur Park   Reader
Koopman, IngridGratts   Reader
Kumar, ShraddhaLos Angeles   Reader
Kwong, GilbertLos Angeles   Reader
Lacara, AliceLos Angeles   Reader
Lacara, AnnabelLos Angeles   Reader
Lam, SandyGratts   Reader
Lau, DiannaLos Angeles   Reader
Le, EricLos Angeles   Reader
Lee, BrittneyGratts   Reader
Lee, JaniceMacArthur Park   Reader
Leung, MaggieEsperanza   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Levy, RachelLos Angeles   Reader
Lewis, MelissaPoliti   Reader
Lichtner, ChristianEsperanza   Reader
Lien, NhiMagnolia   Reader
Lim, MaxwellLos Angeles   Reader (application submitted for review)
Lim, SharleneMagnolia   Reader
Lin, GraceLos Angeles   Reader
Lin, JennyAlta Loma   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Lopez, ChristinaWhite   Reader
Luc, EvaLos Angeles   Reader
Lui, LeahMagnolia   Reader
Luong, DavidPoliti   Reader
Ly, AndrewMagnolia   Reader
Ly, CalvinMagnolia   Reader
Machado, KatieMacArthur Park   Reader
Machnik, JaneAlta Loma   Reader
Madhavan, MeghnaLos Angeles   Reader
Madrigal, LilianaLos Angeles   Reader
Mandel, LisaGratts   Reader
Maneykowski, MichaelMagnolia   Reader
Martin, ChristopherLos Angeles   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Mason, MelissaEsperanza   Reader
May, MarkEsperanza   Site Coordinator
McIntire, LorraineWhite   Reader
Mckinney, SheaunWhite   Reader
Mcknight, Ryan MacArthur Park   Reader
Meade, DanielLos Angeles   Reader
Mengaziol, DeanPoliti   Reader
Miller, SydneyEsperanza   Reader
Mishler, TeresaAlta Loma   Reader
Mishra, NishthaEsperanza   Reader
Mkrtchyan , Viktoria Esperanza   Reader
Modi, PreemaAlta Loma   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Mody, AmolMacArthur Park   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Montemayor, AndresWhite   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Montes, CynthiaPoliti   Training Coordinator and Reader
Montgomery, LaurenMagnolia   Reader
Moore-Mitchell, KameronMagnolia   Reader
Morallo, MichaelAlta Loma   Reader
Moriarty, ShelaghMagnolia   Reader
Morris, JordyLos Angeles   Reader
Morris, TiffanyMagnolia   Reader
Moskovitz, JulieLos Angeles   Reader
Murata, SomaLos Angeles   Reader
Nakano, SherylAlta Loma   Reader
Narayan, NishantMagnolia   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Nasrallah, IssaLos Angeles   Reader
Ng, TerryGratts   Reader
Nguyen, BeverlyMacArthur Park   Reader
Nguyen, KimEsperanza   Reader
Nguyen, KimberlyWhite   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Nicolini, Alissa MacArthur Park   Reader
Nicolini, JoyMacArthur Park   Reader
Nisly, HavenLos Angeles   Reader
Noah, JanetLos Angeles   Reader
Nunez, NancyEsperanza   Reader
Nuyen, AllisonMacArthur Park   Reader
O'Dette, KatarinaMagnolia   Reader
Oden, KimEsperanza   Reader
Okeefe, KatelynAlta Loma   Reader
Olson, JamiLos Angeles   Food Runner and Reader
Olya, GabrielleLos Angeles   Reader
Ostiller, CathyEsperanza   Reader
Ostiller, JamesEsperanza   Reader
Ostiller, Rick Esperanza   Reader
Owolabi, AyoMacArthur Park   Reader
Pagan, LisandraMagnolia   Reader
Pai, GracePoliti   Site Coordinator
Panelo, BelindaPoliti   Reader
Paras, Kelsey MaeMagnolia   Reader
Pargevuni, MariamEsperanza   Reader
Parry, CeliaGratts   Reader
Patel, ChandniLos Angeles   Reader
Patel, DilanWhite   Reader
Penix, LaurenMacArthur Park   Reader
Perez, Bethany Los Angeles   Reader
Petrakis, E.Los Angeles   Reader
Pfeifer, AllisonAlta Loma   Reader
Pham, BrandonLos Angeles   Reader
Pintoff, CarolineLos Angeles   Reader
Poulard, ShainaAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Provatakis, JulianaWhite   Reader
Puro, CydneyAlta Loma   Reader
Quintana, MarissaPoliti   Reader
Raffel, JudyLos Angeles   Reader
Raglin-Washington, Chauncey B.Esperanza   Reader
