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Volunteers and Teachers Give Thanks to Gratts Principal at July Reading Club!!!

Reading to Kids' July 8 reading club at Gratts Elementary School involved mixed emotions for all the volunteers and teachers involved as it marked the final reading club in which Raul Fernandez will serve as Principal of Gratts. Due to his outstanding leadership at Gratts and his tremendous support of children, Mr. Fernandez has been promoted to a management position in the Los Angeles Unified School District. While Raul's leadership as Principal at Gratts will be sorely missed, his new position will allow him to help even more of the children of Los Angeles. Importantly for Reading to Kids, Mr. Fernandez has agreed to continue to provide his support in directing volunteer and parent training classes. He has even agreed to add new jokes to his training sessions!

The July reading club at Gratts was much enjoyed by all involved, as sixty eight volunteers along with numerous teachers and administrators read stories to the children of Gratts involving the monthly theme of "growing up." Children in the stories involved learned such valuable lessons as the need to help ones parents and the need to surrender some childhood possessions. The end of the day was marked by the children of Gratts sharing their much inspired arts and crafts projects. The finale was a huge round of applause giving thanks to Raul Fernandez for all of his tremendous work supporting Reading to Kids!!!

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