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Grade assignments will be posted at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the reading clubs.
Name School Role(s)
Acosta, LessaGratts   Reader
Adam, TenaAlta Loma   Reader
Adams, JenniferLos Angeles   Reader
Aguilar, TanyaMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Ahmed, SanaGratts   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Alexander, ElizabethMagnolia   Reader
Alfaro, EvelynPoliti   Reader
Alvarez, CynthiaAlta Loma   Reader
Apinyavat, SonyaMagnolia   Reader
Arciniega, AlejandraEsperanza   Reader
Atkinson Williams, LevannaPoliti   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Avila, YahairaWhite   Reader
Baig, SairaAlta Loma   Training Coordinator and Reader
Banks, JoshuaMagnolia   Reader
Barraza, NicoleMagnolia   Reader
Baumgartner, SteveGratts   Reader
Becker, MeganMagnolia   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Berger, SusanPoliti   Food Runner and Reader
Bieber, MichaelEsperanza   Reader
Bijarchi, DarPoliti   Reader
Bishop, KimEsperanza   Reader
Blandon, WilliamMagnolia   Reader
Blank, MarisaLos Angeles   Reader
Blethen, SarahWhite   Reader
Boyd, CatherineLos Angeles   Reader
Bracamontes, ClaudiaMagnolia   Reader
Brenes, IlianaPoliti   Reader
Broner, CarolynMagnolia   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Buckley, ErinMagnolia   Reader
Butler, LizMagnolia   Reader (application submitted for review)
Callahan, DavidWhite   Site Coordinator
Camba, Diana MaeAlta Loma   Reader
Campbell, ScottEsperanza   Reader
Canes, ChelseaGratts   Reader
Cao, XuelaiAlta Loma   Reader
Carmona, AlecPoliti   Reader
Carr, ChrissyEsperanza   Reader
Caruso, MardiGratts   Reader
Cash, AudreyLos Angeles   Reader
Ceci, JenniferEsperanza   Reader
Centeno, SuwencyWhite   Reader
Chan, MaraAlta Loma   Reader
Chaw, KarenLos Angeles   Reader
Cheng, StephanieAlta Loma   Reader
Chittenden, RussellGratts   Reader
Chun, JinhwaMagnolia   Reader
Chung, PaulLos Angeles   Reader
Chute, NoraPoliti   Reader (application submitted for review)
Corell, RachelLos Angeles   Reader
Criddle, GoldaGratts   Reader
Cruse, MeredithLos Angeles   Reader
Cuadra, IrinaMagnolia   Reader
Dang, HelenMagnolia   Reader
Dang, JeanneEsperanza   Reader
Dashiell, DavidMagnolia   Reader
Davis, DanielleEsperanza   Reader
Dawson, MeredithLos Angeles   Reader
De Mel, SandraWhite   Reader
Declercq, MonicaPoliti   Reader
Di Febo, RaphaelAlta Loma   Reader
Dileo, KatherineGratts   Reader
Dougherty, BrennaWhite   Reader
Downs, RobertWhite   Reader
Drayson, NatashaMagnolia   Reader
Duke, JordanLos Angeles   Reader (application submitted for review)
Edwards, Kevin-PaulLos Angeles   Reader
Eibisch, NoraPoliti   Reader
Ellsworth, KristinAlta Loma   Reader
Emping, DiademaLos Angeles   Reader
Enfield, MarissaGratts   Reader
Epstin, GregGratts   Reader
Esquivel, MarcoLos Angeles   Reader
Estrada Sanchez , KarlaGratts   Reader
Evans, MarkGratts   Reader
Falco, DianneLos Angeles   Reader
Feltz, KristinAlta Loma   Reader
Ferguson, KaylaWhite   Reader
Fice, MichaelAlta Loma   Reader
Flores, ShariWhite   Reader
Forte, TyroneLos Angeles   Reader
Foster, DerekMagnolia   Reader
Fox, AnnaEsperanza   Reader
Frick, CourtneyEsperanza   Reader
Friel, AnneAlta Loma   2nd Grade GLC and Reader
Frnka, AlexandraPoliti   Reader
Fuog, VeronicaLos Angeles   Reader
Garcia, RobertEsperanza   Reader
