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15-Nov-2000 Record Volunteer Turnout at November Reading Clubs!!!
A new Reading to Kids record for volunteer attendance was set...
15-Oct-2000 Halloween Haunt at October Reading Clubs!!!
Halloween came early for the children of Gratts Elementary and Esperanza Elementary as Reading to Kids' October 14 reading clubs incorporated a special Halloween theme...
15-Sep-2000 Imaginations Come Alive at September Reading Clubs!
September's reading club theme of "Imagination/Fantasy" helped the children of Gratts Elementary and Esperanza Elementary to unleash their creative minds! Well over 300 children were treated...
15-Aug-2000 Exciting Raffle Culminates August Reading Club!!!
The end of the August reading club at Gratts Elementary School was a special one...
15-Jul-2000 Volunteers and Teachers Give Thanks to Gratts Principal at July Reading Club!!!
Reading to Kids' July 8 reading club at Gratts Elementary School involved mixed emotions for all the volunteers and teachers involved as it marked the final reading club in which Raul Fernandez will serve as Principal of Gratts...
15-May-2000 Belmont Cluster Office Touts the Benefits of Reading to Kids!!!
The April edition of Belmont Connections included an article describing the benefits of the monthly reading clubs supported by Reading to Kids...
15-Apr-2000 Environmental Theme a Big Hit at April 8 Reading Clubs!!!
April's theme of "the environment" was a tremendous success...
15-Mar-2000 Esperanza Kick-Off a Huge Success at March Reading Club!
The expansion of Reading to Kids' reading club program to Esperanza Elementary School on March 11 was a tremendous success. Over 100 children at Esperanza were read to from books related to March's theme of "young women in children's literature..."
15-Feb-2000 February Reading Club Sets the Path for Expansion to Esperanza Elementary!!!
The February 12 reading club at Gratts Elementary School provided convincing evidence that the volunteers are ready to expand to nearby Esperanza Elementary School...
15-Jan-2000 New Student Attendance Record Set Again at January Reading Club!!!
Reading to Kids' January 8th Reading Club at Gratts Elementary School set a new student attendance record...
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