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Exciting Raffle Culminates August Reading Club!!!

The end of the August reading club at Gratts Elementary School was a special one as a fun filled raffle ended the day. Each child attending the August reading club not only received a book of their very own for attending but also received a ticket allowing them to participate in the raffle which followed. What were the prizes? Grand prizes consisted of a complete computer system--computer, monitor, and printer! Needless to say, the prizes were awarded to two very excited Gratts students. Runner-up prizes of two new hardcover Harry Potter books were also presented to extremely enthusiastic students.

The raffle ended another very successful reading club at Gratts Elementary School. The August theme of "feelings and emotions" allowed children to learn important lessons about handling their emotions while they learned the joy of reading. Over 50 volunteers along with an important group of teachers and administrators made the day an enjoyable and educational one for almost 150 children.

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