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Hoover Elementary is the Latest School to Join Grassroots Effort

 June 10, 2006 – Reading to Kids, a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring kids with a love of reading, recently announced its plan to extend its philanthropic effort to Hoover Elementary near downtown Los Angeles.  It joins longtime Reading to Kids partners Gratts, Magnolia, Esperanza and Noble Elementary schools, where the charity holds monthly reading clubs for kids in grades K-5. 

“This is an important expansion for us,” said Jessica Tritsch, program director, Reading to Kids.  “We have worked with the administration, teachers and even the students at Hoover to make sure the program there is the best it can be.  I think we’ll see some really great things happen there." 

“We’re excited to bring Reading to Kids to the children – and the parents – of our school,” said May Arakaki, principal, Hoover Elementary.  “We have an intelligent, eager, and energetic student body of kids that want to learn as much as they can.  Reading to Kids can help them do that.”

Hoover Elementary is located at 2726 Francis Avenue in Los Angeles – an area where English is often spoken as a second language, if at all.  One of the goals of Reading to Kids, in addition to instilling strong reading habits, is to help increase young students’ comfort with English communication.

“In addition to reading aloud to the kids, we also do arts and craft projects with them,” explained Tritsch.  “We encourage our volunteers to keep the fun and conversation going during the art portion of the clubs, hoping to increase English fluency – if only a little bit.”

While students spend time reading and doing craft projects, parents are invited to attend the Parent Training program, where they, too, can work on their language skills.  The Parent Training program brings in local business and community leaders to give seminars on a wide range of topics, including finance, safety, health and nutrition.

“On all levels, Reading to Kids and Hoover Elementary are going to make a great team,” continued Tritsch.  “We’re looking forward to hopefully becoming part of the culture at the school.”

About Reading to Kids

Reading to Kids is a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring underserved children with a love of reading – enriching their lives and opportunities in the future.  On the second Saturday of every month, Reading to Kids brings together a diverse group of volunteers from across Los Angeles to have a blast inspiring kids to read.  For more information about Reading to Kids, or to sign up as a volunteer reader, please log onto

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