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May 14, 2020

Dear Friends of Reading to Kids,

We are delighted to share that on Saturday our first-ever virtual reading clubs were a hit with the kids!

306 kids, 93 volunteers, and 37 teachers & staff met together using Zoom to make our May 9th reading clubs a success!

Volunteers at our post reading clubs Zoom gathering
Volunteers at our Zoom gathering lunch afterwards

The support of our partner school principals and the teachers willing to host and/or promote our virtual reading clubs during such a busy time for them made this exciting event happen!

Yet another reason these reading clubs were special is that Reading to Kids turned 21 on Saturday!



We are eager for next month's virtual "Friendship & Fun" reading clubs on June 13th, but first need to confirm with the principals at our schools that we can hold them.

As soon as we receive that confirmation, anyone who has volunteered with us at any past reading clubs will be able to submit an RSVP on our home page for those reading clubs!

So, please keep checking to see if you can submit an RSVP!


20, 50, 60, & 100TH CLUBS

Virtual reading clubs count towards our milestones just as much as our face-to-face reading clubs!

Four May 2020 Milestone Certificates

Though we couldn't provide printed milestone certificates to them, we honored Patricia Briggs (20 reading clubs), Prince Selvage (50 reading clubs), Seth Dorfman (60 reading clubs), & Jason Zelin (100 reading clubs) by sharing their milestone certificates at their schools' Site Coordinator Zoom debrief sessions after the clubs and at our post-reading clubs Zoom "lunch" gathering!

By joining us for his 100th reading club, Jason will also soon be the proud recipient of our 100th reading club magnetic name badge! He's the 28th volunteer to earn one!

Jason Zelin 100th Name Badge


From May 11 - 24th, Hulu in Santa Monica is sponsoring an online Scholastic Book Fair for their employees, and any and all can get in on the buying.

Here is how you can help: Hulu selected Esperanza Elementary to receive the 25% in Book Fair Bucks profit! This will mean loads of instructional materials for Esperanza teachers and students.

Orders of $25 and higher get free shipping. Click this link or on the image below to start shopping and earn Book Bucks for Esperanza by May 24th!

Esperanza Elementary Book Fair flyer


A Penguin Story video image

Want to bring the joy of reading to the kids at our partner schools while everyone is staying safe at home? Then create and share your own read-aloud videos that end with a craft!

We're especially looking for videos of 4th and 5th grade "chapter books". We'd like to keep reading alive with the older kids by intriguing them with longer books we have read to them. You may only read aloud the first 40 pages or so, just as we do at our reading clubs.

Similar to all the videos we feature in the upper right of this newsletter, we'd like to add your videos that the kids at our partner schools can find on our website.

Click this link for all of our tips and which books to read aloud, including tips from Chris Martin when he created his Oh, the Places You'll Go! video! Click the image below to jump to their crafts portion.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! craft image

Thanks very much!


Charlie Orchard, Talethe Jackson, & Anthony Reyes
Reading to Kids
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(310) 479-7455
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