Ramachandran, SandhyaGratts   Reader
Ramirez, MariaMacArthur Park   Reader
Ramis, AnneEsperanza   Reader
Reddy, ShaliniMagnolia   Reader
Rethore, AbigailLos Angeles   Reader
Rezvani, SaeedLos Angeles   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Richard, JanieceEsperanza   Reader
Ritter, SusanEsperanza   Reader
Rossney, GlennMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Rubio, MarielAlta Loma   Site Coordinator
Salinas, JasmineLos Angeles   Reader
Salinas, LeslieGratts   Reader
Sampedro, IvonnetPoliti   Reader
Sandersfeld, EmilyWhite   Site Operations Helper
Sanderson, TinaMacArthur Park   Site Coordinator
Santos, LesterMagnolia   Reader
Scahill, EileenMacArthur Park   Reader
Schluter, KaitlinEsperanza   Reader
Schmit, KellyLos Angeles   Reader
Schultz, KaceyMagnolia   Reader
Schwartz, AdamWhite   Reader
Seh, EmelyneGratts   Reader
Setiadji, InaLos Angeles   Reader
Shah, Akash Esperanza   Reader
Shah, NeilMagnolia   Reader
Sharp, ZelmaGratts   Reader
Shin, JamieLos Angeles   Reader
Shioya, SusanPoliti   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Shittu, FatimahEsperanza   Reader
Shushan, NathalieAlta Loma   Reader
Simmons, Judi-AnneWhite   Reader
Sinclair, AiyshaLos Angeles   Reader
Skoryna, MaggieAlta Loma   Reader
Smith, AllisonLos Angeles   Reader
Smith, EddieGratts   Reader
Smith, JenGratts   Site Coordinator
Smith, TawnniGratts   Site Operations Helper
Smoot, AndreaMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Sneed, JeffreyGratts   Reader
Stein, JeffMagnolia   Reader
Sternberg, BenjaminWhite   Reader
Stoker, SarahEsperanza   Reader
Stone , Hannah MacArthur Park   Reader
Studard, KristenEsperanza   Reader
Sukekawa-Mooring, Mel MelEsperanza   Reader
Supin, KenPoliti   Reader
Swanson, LarryMagnolia   Reader
Szatmary, ArminLos Angeles   Reader
Sze, HeatherEsperanza   Reader (application submitted for review)
Szefer, YvonneEsperanza   Reader
Ta, EileenMagnolia   Reader
Tang, DanPoliti   Reader
Tarnow, TamiLos Angeles   Reader
Taylor, HollisMacArthur Park   Reader
Teh, LourdesMagnolia   Reader
Theron, LariskaLos Angeles   Reader
Thilenius, MattPoliti   Reader
Thompson, StanPoliti   Training Coordinator and Reader
Toce, MariaMacArthur Park   Reader
Toliver, DominiqueAlta Loma   Reader (application submitted for review)
Tortu, WilliamMacArthur Park   Reader
Tran, JasonMagnolia   Reader
Tran, KaylindaLos Angeles   Reader
Trebbin, AnthonyMacArthur Park   Reader (application submitted for review)
Truong, TiffanyAlta Loma   Reader
Vaidya, JaanhviEsperanza   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Vanderwal, ShaunaMacArthur Park   Reader
Vargo, AlexLos Angeles   Reader
Vogel, VictoriaEsperanza   Reader
Wade Friedman, CarrieLos Angeles   Reader
Webb, JanetEsperanza   Food Runner and Reader
White, PatrickEsperanza   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Wigman, JennaEsperanza   Reader
Willens, HeatherEsperanza   Reader
Williams, LevannaPoliti   Reader
Williams, VenetiaAlta Loma   Reader
Williamson, BenMagnolia   Reader
Williamson, ClayWhite   Reader
Wilson, TomLos Angeles   Reader
Wilson, ToniGratts   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Winnick, JenniferEsperanza   Reader
Wong, CandacePoliti   Reader
Wong, DavidLos Angeles   Reader
Wong, TammyAlta Loma   Reader
Wu, AlbertMagnolia   Reader
Wuts, FrankMagnolia   Reader
Xu, JuliaEsperanza   Reader
Yamaki, JennieLos Angeles   Reader
Yeh, MaryLos Angeles   Reader
Yoon, ElizabethEsperanza   Reader
Yoong, SabrinaWhite   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Young, CourtneyMagnolia   Reader
Zelin, JasonLos Angeles   Reader
Zhang, JingGratts   Reader
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 Volunteer Groups