Getz, MikeWhite   Reader
Gillespie, MargaretEsperanza   Reader
Gillikin, StephenGratts   Reader
Glass, LeoraLos Angeles   Reader
Glassman, AmandaLos Angeles   Reader
Glover, ShakiraAlta Loma   Reader
Greengard, GloriaEsperanza   Reader
Guillen, SarahMagnolia   Reader
Gullerfelt, AnjaMagnolia   Reader
Gum, BrianWhite   Reader
Guo, TamiMagnolia   Reader
Guttag, AndreaPoliti   Reader
Halfon, IrinaPoliti   Reader
Halpern, PamelaMagnolia   Site Coordinator
Hanna, LilyMagnolia   Reader
Haque, ShailaMagnolia   Reader
Harter, RachelLos Angeles   Site Coordinator
Hasty, GregLos Angeles   Reader
Hawkes, CarlaAlta Loma   Reader
He, BingAlta Loma   Reader
Hendrickson, JenniferLos Angeles   Reader
Heng, RetaGratts   Reader
Hernandez, BerniceGratts   Reader
Hernandez, EdgarMagnolia   Reader
Hernandez, JimmyMagnolia   Reader
Ho, BensonMagnolia   Reader
Ho, CindyPoliti   Reader
Hock, AllieLos Angeles   Reader
Horie, TomokoLos Angeles   Reader
Horn, HeatherPoliti   Reader
Housh, NolanLos Angeles   Reader
Houston, MarkWhite   Reader
Howard, MyraLos Angeles   Reader
Huntington, EleanorMagnolia   Reader
Isaacs, Edvard (Eddie)Esperanza   Reader
Jackson, BekkaAlta Loma   Reader
Jaffer, BobbyEsperanza   Reader
Javdan, MonaEsperanza   Reader
Jensen, MargaretWhite   Reader
Johnson, KimMagnolia   Reader
Johnson, O'DellMagnolia   Reader
Johnston, ElizabethPoliti   Reader
Jones, CrystalAlta Loma   Reader
Jones, DebiWhite   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Jones, KatieEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Jones, MatthewEsperanza   Reader
Jones, NicholasAlta Loma   Reader
Juarez, JanellyAlta Loma   Reader
Jun, KatherineAlta Loma   Reader
Kampmeyer, DinaLos Angeles   Reader
Kanjanapangka, IsabellaMagnolia   Reader
Kashon, AmieMagnolia   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Katz, JenikaWhite   Reader
Kawakatsu, YukakoAlta Loma   Reader
Kennett, JillLos Angeles   Reader
Kim, JeanMagnolia   Reader
Kim, MyungAlta Loma   Reader
Knapper, Karen-NicoleLos Angeles   Reader
Ko, SongWhite   Reader
Koerner, ToddMagnolia   Reader
Koontz, MichelleMagnolia   Reader
Kryger, ValerieWhite   Reader
Lafayette, FrancescaMagnolia   Reader
Laing-Smith, MariaGratts   Reader
Lam, ChristineAlta Loma   Reader (application submitted for review)
Lau, DiannaLos Angeles   Reader
Layson, LaurenLos Angeles   Reader
Leal, JohnPoliti   Reader
Lee, BrittneyGratts   Reader
Lei, NatalieLos Angeles   Reader
Leon, JulianaEsperanza   Reader
Leshner, HarryMagnolia   Reader
Levy, NikkiWhite   Reader
Lewis, MelissaPoliti   Reader
Liang, AndyAlta Loma   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Liebowitz, JayAlta Loma   Reader
Lim , SulingLos Angeles   Reader
Limon, YvetteEsperanza   Reader
Liu, RebeccaMagnolia   Reader (application submitted for review)
Luc, EvaLos Angeles   Training Coordinator and Reader
Mac, PeterMagnolia   Reader
Maler, BreanaAlta Loma   Reader
Mandel, LisaGratts   Reader
Manneh, ClaireEsperanza   Reader
Marcus, CliffEsperanza   Reader
Marshall, WilliamLos Angeles   Reader
Martin, ChristopherLos Angeles   Training Coordinator and Reader
Marx, MelaniePoliti   Reader
Mason, MelissaEsperanza   Reader
May, MarkEsperanza   Site Coordinator
Mccann, JulieAlta Loma   Reader
Mcclure, AubreyEsperanza   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Mcginley, MadokaPoliti   Reader
Mendez, SandraLos Angeles   Reader
