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Reading to Kids News

Belmont Cluster Office Touts the Benefits of Reading to Kids!!!

The April edition of Belmont Connections included an article describing the benefits of the monthly reading clubs supported by Reading to Kids at Gratts Elementary. Belmont Connections is published by the Belmont Cluster office and covers all elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and children centers in the Belmont Cluster (composed of public schools near downtown Los Angeles).

As Belmont Connections described it, "the second Saturday of every month has become an event at Gratts Elementary School. Students, teachers, parents, and volunteers from all over the community arrive at Gratts with one thing on their minds - reading!" The article also prominently featured a quote from the Principal of Gratts, Raul Fernandez: "This is such a great program because these students and volunteers are sharing the excitement of literature together. These community members are positive role models for the students. It is important for them to see how much the community cares about its children."

With increased volunteer and financial support, Reading to Kids plans to expand to additional schools in the Belmont Cluster. The future of reading looks bright!!!

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