-20-Something Ladies SocialPoliti
-5500 FoundationAlta Loma
-AABRG- Coca Cola RefreshmentsAlta Loma
-Active Student LeadersPoliti
-AgapeAlta Loma
-Agents of ChangeEsperanza
-AGS Honor Society, SMU MacArthur Park
-AIFYPLALos Angeles
-Alpha Gamma Sigma Santa Monica CollegePoliti
-Alumni Scholars UCLAWhite
-Americorps NCCCGratts
-Anderson School of ManagementLos Angeles
-AonLos Angeles
-AscendLos Angeles
-Asian Professional Exchange (APEX)Magnolia
-ASU Alumni LA ChapterPoliti
-Battlestar GuttagticaGratts, Politi
-Birthright Israel NEXTAlta Loma
-Black Women Lawyers of Los AngelesEsperanza
-BluebeamMacArthur Park
-BoeingLos Angeles, Politi, White
-Book Buddies EntertainmentEsperanza
-Cal State LA Circle K InternationalGratts
-Cal State LA Student UnionPoliti
-Caltech YMagnolia
-CapgeminiLos Angeles
-Capital GroupPoliti
-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsEsperanza
-Clark ConstructionGratts
-ConnectorsLos Angeles
-Cornell Club of Los AngelesPoliti
-CPP ASL/UCI KZ PhiEsperanza, Gratts
-Creative Artists AgencyPoliti
-Crowe HorwathAlta Loma
-CSUDH Circle K InternationalPoliti
-CSUDH English Grad AssociationAlta Loma
-CSUDH Latino Student Business AssociationEsperanza, Politi
-CSUDH Phi Iota AlphaEsperanza
-CSUDH Phi Sigma SigmaEsperanza
-CSULA Alpha Phi OmegaEsperanza
-CSULA Associate Student LeadersPoliti
-CSULA Marketing Club Gratts
-CSULA NursingMagnolia
-CSULB Alpha Phi Omega Rho Gamma ChapterLos Angeles
-CSULB Chi Delta Theta Sorority Inc. Alta Loma
-CSULB Kappa Omicron NuEsperanza
-CSULB PetraPoliti
-CSUN Alpha Kappa Psi/Rho Delta ChiMagnolia
-CSUN Delta Sigma PiLos Angeles
-CSUN Phi MuAlta Loma
-CSUN SIAGratts, Los Angeles
-Cypress CollegePoliti
-Delta Omicron Tau--Occidental CollegeLos Angeles
-Disney VoluntEARSMagnolia
-DreamWorks AnimationMagnolia
-Echoes of Hope - Be A Light ProjectAlta Loma
-El Camino College Circle K InternationalEsperanza
-Emerson CollegeWhite
-FIDM: PTKEsperanza
-FIMRC Magnolia
-FOX GivesMagnolia
-Gay for GoodGratts
-Generation of the FutureLos Angeles
-Georgetown University Club of LAGratts
-Greater Empire PageantsAlta Loma
-Haas Alumni Network LA Chapter.Esperanza
-Hall and PartnersEsperanza
-Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood BlvdMagnolia
-Hope for LAMagnolia, Politi
-Howard University Alumni-GLAPoliti
-Hyland'sLos Angeles
-ICDC CollegeMagnolia
-ILFC Magnolia
-INC GivingGratts
-iO West TheaterEsperanza
-Japanese American Optimist ClubLos Angeles
-JHRTSLos Angeles
-JMU AlumniLos Angeles
-Johns Hopkins in Action-Los AngelesGratts
-Junior League of Los AngelesAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
-Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Pasadena Alumni ChapterAlta Loma
-Kappa Alpha Theta Eta MuPoliti
-KOREH L.A.Esperanza, Los Angeles
-L.A. WorksGratts, Los Angeles
-LA Church of ChristEsperanza
-LA County Alternate Public DefendersWhite
-Langston Bar Association ELCAlta Loma
-LBCC The Order of THOREsperanza
-LMU Center for Service and ActionLos Angeles
-LMU Chi Delta ThetaAlta Loma
-LMU Gryphon CircleMagnolia
-LMU PEAPEsperanza, Gratts
-LMU Sursum CordaMagnolia
-Los Angeles ASCE YMFMagnolia
-Los Angeles Auburn Club Esperanza
-Los Angeles-Santa Monica Alumnae Club of Pi Beta PhiAlta Loma
-Major League Acting AcademyLos Angeles
-Marine Recruiting Station Los AngelesWhite
-Meetup.comAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
-Mount Sinai Baptist Church Women's MinistryMacArthur Park, Politi
-Mt. SAC CKIGratts
-Mt. SAC Honors AmbassadorsPoliti
-Mudders Making A Difference (MMAD)Esperanza
-National Silhouettes of Kappa Alpha Psi - LBISB ChapterGratts
-NavigantLos Angeles
-New Life HouseMagnolia
-Next Gen FemmesLos Angeles
-NU Club of LALos Angeles