Mershon, JessicaEsperanza   Reader
Mezen, AndrewMagnolia   Reader
Micucci, MatthewGratts   Reader
Miller, KevinGratts   Reader
Milton, SelenaPoliti   Reader
Mishler , TeresaAlta Loma   Reader
Mitchell, BrianEsperanza   Reader
Monk, KathleenMagnolia   Reader
Moore, Mary MichelleMagnolia   Reader
Moore, MayaAlta Loma   Reader
Moore, SamuelMagnolia   Reader
Morales, Fernando Los Angeles   Reader (application submitted for review)
Moralez, Ana RubiMagnolia   Reader
Morallo, MargaretEsperanza   Reader
Moreno, JacobLos Angeles   Reader
Moskovitz, JulieLos Angeles   Reader
Moura, PedroAlta Loma   Reader
Muhm, ElizabethMagnolia   Reader
Nguyen, CeciliaAlta Loma   Reader
Nguyen, LisaLos Angeles   Reader
Nguyen, MartinGratts   Reader
Njendu, WanjiruWhite   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Noah, JanetLos Angeles   Reader
Nouadir, SabrinaLos Angeles   Reader
Okojie, MimiPoliti   Reader
Oktay, AliMagnolia   Reader
Olivas, JessicaAlta Loma   Reader
Oliver, MarkPoliti   Reader
Olson, JamiLos Angeles   Food Runner and Reader
Ostiller, CathyEsperanza   Reader
Ostiller, JamesEsperanza   Reader
Ostojic, LiskaLos Angeles   Reader
Pagan, LisandraMagnolia   Reader
Palty, TaraMagnolia   Reader
Pargevuni , Mashie Alta Loma   Reader
Partida, PatriciaMagnolia   Reader
Patel, SapnaLos Angeles   Reader
Penet, VivianWhite   Reader
Pengphol, NattapongMagnolia   Reader
Pham, JessicaMagnolia   Reader
Pham, PriscillaPoliti   Reader
Phu, JerrilynLos Angeles   Reader
Pickard, MichaelPoliti   Reader
Pina, ChristinaLos Angeles   Reader (application submitted for review)
Pintoff, CarolineLos Angeles   Reader
Poon, MartinMagnolia   Reader
Portillo, YolandaLos Angeles   Reader
Postell, JoyPoliti   Reader
Poulard, ShainaAlta Loma   Reader
Price, MaureenMagnolia   Reader
Prince, CourtneyWhite   Reader
Puga, CindyGratts   Reader
Rabbin, SandraLos Angeles   Reader
Raley, MichaelLos Angeles   Reader
Ramirez, WilliamWhite   Reader
Ramos, PauloLos Angeles   Reader
Ramos, RodolfoMagnolia   Reader
Rapkin, MarleneLos Angeles   Reader
Renshaw, JayLos Angeles   Reader
Rice, CourtneyAlta Loma   Reader
Richard, JanieceEsperanza   Reader
Rickard, DavidEsperanza   Reader
Ripperger-Suhler, HanaMagnolia   Reader
Rocha, NatalieAlta Loma   Reader
Rodriguez, SandyLos Angeles   Reader
Romero, AshleyLos Angeles   Reader
Rosenthal, DeedeeMagnolia   Site Operations Helper
Rossney, GlennLos Angeles   Reader
Sabino, JohnWhite   Reader
Sanchez, KristineAlta Loma   Reader
Sands, TaraEsperanza   Reader
Santana, LoniGratts   Reader
Santarromana, KatrinaEsperanza   Reader
Sargeant, JeffLos Angeles   Reader
Scahill, EileenMagnolia   Reader
Schumacher, Kate Gratts   Reader
Scrivens, JacquelineMagnolia   Reader
Seal, RobertLos Angeles   Reader
Shah, NeilMagnolia   Kindergarten GLC and Reader
Shapiro, SusanGratts   Reader
Shioya, SusanPoliti   4th Grade GLC and Reader
Shollenberger, BillyMagnolia   Reader
Silberman, RebeccaWhite   Reader
Sims, AvéAlta Loma   Reader
Smith, JenGratts   Site Coordinator
Smith, TawnniGratts   Site Operations Helper
Sobel, TamaraEsperanza   1st Grade GLC and Reader
Socha, JennaAlta Loma   Reader
Somogyi, KarinMagnolia   Reader
Stalder, JuliaLos Angeles   Reader
Steinman, JamieAlta Loma   Reader
Stephens, JulieMagnolia   5th Grade GLC and Reader
Studebaker, JoannaLos Angeles   Reader
Suede, AnnieEsperanza   Reader
Sui, OliviaLos Angeles   Reader
Surwillo, RichardWhite   Reader
