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February Reading Club Sets the Path for Expansion to Esperanza Elementary!!!

The February 12 reading club at Gratts Elementary School provided convincing evidence that the volunteers are ready to expand to nearby Esperanza Elementary School in March! Over 50 volunteers were matched with over 150 children in a day of fun filled reading focused on the February theme of "friendship." Even the weather cooperated as the partly sunny skies that prevailed proved the continuing forecasts of rain to be in error.

The strong volunteer showing was particularly important as Esperanza Elementary School is eagerly awaiting the start of its own Reading to Kids-supported reading club in March. Esperanza's own Principal, Debbie Ignagni, was on hand to witness the workings of the program in preparation for Esperanza's big March kick-off. The new number of outside organizations lending their support at Gratts was a very encouraging signal of the kind of volunteer support Esperanza can hope for in the future. Providing volunteer support at the February reading club were members of Bruin Belles, LA Works, USC's Circle K, Loyola Marymount's Gryphon Circle, and members of a service dormitory at Mount St. Mary's.

If support from the faculty and staff of Esperanza Elementary for the reading club is nearly as great as that received from Gratts look for great things beginning in March at Esperanza!!!

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