-Occidental Greek CouncilEsperanza, Politi
-One Brick VolunteersMagnolia
-Optimity AdvisorsLos Angeles
-OU AlumniEsperanza
-Participant MediaWhite
-Pasadena JayceesEsperanza
-Passion For ChildrenPoliti
-Penn Serves LALos Angeles
-Pepperdine Alumni AssociationEsperanza
-Pepperdine Dr. Rey 658Alta Loma
-Pepperdine MBA '11Magnolia
-Phi Sigma Sigma LA County AlumnaeMagnolia
-Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Kappa DeltaLos Angeles
-Pomona College Draper CenterEsperanza
-Posse FoundationPoliti
-Premiere Digital ServicesEsperanza
-Principato-Young EntertainmentMagnolia
-RaytheonLos Angeles
-RepresentMacArthur Park
-Rotaract at UCLAMagnolia
-Rotaract of CSULBPoliti
-Rotaract of West LAPoliti
-San Gabriel Valley New Generation Rotary ClubMagnolia
-Santa Monica SocialMagnolia
-Second SaturdayGratts
-SGALos Angeles
-Sierra Club 20s and 30sWhite
-Sigma Nu, Eta-PhiLos Angeles
-SMC Adelante ClubMagnolia
-SMC Reading ClubLos Angeles, Magnolia
-South Bay Cal Alumni ClubAlta Loma
-South LA YouthBuildPoliti
-SPAYAMLos Angeles
-St. Monica YMAMagnolia
-Stanford Alumni CSCEsperanza
-Sunday AssemblyLos Angeles
-Sursum CordaMagnolia
-SVdP (UCLA)Gratts
-Syracuse AlumniLos Angeles
-The Boston Consulting GroupMagnolia
-The Miss Icon OrganizationGratts
-The Positivity ProjectMagnolia
-The Sisterhood LAPoliti
-UCLA Alpha Chi OmegaLos Angeles
-UCLA Alpha Epsilon DeltaPoliti
-UCLA Alpha Lambda Delta & Phi Eta Sigma Honor SocietiesEsperanza, White
-UCLA Alpha PhiLos Angeles
-UCLA Alpha Phi OmegaLos Angeles
-UCLA Alumni Westside NetworkEsperanza
-UCLA ASDAMagnolia
-UCLA Beta Alpha PsiGratts
-UCLA Bruin BellesPoliti
-UCLA BruinCorpsMagnolia
-UCLA Chi Delta Theta Politi
-UCLA Circle KMagnolia
-UCLA CSC Day of ServiceLos Angeles, Magnolia, Politi
-UCLA Delta Kappa AlphaLos Angeles
-UCLA Delta Tau DeltaPoliti
-UCLA Engineering Graduate Student AssociationLos Angeles
-UCLA FISHLos Angeles
-UCLA Gamma Phi BetaLos Angeles
-UCLA Golden KeyPoliti
-UCLA iVolunteerPoliti
-UCLA Kappa Alpha PiPoliti
-UCLA Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
-UCLA Luskin Social Justice CaucusWhite
-UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai ChapterWhite
-UCLA National Society of Collegiate ScholarsPoliti
-UCLA Paralegal Training ProgramLos Angeles
-UCLA Pi Kappa AlphaMagnolia
-UCLA Regents Scholar SocietyMagnolia
-UCLA Sigma Alpha MuLos Angeles
-UCLA Sigma Tao DeltaLos Angeles
-UCLA Theta Delta ChiMacArthur Park
-UCLA Volunteer CenterLos Angeles
-UCSD AlumniLos Angeles
-UM Local ActionAlta Loma
-UNICEF Santa MonicaLos Angeles
-Union BankMagnolia
-Unitas GlobalGratts
-United Geek FederationPoliti
-University of Michigan Club - Los AngelesMagnolia
-University of South Alabama SoCal Alumni ChapterAlta Loma, Politi
-USC Alpha PhiLos Angeles
-USC Alpha Phi OmegaPoliti
-USC Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
-USC Black Alumni AssociationEsperanza, Gratts, Magnolia
-USC Circle K InternationalMagnolia
-USC Graduate and Policy Administration CommunityLos Angeles
-USC HelenesAlta Loma, Magnolia
-USC Lambda Pi Eta Esperanza
-USC Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
-USC Mortar BoardMagnolia
-USC Peter Stark Producing ProgramEsperanza
-USC Phi AlphaMagnolia
-USC Pi Beta PhiMagnolia
-USC Sigma Phi OmegaPoliti
-Vanderbilt Alumni AssociationLos Angeles
-West Coast University Doctor of Physical Therapy ProgramWhite
-West LA CollegeEsperanza
-Westside Cal Alumni ClubEsperanza
-Westwood Village Rotary ClubMagnolia
-Whittier CollegeLos Angeles
-WLAC Alpha Gamma SigmaAlta Loma
-Women's Network at NBCUMagnolia
-WorldMed USCPoliti
-Wunder AgencyPoliti
-YACS at UCLAEsperanza
-Yale UniversityMagnolia
-YPI AmeriCorpsGratts
-Zeta Tau Zeta Occidental CollegeEsperanza
-ZS AssociatesPoliti