Swanson, LarryMagnolia   Reader
Tarnow, TamiLos Angeles   Reader
Tate, StefanieAlta Loma   Reader
Thibault, AlyEsperanza   Reader
Tio, RosalineMagnolia   Reader
Tiu, ClarenceEsperanza   Reader
Toce, MariaGratts   Reader
Tran, JasonMagnolia   Reader
Tran, JenniferAlta Loma   Reader
Tsao, Kay (Ke Shin)Alta Loma   Reader (application submitted for review)
Tse, LouisLos Angeles   Reader
Tseng, LucyLos Angeles   Reader
Valerros, AlyssaPoliti   Reader
Vasquez, RogerEsperanza   3rd Grade GLC and Reader
Vaughan, LaurenWhite   Reader
Vazquez, SelinaLos Angeles   Reader
Velasco, SandraPoliti   Reader (application submitted for review)
Vo, SuzanneMagnolia   Reader
Waldrop Gilbert, AngelaLos Angeles   Reader
Wallace, AdrienneLos Angeles   Reader
Wang, AnneAlta Loma   Reader
Wang, HelenMagnolia   Reader
Webb, JanetEsperanza   Food Runner and Reader
Weiss, SophieLos Angeles   Reader
Willensky, AllisonAlta Loma   Reader
Willis, JenWhite   Reader
Wiseman, JillianLos Angeles   Reader
Wong, LaurenMagnolia   Reader
Wong, ShelbyEsperanza   Reader
Wright, ElizabethLos Angeles   Reader
Wu, BenjaminMagnolia   Reader
Xu, NancyLos Angeles   Reader
Xue, SindyLos Angeles   Reader
Yamaki, JennieLos Angeles   Reader
Yang, SophiaLos Angeles   Reader
Yoon, ElizabethEsperanza   Reader
Yoon, JihwanWhite   Reader
Young, CourtneyMagnolia   Reader
Yun, JunghwaAlta Loma   Reader (application submitted for review)
Zelin, AdamLos Angeles   Reader
Zelin, JasonLos Angeles   Reader
Zyck, SamanthaMagnolia   Reader
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-5500 FoundationAlta Loma
-AABRG- Coca Cola RefreshmentsAlta Loma
-Active Student LeadersPoliti
-AgapePoliti, White
-AIFYPLALos Angeles
-Alpha Gamma Sigma Santa Monica CollegeAlta Loma
-Americorps NCCCGratts
-Anderson School of ManagementLos Angeles
-AonLos Angeles
-AscendLos Angeles
-Asian Professional Exchange (APEX)Magnolia
-ASU Alumni LA ChapterPoliti
-Battlestar GuttagticaGratts, Politi
-Birthright Israel NEXTAlta Loma
-Black Women Lawyers of Los AngelesEsperanza
-BoeingLos Angeles, Politi, White
-Book Buddies EntertainmentEsperanza
-Cal State LA Circle K InternationalGratts
-Caltech YMagnolia
-CapgeminiLos Angeles
-Capital GroupPoliti
-Clark ConstructionGratts
-Cornell Club of Los AngelesPoliti
-CPP ASL/UCI KZ PhiEsperanza, Gratts
-Creative Artists AgencyPoliti
-Crowe HorwathAlta Loma
-CSUDH Circle K InternationalPoliti
-CSUDH English Grad AssociationAlta Loma
-CSULA Marketing Club Gratts
-CSULA NursingMagnolia
-CSULB Alpha Phi Omega Rho Gamma ChapterLos Angeles
-CSULB Chi Delta Theta Sorority Inc. Alta Loma
-CSULB PetraPoliti
-CSUN Delta Sigma PiLos Angeles
-CSUN Phi MuAlta Loma
-CSUN SIAGratts, Los Angeles
-Cypress CollegePoliti
-Disney VoluntEARSMagnolia
-DreamWorks AnimationMagnolia
-Echoes of Hope - Be A Light ProjectAlta Loma
-El Camino College Circle K InternationalEsperanza
-Emerson CollegeWhite
-FIDM: PTKEsperanza
-FIMRC Magnolia
-FluorAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
-FOX GivesMagnolia
-Gay for GoodGratts
-Georgetown University Club of LAGratts
-Haas Alumni Network LA Chapter.Esperanza
-Hall and PartnersEsperanza
-Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood BlvdMagnolia
-Hope for LAMagnolia, Politi
-Howard University Alumni-GLAPoliti
-ICDC CollegeMagnolia
-ILFC Magnolia
-INC GivingGratts
-iO West TheaterEsperanza
-Japanese American Optimist ClubLos Angeles
