Volunteers needed for this event!
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Reading to Kids at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the Festival of Books this weekend!  We signed up over 150 new volunteers, handed out over 1,000 bookmarks/brochures, and introduced ourselves to hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees.

Volunteer Work Shifts at Our Booth
Sat., April 29 Sun., April 30
8:00-10:00 AM (Set up, 5 needed)
1.  Mark May
2.  Jerry Tung
3.  Kimberly Rexwinkel
4.  Melissa Brown
5.  Jessica Tritsch

10:00-12:00 (7 needed)
1.  Jerry Tung
2.  Judy Hung
3.  Fannie Hung
4.  Jeniffer Kim
5.  Bijal Shah
6.  Jerry Buchanan

12:00-2:00 (7 needed)
1.  Mark May
2.  Joanna Hess
3.  Jerry Buchanan
4.  Hank Grover
5.  Beverly Laxa 
6.  Jennifer Carlos

2:00-4:00 (7 needed)
1.  Robyn Chew
2.  Michelle Ahnn
3.  Clifford Collio
4.  Robert Choat

4:00-7:00 (Includes Cleanup, 6 needed)
1.  Robyn Chew (4-5)
2.  Jinn Su
3.  Cindy Terakawa
4.  Vita Lusty

8:30-10:00 AM (Set up, 3 needed)
1.  Jessica Tritsch
2.  Sarah Kolterman
3.  Vita Lusty
4.  Wai Lin Yip

10:00-12:00 (7 needed)
1.  Tatum Little
2.  Brenda Lopez
3.  Jessica Tritsch
4.  Jerry Tung

12:00-2:00 (7 needed)
1.  Tatum Little
2.  Riko Wilson
3.  Judierose Erpenbeck
4.  Sarah Canfield
5.  Hillary Cook
6.  Serena Daniels
7.  Allan De La Rosa
8.  Jerry Tung

2:00-4:00 (6 needed)
1.  Linda Ly
2.  Kevin Pang
3.  Emily Baskin
4.  Jennifer Wolbransky
5.  Becky Lewis
6.  Lisa Aradeon

4:00-6:00 (Includes Clean up, 5 needed)
1.  Jessica Tritsch
2.  Ali Oktay
3.  Lisa Aradeon
4.  Charlie Orchard
5.  Carrie Orchard


General Information

What is the Festival of Books?
The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books began in 1996 with a simple goal: to bring together the people who create books with the people who love to read them. The Festival was an immediate success and has become the largest and most prestigious book festival in the country, attracting more than 130,000 book lovers each year.

Where is it?
On the UCLA campus. Map

Where is the R2K Booth?
Our booth number is 733, in zone G.  Event Map

Who attends the Festival?
People of all ages-from across Southern California and even other parts of the country. The Festival is a free public event, and includes exciting author events, storytelling, cooking demonstrations and poetry readings. The Festival of Books also includes nearly 300 exhibitor booths representing booksellers, publishers, literacy and cultural organizations.