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       Date        Article
29-Dec-2005 One last plea, and a joke from the past
Topics include an end of the year plea and holiday wishes.
16-Dec-2005 Last But Not Least: Dec. Clubs Set 2005 Attendance Record!
Topics include "December Reading Club Wrap-Up," "Thank You Santa!" and "January Reading Clubs."
6-Dec-2005 December Readers Needed!
Articles include "Sign Up Now for December Clubs," "Sneak Peek at the Books," and "Hike This Weekend."
30-Nov-2005 'Tis the Holiday Season at Reading to Kids
Articles include "December 10th Reading Clubs," "Annual Fund Drive Results," and "Altadena Hike on Dec. 11."
28-Oct-2005 Reading to Kids Annual Fund Drive Appeal
As the Annual Fund Drive reaches its final few weeks, 65-time volunteer Ali Husain makes an appeal to all volunteers and supporters to help Reading to Kids reach its fundraising goals.
21-Oct-2005 Show Your School Spirit on November 12th!
Topics include October Reading Club recap, Annual Fund Drive update, and College Spirit Day announcement.
4-Oct-2005 A Letter from Matthew Jones
This issue features a plea from one of our most dedicated volunteers.
29-Sep-2005 Spooky Readers Needed!
This issue highlights some October reading club book titles.
19-Sep-2005 A Successful September
Topics include "September Reading Club Wrap-Up," "Annual Fund Drive Begins," and "Sep. 25th Beach Party and Bonfire at Dockweiler."
30-Aug-2005 Fantasy, Folklore, and Fairy Tales at the September Reading Clubs!
Topics include "September Reading Clubs," "Fantasy- and Folklore-Themed Books," and "Comedy Night Thank Yous!"
11-Aug-2005 A Special Note from Mary: "Farewell, Friends of R2K!"
Thanks to our thousands of readers, enthusiastic partner schools, participating kids, and community supporters. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you all!
5-Aug-2005 Get Your Dodger Tickets
Topics include "August Volunteer Incentive--Free Dodger Tickets" and "Countdown to Aug. 11 Comedy Night and Silent Auction Benefit Event."
29-Jul-2005 Gear Up for Comedy Night!
Topics include "Aug. 11 Comedy Night at the Improv," July 30 Hollywood Forever Movie Night," and "August Reading Club Books."
21-Jul-2005 Comedy Night at the Improv August 11th
Topics include "Comedy Night at the Improv," "August Reading Clubs," "My Fair Lady Fundraiser," and "Hollywood Forever Movie Night Social."
19-Jul-2005 Welcome to our new Program Director!
We are delighted to welcome a new Program Director to Reading to Kids!
12-Jul-2005 Songs, Cemeteries, and Scavenger Hunts
Topics include "July Reading Club Recap," "'My Fair Lady' Special Fundraiser," "JetSet Society Scavenger Hunt," and "Movie Night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery."
6-Jul-2005 Join the JetSet Society Scavenger Hunt!
Topics include "July Reading Clubs" and "JetSet Society's Great Race."
30-Jun-2005 Declare Independence at the July Reading Clubs!
Topics include July Reading Clubs, "Independence"-themed Books, and Our "Comedy Night" Event at the Improv on August 11.
24-Jun-2005 Three Books = Free Haircut at Vaksberg Salon!
Topics include July Reading Clubs and Cut-a-Thon at the Vaksberg Salon!
15-Jun-2005 Hair-Raising Book Drive!
Topics include June Reading Clubs Wrap-Up, Vaksberg Salon Book Drive, Westlake Fire Victims Update, Thanks to Stanford Alums.
9-Jun-2005 Esperanza Families Need Your Help
Information is provided for making donations to apartment fire victims through the American Red Cross.
6-Jun-2005 Volunteers Needed in June!
Topics include June Reading Clubs, 6th Birthday Celebration at Gratts, Book Drive with the Irene Vaksberg Salon, and "The Do's" of Reading Aloud.
1-Jun-2005 "Celebrate" in June with Reading to Kids!
Topics include June 11th Reading Clubs, Soltstice Canyon Hike on June 4th, and This Month's Birthday-Themed Books.
25-May-2005 June Fun Coming Up!
Topics include May Reading Club Recap, June SIgn-Ups, Solstice Canyon Hike, Volunteer Groups, and Our Friends at Hollywood Momentum
13-May-2005 Come to Big Sunday!
Topics include Magnolia Art Fair and Noble Festivities this Sunday.
2-May-2005 Get Crafty on May 14th!
Topics include "May Reading Clubs," "Making the Most of Your Craft Time," and "What to Expect from Each Grade Level."
26-Apr-2005 Welcome to Reading to Kids!
Topics include May Reading Clubs, Family-themed Books, and Donating Your Computer.
19-Apr-2005 Find Us at the Festival!
Topics include April Reading Club Wrap-Up, May 14th Reading Club Announcement, 2005 Festival of Books, and Program Director Opening.
29-Mar-2005 Program Director Position Available
Reading to Kids is seeking a full-time Program Director to start in July 2005. (This position has been filled.)
25-Mar-2005 "Hoot" for April Books!
Topics include April reading clubs and books.
18-Mar-2005 March Wrap-Up, Radio Interview, and More!
Topics include March Wrap-Up, Website Improvements, Newsroom & KZLA Interview, and Volunteer Opportunity
1-Mar-2005 Last Chance to Sign Up for Read Across America!
Topics include "Read Across America Festivities at Esperanza (3/2) and Magnolia (3/4)" and March 12th Reading Clubs.
23-Feb-2005 Sign Up for "Read Across America"
Topics include February Wrap-Up, Read Across America, and Volunteer Opportunity This Weekend.
4-Feb-2005 EScrip, Super Volunteers, and February Fun!
Topics include February Reading Clubs, Signing Up for Escrip, Food Runners, and Grade Level Coordinators
24-Jan-2005 Fantastic February Books!
Topics include February Reading Clubs, February Books, and the 2005 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
19-Jan-2005 R2K Starts 2005 With A Bang!
Topics include January Wrap-Up, Spreading the Word, and Reading Tips.
11-Jan-2005 Winter Wonderland!
Topics include Pershing Square Skating Social.
5-Jan-2005 We Need Gratts and Noble Volunteers!
Topics include January Reading Clubs and Thanks to Winter Helpers.
3-Jan-2005 R2K's 2004 Successes!
Topics include January Reading Clubs and Wish List, R2K 2004 Successes, and Fundraising Wrap-Up
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