-JHRTSLos Angeles
-Junior League of Los AngelesPoliti
-Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Pasadena Alumni ChapterAlta Loma
-KOREH L.A.Esperanza, Los Angeles
-L.A. WorksGratts, Los Angeles
-LA Church of ChristEsperanza
-LA County Alternate Public DefendersWhite
-Langston Bar Association ELCAlta Loma
-LMU Center for Service and ActionLos Angeles
-LMU Chi Delta ThetaAlta Loma
-LMU Gryphon CircleMagnolia
-LMU PEAPEsperanza, Gratts
-LMU Sursum CordaMagnolia
-Los Angeles ASCE YMFMagnolia
-Los Angeles-Santa Monica Alumnae Club of Pi Beta PhiAlta Loma
-Meetup.comAlta Loma, Esperanza, Gratts, Los Angeles, Magnolia, Politi, White
-Mt. SAC Honors AmbassadorsPoliti
-Mudders Making A Difference (MMAD)Esperanza
-Next Gen FemmesLos Angeles
-Occidental Greek CouncilEsperanza, Politi
-One Brick VolunteersMagnolia
-OU AlumniEsperanza
-Participant MediaPoliti
-Pasadena JayceesEsperanza
-Pepperdine Alumni AssociationEsperanza
-Pepperdine Dr. Rey 658Alta Loma
-Pepperdine MBA '11Magnolia
-Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Kappa DeltaLos Angeles
-Pomona College Draper CenterEsperanza
-Posse FoundationPoliti
-Premiere Digital ServicesEsperanza
-Principato-Young EntertainmentMagnolia
-RaytheonLos Angeles
-Rotaract Club of UCLAMagnolia
-Rotaract of West LAPoliti
-San Gabriel Valley New Generation Rotary ClubMagnolia
-Santa Monica SocialMagnolia
-Second SaturdayGratts
-SGALos Angeles
-Sierra Club 20s and 30sWhite
-Sigma Nu, Eta-PhiLos Angeles
-SMC Reading ClubLos Angeles, Magnolia
-South Bay Cal Alumni ClubAlta Loma
-SPAYAMLos Angeles
-St. Monica YMAMagnolia
-Stanford Alumni CSCEsperanza
-Sunday AssemblyLos Angeles
-Sursum CordaMagnolia
-SVdP (UCLA)Gratts
-Syracuse AlumniLos Angeles
-UCLA Alpha Lambda Delta & Phi Eta Sigma Honor SocietiesEsperanza, White
-UCLA Alpha PhiLos Angeles
-UCLA Alpha Phi OmegaAlta Loma
-UCLA Alumni Westside NetworkEsperanza
-UCLA Beta Alpha PsiGratts
-UCLA Bruin BellesPoliti
-UCLA BruinCorpsMagnolia
-UCLA Chi Delta Theta Politi
-UCLA Circle KMagnolia
-UCLA CSC Day of ServiceLos Angeles, Magnolia, Politi
-UCLA Delta Kappa AlphaLos Angeles
-UCLA Delta Tau DeltaPoliti
-UCLA Gamma Phi BetaLos Angeles
-UCLA Golden KeyPoliti
-UCLA Kappa Alpha PiPoliti
-UCLA Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
-UCLA Luskin Social Justice CaucusWhite
-UCLA Mortar Board, Agathai ChapterWhite
-UCLA National Society of Collegiate ScholarsPoliti
-UCLA Paralegal Training ProgramLos Angeles
-UCLA Pi Kappa AlphaMagnolia
-UCLA Sigma Tao DeltaLos Angeles
-UCLA Volunteer CenterLos Angeles
-UCSD AlumniLos Angeles
-UM Local ActionAlta Loma
-Union BankMagnolia
-Unitas GlobalGratts
-University of Michigan Club - Los AngelesMagnolia
-USC Alpha PhiLos Angeles
-USC Alpha Phi OmegaPoliti
-USC Beta Alpha PsiMagnolia
-USC Circle K InternationalMagnolia
-USC Lambda Theta NuMagnolia
-USC Mortar BoardMagnolia
-USC Peter Stark Producing ProgramEsperanza
-USC Phi AlphaMagnolia
-USC Pi Beta PhiMagnolia
-USC Price School of Public PolicyLos Angeles
-USC Sigma Phi OmegaPoliti
-Vanderbilt Alumni AssociationLos Angeles
-Variety Children's Charity - YVLos Angeles
-Westside Cal Alumni ClubEsperanza
-Westwood Village Rotary ClubMagnolia
-Whittier CollegeLos Angeles
-WLAC Alpha Gamma SigmaAlta Loma
-Women's Network at NBCUMagnolia
-Wunder AgencyPoliti
-Yale UniversityMagnolia
-YPI AmeriCorpsGratts
-ZS AssociatesPoliti